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Libra: Astrological Personality Traits (September 23-October 22)

Updated on January 23, 2014
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Cynthianne has a B.S. in Psychology and is licensed in Astrology. She is autistic, as are three of her children.


Personality Traits

When a Libra walks into the room, everyone notices. There is an air about you. You, Libra, may be the center of attention, without even trying. People may approach you and say they know you, even though you have never met. You have this air about you, the familiar face, you are the kind of person everyone wants to be with. Your symbol is the scales because you like everything balanced. You seek to have fairness in your life and fight for those who do not. Libra, you have the ability to see beauty where others do not, to see fault where others may not, but you also see solutions to the problems. You are able to help people communicate and understand one another without even trying; this is a natural born ability. One of your shining abilities is to use your feelings to the good of the situation; to use your emotions in a positive and productive manner. Where others’ emotions get the best of them, your emotions seems to be the best of you. You may see a couple who are not getting along, you instinctually know what the problem is and you help fix it. In your own relationships though, you need someone to balance you. Your desire for justice for all can overtake your personal life and leave you feeling exhausted. You are also very intelligent and this can take you far. You can gain respect from others easily. It is important to remember to care for yourself as well as you care for others.

Drawn to You

People are Drawn to you, Libra, like bees to a flower.

Relationships: Business or Romantic

Aries are outgoing, spontaneous and opinionated. This can be exciting for the Libra because they love mental stimulation. Aries may not always think before they act so the Libra feels drawn to help out the Aries, to help them balance their enthusiasm and intellect to make more informed choices. Eventually, this may drain a Libra, who likes to plan out their own actions, to weigh all the options before acting. If the Aries can see when they are draining their Libra work partner or romantic interest, and Libra can be aware of their own needs, this can be a vibrant and exciting relationship in all areas.

Taurus is intelligent, stubborn and outgoing, all rolled up in one exciting package for the Libra. Libras love the gentle side of the Taurus and their desire for material balance. Taurus thrives best in an environment of their choosing; they will be the interior decorator of the office or home. Libras will be glad to let them. Taurus will help the Libra to focus a little more on their self Taurus may be a bit too outgoing for the Libra who prefers quieter social events. This does not necessarily mean that a relationship cannot work though, in fact, it may work very well. Libra and Taurus understand each other and this will lead to a dynamic workplace partnership as well as romantic.

Gemini and Libra, perfect match in all ways. Gemini love to be around people, Libra love to be around people. Both signs are intelligent and gentle, they love to figure out problems, solve issues and instinctually know what others need. If you work or play with a Gemini, cherish the relationship, this may be the best yet.

Cancer is a gentle crab, moody and hard to understand. Libra, this sign may task you ability to balance emotions as you may find it difficult to understand the changing emotions of a Cancer personality. This does not mean the relationship, work or romantically, won’t work, it just won’t be the easiest relationship you have even had. The Cancer personality is complex and the shy little crab may not want to share what they are feeling because they fear rejection. Since you are a people person, this will be hard for you to understand. You may try to analyze the thought processes of the Cancer, but when you can’t figure them out, you may find yourself frustrated. This applies to both romantic and work relationships. If you are in love with, or work with a Cancer, you do not have to give up on them. Just remember that it will take patience and acceptance that you probably will not understand why they think they way they do.

Leo loves attention and you get attention without even trying. Leos will love to be around you but may get frustrated because they are not getting all the attention. Since you, Libra, do not try to get attention, you may be willing to let the Leo do their thing, be it a silly hat, tell jokes, whatever they want to do to take the attention off of you. If you are not bothered by this, or your Leo can let you get the attention (especially when you deserve it in the workplace), then this relationship will work out great. Leos are outgoing and shy at the same time, they love social gatherings and love to be in the spotlight. In the workplace, this may mean that you can give some of the public appearance responsibility to your Leo partner while you take a break. Your Leo partner will be excited and you will get your much needed down time. Since you are so good at balancing, you will not take advantage of your Leo partner. If you did, they will know it and leave, never looking back.

Virgo is an earth sign and you are an air sign, this might not be the best match for romance. Business-wise, you will both understand each other and the needs of the project. Emotionally though, it will seem you are disconnected. You just don’t bond. Virgos have a very strong need to be needed, to help and you are the one that naturally helps people. This will leave Virgo feeling useless in a romantic relationship but in a business relationship, the Virgo will wonder off, looking for more things to do.

Libra and Libra is a confusing and disappointing match. It seems it would be perfect but the very things that make it perfect can make it not work. Both are intellectual, always looking for balance, sensing when things ore off or need fixing. This is great in the work place, in a business relationship, you really can’t ask for better, but romantically, the bond will be lacking. The analyzing, thinking and double checking reactions, which Libras do for themselves whereas they just react automatically for others, will prevent a good bond between them and their romantic partner. Both will be over-analyzing the relationship to the point that it does not work. If both of you can learn to react without thinking, love without analyzing your own actions all the time, this could work. Keep in mind though, if it does not work, you can always be friends. A Libra friend will be the best kind for you.

Scorpio tends to be more scattered in their emotional reactions, making it difficult for the Libra to understand. The Libra may not understand the Scorpio abrupt way of wording things or their seemingly random need to be alone. To the Scorpio, their words and actions make complete sense, but the Libra may overanalyze and try to bring the balance and energy to the Scorpio when all they want is to be left alone. Scorpio will seem like a mystery to the Libra and may be exciting at first. In a business relationship, this can work very well; the Scorpio will keep the Libra on their toes. In a romantic relationship this may not work as well.

Sagittarius love to travel and experience new things and Libra also love to travel and tend to attract all sorts of people, which leads them into many different situations. The Sagittarius is a wonderful companion both in work and romance. Both signs are gentle and intellectual, both seems to be naturally adept in social environments. Both in business and romance, Libra will need to adjust to the abrupt way of speaking the Sagittarius seems to have. They do not mean to come across as harsh, but often do. That being said, it is a relationship worth pursuing.

Capricorn are hard-working and serious. Libra are hard-working but know when to have fun and relax. Capricorn will appreciate the Libra for their intelligence and ability to see situations at all angles. Capricorn will find their Libra fascinating and may be willing or able to relax just a bit around them. Libra will see that their Capricorn needs to relax and will know just how to do it. All in all, this is a very good match for work or romance.

Aquarius are intellectual and analytical, something the Libra can understand. Libra and Aquarius are a perfect match! Libra love the social scene a little more than their Aquarius partner because Aquarius are always thinking about the bills and how to afford the latest technological gadget. Libra will be planning on how to best save the world. These two can work very well together and romantically, very exciting. Both understand the other and have very similar goals.

Pisces are wonderfully, deeply emotional. This can be hard for you, Libra, to understand since your emotions just happen. You do not put a lot of thought into why you feel a certain way; you just know you feel it. The quiet Pisces analyze emotions, you analyze situations. This may be exhausting to you and frustrating to Pisces but that does not mean it won’t work. In the workplace, this will be just fine, your Pisces partner will balance your emotional response, help you to better understand the deeper feelings others may be having. In a romantic relationship, both of you may feel unadjusted because of the misunderstandings of emotions. Pisces need their private, quiet time, this is not just a desire; it is a need. Pisces need to have time to themselves for optimum health, physically and mentally. This may be frustrating for you, Libra, as you do not need that.

All photos are from Morguefile, unless otherwise stated.

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