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Libra Sun Aquarius Moon Combinations

Updated on September 30, 2012

Libra Sun Aquarius Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Captivating.

Her dark side: Tricky.

This one is so romantic and captivating that right away you're hooked. Please stand back and take a good look. She has a way of spinning a tale of woe that may not be factual, but that leaves you ready to beat on your chest proclaiming how you, Tarzan, can take care of Jane.Believe me, this Jane can take care of herself--she can, but rarely has to. She usually marries well and lives a life of ease and comfort. She also tosses in a few tawdry little liaisons under oh, such proper cover. As a wife she's chaotic. She puts her husband through some unhappy times indeed. As a mother, she can alternate between doting and total inattention, depending on the child. If she can get by, and she can, without working at all she will. If she were to have coworkers she'd consider them inferior on sight, and they'd know it instantly. She's not very popular with other females. Ah, but should she care! She's blessed with good fortune all her life, although she denies this because she considers living on the golf course a sad fate indeed. Anyone else knows the correct address is in Beverly Hills. She'll spend your last dime to get her nails done. Why then are you so besotted? Because she's crafty and charming and funny, and you are defending her to me already, I know. Yes, I'm fully aware that she calls you Daddy, and that she needs your help with "things." She's just a helpless little girl at heart, and you're the best thing that has ever happened to her. You may very well be, or she'd be with someone else. I picture her in about 40 years coming down the staircase like Gloria Swanson in the classic Sunset Boulevard. Please give me this: Try two dates with a real person. It's not good for both of you to love the same body. Who she hooks easiest: An Aquarius, a Libra Moon, or a Scorpio or Aries macho man."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Famous person with this combination: Annie Leibovitz.

Libra Sun Aquarius Moon (for guys)

"His Illumination: Child-like charm.

His dark side: Needs grounding.

This man is interesting, friendly and original. The Uranus ruled Moon makes him exciting and he loves variety and change. He also loves falling in love. His strong good looks should be enhanced by an unusual feature. While his moods can change lightning fast, adding excitement to your relationship, his idealistic approach to love leaves him a top flight romantic. His departures into the world of fantasy may leave you less than content, but his dreamy little face leaves you enchanted. There is something so childlike and naïve about this man, that he brings out all the maternal feelings in women, and near adoration in children. His talents run from science, computers, innovation, the arts, music or drama. The problem is getting him to settle down to any one of them. He needs a strong manager to help him toe the line at work. If successful, this direction can produce a top notch executive, with improved working environments. His ability to succeed should never be underestimated because of his calming and charming manner. Speaking of calming, while he does this for others, he is prone to all sorts of nervous energies himself. You will need to calm him down. He is interested in many things, the occult or astrology, for one. If you were to have his chart done to help understand him or better your relationship, he will be appreciative. He may take a couple of years to determine if you have any meaning for him, but he is nonetheless intrigued, and will probably follow your resulting suggestions. Intelligent, discriminating, eccentric, unusual girls like himself he finds most desirable. His flaws are his inconsistencies, and oddities....his vague way of having out of body experiences in the middle of dinner. Most women can handle that, but an Aquarius, Sagittarius and Gemini copes the best. Another Libra is also a good match."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Famous person with this combination: John Lennon.


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    • profile image

      Chastity 6 months ago

      As a wife we may very well be chaotic especially with these macho Aries men we attract. They are domineering and set on domesticating their women. We will most likely not submit at all or at least easily. I believe we should be cautious of these more overly assertive/domineering men we attract and be aware of those we attract that show subtle cues of interest and go for them instead. The Gemini I'm with would always check out my legs and throw clues he was into me but I'd never known he was into me until I initiated conversations and showed some assertiveness. Aquarius moon women are mavericks and there is s little gusto/ballsyness And this is why other women are intimidated by us. We are not women who take the back seat/ or are damsels in distress by any means , although people often feel we do/are because we are observers and take some time to implement action. When we do implement we rarely ever fail .

    • profile image

      11 months ago

      This is totally false for the women. Im a Libra sun and Aqua moon and this does not describe me at all. As a matter of fact most of it is opposite. Good luck everyone!

    • profile image

      aqua moon Libra Sun guy 3 years ago

      This is true for me. And I wish I had solution for settling down on any one thing part. I would stop doing any given work the instance it starts to become mundane.

    • profile image

      libran 3 years ago

      I'm a sun libra moon aquarius male and this is literally the most accurate article I've ever read. amazing!!!!! like i'm glad for once it didn't talk aobut how libras are like the stereotypical social butterfly bc i'm not like that at all.

    • profile image

      widow 4 years ago

      I am a libra sun and aquarius moon and everything you said on here is pretty much true. From marrying well to not working if i don't have to, a lot was true about my life. It might be hard to accept the reality of our own personalities but they are not intended and if you are a true aquarius moon you wouldn't care what people think of you. You're an original.

    • Ellieface profile image

      Ellie 4 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Hey Libran,

      I'm glad you got a kick out of it! It all IS supposed to be in good fun, so I'm glad you weren't offended. :) Thanks for leaving this comment, it made me feel better about leaving this combination up. ^-^

    • profile image

      libran 4 years ago

      Noo, don't apologize. I think it's obvious that this was written for laughs and not in total seriousness. I'm a Libra female, moon in Aquarius, and I thought it was hilarious. There's nothing to be offended by unless it hits too close to home ;)

    • Ellieface profile image

      Ellie 4 years ago from Houston, Texas

      "Libra_Aquarius" and "libaqaucap"-- I certainly didn't mean to offend anyone by posting this particular sun and moon I am sorry if it did offend you. I am just posting these combinations so that people can read something a little different than just their standard sun sign personality that you can find anywhere online. I am just putting these up in good fun and with good intentions, not with the intention of making anyone upset. I'm sorry. :/

    • profile image

      aquaaries 4 years ago

      It is about 90% true (for guys). They can make a woman imagine a new reality, but they are not "macho" or decisive. Men of this combination are thinkers and have many things they consider beautiful. (libra sun: pursues beautiful & luxuries) However, they refuse to dwell on a single topic. Also, they will not stay with a woman unless they say that they are committed. (aquarius moon: intellectual, eccentric) This flightiness puts most of relationship work on the female to chase, comfort, and praise the men. Sometimes hot, sometimes cold. Requires a mother figure.

    • profile image

      libaqaucap 4 years ago

      This IS rather offensive. True, Libras love beautiful and luxurious things. However, they're also caring, loving, kindhearted people. They're social butterflies, in other words, they like to make friends, guys & girls. Aquarius are assertive and intellectual people who are concerned with equality. Sorry, but this post exaggerated way too much.

    • profile image

      Libra_Aquarius 4 years ago

      I found this very offensive. I'm a Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon female and I am nothing like that; I generally HATE people spending money on me, and I HATE getting attention drawn to me. I'm not expecting tons and tons of praise or anything regarding my sign, but I know that this post was crossing a line.