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Libra Sun Taurus Moon Combinations

Updated on September 26, 2012

Libra Sun Taurus Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Charitable.

Her dark side: Looks are paramount.

If she weren't so genuinely sweet, we women would have to hate her, because she is a lovely, gracious, pretty and nearly irresistible to the average man. She's one of the most appealing women of the combinations, and men can spot her at 140 feet. They'll leap over tall buildings to get near her, to say nothing of leaving the office should they spot her walking down the corridors of the building. She was born for romance and making men feel like they've been struck by lightning at the nearness of her. She's ultra feminine, and she is also capable of running her own life (though no man will believe it.) Once involved with a man, and there will plenty of men in her life, she'll never forget his mother's name, his brand of liquor, or his favorite story about his best friend. It's all part of her charm. You men will wish she was as able to remember her promise of love and fidelity, because she is easily infatuated. Believe me, it's not entirely her fault. One, she has twice as many chances as the average woman in the dating game. Two, she is in love with love and not very realistic about how relationships work. Three, she's looking for the nearly perfect man, and he's hard to find. Consider yourself lucky that you wandered into the path of her pursuit of the ideal. She'll be well worth the experience. She's as gentle as the summers breeze, and sweet and charitable with nearly everyone. She's an outstanding mother. She'll be a soft touch for anyone with a problem. She won't, however, involve her own emotions too much, except if you're exceptionally good looking she can get caught up in a beautiful face. In that case, she may falter in her good judgement. She'll oftentimes get the nearly perfect man and the nearly perfect face mixed up and end up in a relationship that she wasn't looking for. If you're the handsome Libra-Leo, the appealing Taurus-Libra, or tall Sagittarius who's just as fickle, you stand a good chance of getting a kiss and a promise."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Celebrity with this combination: Sigourney Weaver.

Libra Sun Taurus Moon (for guys)

"His Illumination: Everyone's favorite.

His dark side: A beauty junkie.

This guy is in love with love, and work will not take precedence over his love relationships. He's affectionate, sentimental, romantic, tactful, and he is easy to snag. He is not so easy to hang on to, though, with his constant quest for the romantic ideal. This makes it rough on the wife and kids. Besides that, the guy can't help that he is so popular. Like a puff of air, he is all over. You can find him at the house of a friend, the theater, shopping (this one shops) looking for something to beautify his residence, or at the jewelry store where he is about to engrave your jewelry. He is usually more comfortable and successful in the arts and crafts fields. He'll be the first in his group to purchase his dream house, and wouldn't consider asking a woman to move in without having something of substance to offer. He may even want to wait until he's got his house in order before any trips down the altar. He is a dreamer. He wants a woman who can be part of these dreams. Crude language, harsh makeup, and hard lines in clothing will turn him off. Delicacy is the name of the game with him. You must be very gentle when you enter his life. He does judge a book by it's cover. If you are not exceptionally pretty don't get all worked up over this one. You must appeal to his physical senses first. Your mind comes last. Not that he doesn't want that too. These men with a strong Venus influence are scary. They know beauty. As the rose fades, disenchantment often sets in. This is one of his little flaws. Can you bear the scrutiny? He will probably get a bit pudgy latter in life, but he won't count that. Pisces, Libra and Taurus girls can cast a spell. A fine-boned Capricorn could have a chance."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Celebrity with this combination: Josh Hutcherson.


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    • profile image


      6 months ago

      Ohhh this is so upsetting in never figured myself as such a vain person! I have more substance than this ):

    • profile image


      6 months ago

      I'm Libra asc Leo and Moon in Taurus. (Man)

    • profile image


      15 months ago

      Do Capricorn Sun, Taurus Moon for female :)

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      hey could you please do taurus sun libra moon


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