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Libra Rising Explained

Updated on September 1, 2011

When the ascendant is Libra rising, this is more or less the mask other people are likely to see first upon meeting you. Your sun sign will apparent as well, but if your rising sign has a strong placement, it's possible that many will spot it first, and perhaps even mistake it for being your sun sign. You'll definitely share many characteristics with a full-blown Libra, so have a look below and see what you've got in common!

People Person

This is a people person! There is oodles of charm with this ascendant and many people will instantly feel as though they can relate to you. People will see Libra rising and instantly trust them, because of the relaxed and friendly disposition. This works out well for anyone with this ascendant, because no matter the sun sign there will always be an inner desire to be around other people. In fact, they will not feel particularly comfortable when alone. Therefore, it can be expected that this individual will usually be found in a relationship, and often one of a long lasting duration. Without people around, this ascendant is sure to feel like a fish out of water and they find themselves going walkabout just for the experience human contact.


Sharp Dressed Men and Women

Libra rising knows the value of making a good first impression, and it will be one of taste and class. Even if they haven't got millions in the bank, they will usually somehow manage to look like they do. They will already have spent a good deal of time perfecting their image in their formative years and by the time they reach adulthood they will know the true definition of putting their best foot forward. This mastered art of self-presentation will open numerous doors for them without having to do more than tap, which suits them perfectly -- these people would much rather have the mountain come to them than chase it down themselves. And with this combination of charm and manner, they rarely have to chase anything at all, including members of the opposite sex!

A Unique Flirting Style

Those with this ascendant will be blessed with so much charm that they will rarely have to pursue those they have a romantic interest in. Libra rising will present themselves with such grace and charm that people will literally be lining up to bask in their attention. This sign does not need to put anything extra into their flirting efforts to land the cream of the crop, either -- they are already magnetic and fascinating without having to lift a finger. Of course it's worth mentioning that this charm doesn't have an off switch, and the partner of Libra rising might have some issues of their own once they realize these people will always have a line of admirers just waiting for the chance to get Libra to themselves.


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