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Libra and Libra: Everything You Need to Know About This Couple

Updated on April 20, 2022
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Andrea has been an online writer for 8+ years. She mostly writes about dating, couples, weddings, travel, interior design, and gardening.

Libra and Libra will enjoy a cozy romance where they can be weird and goofy to their hearts' content.
Libra and Libra will enjoy a cozy romance where they can be weird and goofy to their hearts' content. | Source

Two Libras in Love

Identity relationships are very comforting — that’s when you’re dating the exact same sign as your own. It’s easy to know what to expect because the two of you get on the same wavelength and with ease.

Two Libras mean things are going to be peaceful, but unfortunately, a lot will fall to the wayside. Why? Because Libras are terrible at confrontation, they have a lazy streak, and they're known for being indecisive. This sign is all about peace, harmony, and balance, but they’re not keen on making choices or taking matters into their own hands. They will skirt around conflict because it makes them anxious.

Libra is considered the most indecisive sign in western astrology.

The air sign is born at the perfect time: the beginning of fall. The temperature isn’t too hot nor too cold. September into October is a lovely time of year and this has an influence on Libras: people with this sign are idealists with kindred dreams and goals.

  • Libra has compatibility with every sign. The air sign is couple-oriented; it’s ruled by the planet of love, Venus.
  • A Libra isn’t suited for singlehood. They need someone to challenge them and give them company. They typically don’t stay single for very long.
  • Two Libras will be like-minded, gregarious, sweet, and lazy.
  • Two Libras = chaos: (1) they’ll constantly cancel on people, so they can stay at home, (2) they’ll get behind on bills and important matters, and (3) they‘ll stop chasing after their dreams because pursuing what they want takes too much effort.

Libra + Libra date ideas: (1) take a community art class together, (2) go to a concert or symphony, (3) have a picnic in a beautiful place, (4) explore a vineyard or orchard, (5) go camping.
Libra + Libra date ideas: (1) take a community art class together, (2) go to a concert or symphony, (3) have a picnic in a beautiful place, (4) explore a vineyard or orchard, (5) go camping. | Source

Harmony Seekers

Libras want peace. The air sign detests conflict and aggression, they much prefer love and acceptance. They’ll stop dating someone if it makes them feel too tense.

A double Libra couple should try to resolve conflicts early on; talk things out because you both have a tendency to bottle things up. (When you let pressure build up, it eventually explodes.)

Sometimes Libras focus too much on what feels good. They often neglect important things that aren’t exciting or comforting. They might struggle to stick to an exercise routine because it becomes too tedious, they switch careers because they’re indecisive, and they get behind on bills or delay setting up appointments.

If you never address conflict, it will grow to an unmanageable amount. Push yourself to go beyond your comfort zone. Don’t retreat to procrastination all the time.

Libra would do well to take on conflict in bite sizes, rather than try to tackle a single conflict all at once. Sometimes Libras get really mean and awful and make horrible decisions because they refuse to address conflict. They let things grow out of proportion until it messes with their schedule. They can get pretty grouchy when things aren’t working right. A lack of harmony will cause stress.

Eclectic, Open-Minded Homes

A Libra home will undoubtedly be a comforting and safe space. It will be full of artistic wonder, cozy furniture, delightful treats, and books.

Libras like to be cute and endearing. They have natural instincts when it comes to relationships. Other signs could learn from them when it comes to dating etiquette.

Identity relationships make it easy to connect. Both Libras will have a preference for low-conflict. Their mutual understanding of each other cancels out the potential for anxiety.

Libras Thrive with Open-Minded and Accepting People

Libras need people around them who are open to creativity. They don’t do well with close-minded people, and they can’t stand prejudice or arrogance.

The air sign is full of charm and possibility. Under the right circumstances, Libras thrive. They’re big on love, which guides them into healthy and happy relationships. They avoid toxic people and big egos.

Double Libra couples enjoy a surplus of amicable qualities. They’ll be comfortable with each other, they can create things together, and they can be weird without fear.

The air sign is known for penning beautiful, heartfelt letters. They like well-thought-out and sentimental gifts.

Libras Borrow Qualities from Virgo and Scorpio

As air signs, Libras have many thoughts, but they’re also gifted emotionally because of Venus’ influence. They also borrow somewhat from their neighbors: some borrow from the hardworking Virgo and some borrow from the crazed-over and emotionally big Scorpio. Libra is the balancing act between Virgo and Scorpio.

