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Liberation from the cycle of births and deaths is the main aim of human life!

Updated on October 12, 2016

Happiness quote

The importance of money....

It is pure imagination of the mind to think that one can be happy with a lot of money. One will think like that when he is not having sufficient money. This is an evidence of a ‘conditioned mind’ which believes that with sufficient money, one can be happy! Of course most of the people start their life ‘penniless’ but earn sufficient wealth that will last for another generation! Go and ask them whether they are now happy, they will pour cart load of woos. This clearly demonstrates that money is incapable of making one happy but it will fulfill some of his aspirations like a home, car and other kinds of savings!

Also money is not a constant companion with anybody. It will come and go and hence there are debit and credit columns in our account books. It won’t accumulate as per our desire or wish. To lead a life on earth, one has to spend a lot on varieties of expenditures. Even a poor man has to spend economically on food and clothing which are the barest minimum needs. If a rich man spend Rs.500 for food daily, the poor will spend at least Rs.50/- since our survival depends on the food intake. The only problem with human beings is ‘comparison’. Each one compares his life with those who are on higher rung. He never looks at the unfortunate people and compares his position. I will be foolish to compare myself with Bill Gates or Henry Ford. It would be wise to compare our life with street dwellers that have nothing to eat. There are two benefits. We won’t grudge our fortune and we may try to help the poor one with some pieces of bread which are surplus to one’s requirement. In fact charity could be practiced only when there are enormous differences in the life of various people! But those who have excess money do not practice charity on their own. Only when there is a sacrificing attitude, one would like to spend on other’s needs.

Wisdom quotes

Nothing is permanent on earth!

Since money cannot grant happiness, other acquisitions like house, car and other auxiliaries too are incapable of giving any happiness. One may feel that he is rich. It is only a thought. A temporary joy may well up when one feels that he has his own house or car. Secondly, the above acquisitions are not permanent possessions. One may enjoy it for few years till he lives in the house or drive the car. At some point of time, he may move away from the place due to exigencies in job or may lose the house if it is purchased on loan and mortgaged to the banks. We have noticed that many empires which existed in the past left some remnants of palaces as artefacts. Ravages of time and weather had taken a toll on those palatial structures. Thus we may have few pillars or walls to prove the existence of glorious empires. When time is capable of destroying an entire country in floods and Tsunami, what to talk about our dwellings or cars? We have seen footages of video clips which show that big cars, buses and trucks are washed away in floods. Hence nothing is permanent. Our life on earth is the most temporary affair. Why should we break our head to construct palatial buildings and earn in crores when we cannot enjoy the value of the properties in our life time? If no one claims our bank balances, it will be with the bank as a dead account!

The entire philosophy of life revolves around the fact that ‘nothing is permanent in this illusory life”. We need to leave empty handed when death calls. Everything we meticulously accumulated is left here on earth. All close relationships are left behind. What will accompany are the effects of all deeds, both good and bad, which none could relinquish. It is said that while each baby is born in this earth, there is an invisible garland wound around the neck of the baby which is the past effects of good and bad deeds performed by the life in various births. It is not possible to undergo the entire effects in one life time. Hence the accumulations are stored in our account out of which a little is experienced during a particular life. It is always a mixture of grief and pain since everyone might have performed both good and bad during a life time. Hence, it is no wonder that each soul takes millions of births before achieving self-realization or salvation or freedom from further births! The worldly life being full of miseries and grief, none would like to take birth again and again in the world. The repeated cycles of birth and death would end only when all the accumulations of karma is experienced fully by the individual.

Mehar Baba quotes.

Be a mute witness of the thoughts that arise!

Many saints and sages have undertaken rigorous austerities in deep jungles to resolve the dilemma of human birth. After many hundred years of austerities, they had found that body attachment is the main obstruction in spiritual path. By relinquishing the ego one can progress in spirituality. Relinquishing the ego is not an easy affair. All the thoughts which turn into desires needs to be quelled. Attachments of all sorts must go from our conscious. We must be aware that the mortal life is like a streak of lightning and we should never attach any importance to the perishable body and vacillating mind. We must remain indifferent to the pulls and pushes of the mind. We should never show any interest to the thoughts that arise in the mind. We should become a mute witness to the thoughts that arise. We should never engage ourselves with the thoughts which entangle us in worldly things!

We have to step aside from the thinking process. It is possible if we practice witness state! Be an observer of the thoughts but do not judge the thoughts or form opinions. Just observe as we observe the street from the window of one’s house.

Money can not buy these....

Observing the mind..

Can you witness your thoughts without involvement?

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