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Libra Man and Pisces Woman

Updated on February 28, 2011

Libra man and Pisces woman aren't really a natural fit in terms of an astrological love match, but it's not impossible for these two to pull it off if they make an effort. That, and it wouldn't hurt if they've got some beneficial astrological aspects in their birth charts to make things easier. If they haven't got these, things could be bumpy because these two are so different in so many respects. But like I said, it's not impossible, so to learn more about the possible success of a romance between the Libra male and Pisces female, please read below!

copyright Tavmjong
copyright Tavmjong

Libra Man

While Libra man can experience the occasional bout of machismo, he's generally a very balanced man who wants a woman to be his partner. He's unlikely to be seeking a leadership position and tends to prefer a woman who can contribute to the match in the same way he does. So when Pisces woman comes along with her dream of finding a magical prince on a white horse who can whisk her away to her castle and protect her for all times... well, this might seem a bit silly to him, because a woman in today's world ought to be able to find her own horse and just meet him at the drawbridge. That's not to say he'll be totally opposed to fulfilling her dream, it just means that most Libra men will find it a silly dream that doesn't gel with his life plan. If he's one of those rare macho Libra men who enjoys taking the lead in a relationship, then forget everything I just said because he will go above and beyond the call of duty. But Pisces woman should not expect this to be the case without clear signs that he's interested in such a dynamic.

Pisces Woman

Pisces woman is very sweet and gentle, but she can sport a temper when the need arises. When this happens, her passions will surface and she may react with emotion instead of logic. Libra man is very fair and balanced even when he's angry, and this may actually irritate the Pisces woman because she may feel that he doesn't care about the issue as much as she does. On the other hand, she will admire his ability to be fair and just in all things and she's likely to change her own character a bit as their relationship progresses, trying to be a bit less passionate about some things and more logical when solving problems the way her Libra man is. Romantically speaking, this can be a very sweet and gentle relationship and both people can be very satisfied, they just stand a better chance of achieving success if the Libra man is willing to lead at least once in a while instead of keeping everything perfectly balanced all of the time.


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