Libra looks to Virgo and Scorpio for guidance. Virgo is wise and on top of deadlines whereas Libra has an inclination toward procrastination. Scorpio is passionate and intense, and Libra is always looking for ways to better express their emotions.

Libra often copies the grace, etiquette, and cerebral ways of Virgo. The air sign will also copy Scorpio’s intensity and sexual prowess.

Social Butterflies

Most Libras have a long list of friends. This can make some partners uneasy and/or jealous. In any pairing, trust is necessary. Two Libras together is a good thing because both people will understand that their partner is just social, not a cheater.

Libras do like to flirt, but they put special emphasis on their partner. They are happiest when they can comfortably share their quirks with someone. Libra wants to share a home with their favorite person.

Libras can come off dreamy, like movie characters. They can act as though they’re detached from reality.

Libras will be in love with books, paintings, music, and anything creative. They believe in a world that's beyond what people can see. They are idealists! They want the planet to be a paradise for all.

Wonderfully Whimsical

When you love harmony, it can cause you to be indecisive. Libras don’t like to rock the boat because they want everything to blend together. They want harmony, not melody.

Two Libras together means it will take longer than usual to come to a decision. The two will spend a lot of time at home; they’d prefer to avoid sour social interactions.

The problem with staying home? Even though Libras avoid conflict — and sometimes people — they’re also really charming and friendly. They naturally get themselves into the good graces of social circles. The sign is paradoxical when it comes to social engagements.

They need to meet people and mingle, but they also need time to relax and be introspective. They’re true ambiverts.

Libras should open their hearts to their childlike sense of wonder — buy things that sparkle, explore creative interests, be silly, follow idealist dreams, make art, use bright colors, play outside, and experiment. You don’t have to impress anyone!

They’re Wacky and Smart

Libras are smart and capable of learning just about anything, which can be overwhelming. Sometimes you just need to put one foot in front of the other to get started. This sign needs to work harder to be okay with the unknown. It’s okay to jump into something without fully understanding it.

Libras are best when they come out of their shells (avoid putting up a wall to defend yourself). The sign is guided by Venus, so love is always on their side.

Two Libras together will make for a highly romantic and adorable relationship. Both people are highly creative, they're kind of weird, they're super friendly, and they want everything to harmonize. They'll have charming dates.
Two Libras together will make for a highly romantic and adorable relationship. Both people are highly creative, they're kind of weird, they're super friendly, and they want everything to harmonize. They'll have charming dates. | Source

Top Ten Tips for Libra Couples

  1. Get off social media. Focus more on the real world. Build and create. Portray art. Laugh, love, and be you.
  2. Don’t get too freaked out by conflict. Getting scared and refusing to talk about things can cause serious friction. Bring up issues as they come along. Don't bottle up your thoughts and emotions.
  3. Find new ways to explore your romance. Be open-minded and loving. Keep track of things you really like and communicate your desires to your partner. Take that couples dance class you've always wanted to take.
  4. Make a schedule to handle the important chores and tasks. Don’t let these things get away from you. Do what you can to minimize concerns around finances.
  5. Don’t gossip. Don’t act one way to people and then another behind closed doors. Be kind even in solitude.
  6. It’s okay to make a decision. If it doesn’t work, you can try a new decision. A lot of decisions aren't permanent, so you can take the pressure out of initial decision-making.
  7. Don’t get too caught up in a cause to where you can’t see anything else. You have an immersive and empathetic personality, your partner does too. Reign in your impulse to be generous. You have a tendency to give away all your money, resources, and time.
  8. Harmony is your trump card. Know how to be at peace when things aren't harmonizing around you. There will be times of sunshine and downpour. Be the calm within the storm
  9. Stay in touch with your friends. It's a bad idea to only develop your romantic relationship. You still need to make investments in friends and family.
  10. Avoid breaking commitments. Write things down in your calendar and think carefully about your schedule.

Libras at a Quick Glance

House #
Early Fall
Represented by
Ruled by
Directed by
September 23 to October 23
Charming, friendly, creative, weird, whimsical, seeking harmony, bright, introspective, flirtatious, and lazy
Anxiety, sloth, lazy, indecisive, overwhelmed, drugs, conflict avoidance, gossip, etc.
Type of Leadership
Forward thinking, open minded, starts new things (trouble finishing), creates, inspires, egalitarian, and empathetic.
Pink, Pale Green and various shades of blue
Rules the Body
Kidneys, skin, lumbar region, endocrine system, and buttocks
Opposite Sign

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2020 Andrea Lawrence


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