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Libra and Libra: Everything You Need to Know about This Couple

Updated on March 17, 2021
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Andrea has worked with HubPages for 8+ years. She mostly writes about dating, couples, weddings, travel, interior design, and gardening.

Two Libras in Love

Identity relationships are very comforting — that’s when you’re dating the exact same sign as your own. It's easy to know what to expect and the two of you will likely be on the same wavelength.

Double the Love and Happiness, but with a Side of Indecision

Two Libras means things are going to be peaceful but a lot is not going to get done. They're also not great with confrontation. This sign is all about peace, harmony, and balance. It's one that can really skirt around conflict. It's considered the most indecisive sign.

The air sign is born at the perfect time: the beginning of fall. The temperature isn’t too hot nor too cold. September into October is a lovely time of year. Libras are lovely people and they have great dreams and ideals.

  • Libras make for great partners for all the signs. The air sign is couple oriented and ruled by the planet of love, Venus.
  • A Libra isn’t the best sign suited for single-hood. They need someone to challenge them and to put them out into the world. They typically don't stay single forever.
  • Two Libras will be like-minded, gregarious, sweet, and lazy.
  • Two Libras together can mean chaos: (1) they’ll likely constantly cancel on people to stay home, (2) they'll get behind on bills and important matters, and (3) they may slow down on following their dreams — but they’ll be happy and in a world of never ending charms.

Libra + Libra date ideas: (1) take a community art class, (2) go to a concert or symphony, (3) a picnic in a beautiful place in nature, (4) explore a vineyard or orchard, (5) go camping.
Libra + Libra date ideas: (1) take a community art class, (2) go to a concert or symphony, (3) a picnic in a beautiful place in nature, (4) explore a vineyard or orchard, (5) go camping.

Harmony Seekers

Libras are tired of all the wars, the violence, and the big egos of the world. They partly like peace because it’s a protest to aggression, and they’re not very conflict-oriented.

A double Libra couple should try to resolve conflicts early and talk things out because they have a tendency to hold onto problems and build them up.

Sometimes Libras can focus too much on what feels good to them and not long term plans. They might struggle to exercise, to try a new career path, or call the plumber.

Eclectic, Open-Minded Homes

A Libra home will undoubtedly be a comforting and safe space. It will likely be full of artistic wonder, cozy furniture, delightful treats, and books.

Libras like to be both simple and endearing. They are charming and flirtatious; they're often successful in relationships. Other signs could learn a lot from them.

Both Libras will enjoy having a like-minded person in their midst. They’ll benefit from having low conflict lifestyles. It will reduce their anxieties.

Work Harder on Confronting Issues

If you never address conflict, it will grow to an unmanageable amount. Push yourself to go beyond your comfort zone. Don't retreat to procrastination all the time.

Libra would do well to take on conflict in bite sizes, rather than as a giant elephant. Sometimes Libras get really mean and awful and make horrible decisions because they refuse to address conflict early. They can get pretty grouchy when things are not working the way they want. If things are not in harmony, it will cause the Libra stress.

Libras Thrive with Open-Minded and Accepting People

Libras need people around them who are open to creativity. They don't do well with people who are close minded, full or prejudices, or arrogant. They're not really fond of people who are full of themselves.

Libra is full of charm and possibility. Under the right circumstances, they thrive. They're big on love, which guides them into healthy and happy relationships. Libras can stand to be independent and single, but it's not normally where they stay. Other signs are more of loners, like Virgo and Aquarius.

Double Libra couples enjoy a surplus of their amicable qualities. They'll be comfortable with each other, they'll free to create, and they can be weird without restraint. They like the finer things of life. If there is any sign that likes love letters, it would be the Libra. They like well thought out and sentimental gifts.

Libras Borrow Qualities from Virgo and Scorpio

As air signs, Libras have a great deal of thoughts, but they're also gifted emotionally because of Venus' influence. They also borrow somewhat from their neighbors: some borrow from the hardworking scholar tendencies of Virgo or they borrow from the crazed-over and giant emotions of Scorpio. Libra is the balancing act between Virgo and Scorpio.

Libra blends together aspects of both Virgo and Scorpio. Both Virgo and Scorpio are very intense: Virgo is hyper in-tune to details and Scorpio is a catalyst of magic and emotion.

Libra looks to Virgo and Scorpio for guidance, and tries to balance out these two into a whole. Libra can have the grace, good manners, and charming ways of Virgo. The air sign will also borrow Scorpio's passion, intensity, and sexuality.

Lovers of Art

Libras will be in love with great books, great paintings, great buildings, and more. They believe in a world that's beyond what most people can see. They are idealists. They want to help the planet become more of a paradise that's rich with equanimity. They want the world to be inclusive and healthy. They want to be one with nature.

Social Butterflies

Most Libras have a long list of friends. This can make some partners uneasy and jealous.

In any pairing, trust is necessary. Two Libras together is a good thing because both will understand having a wide social network.

Two Libras will be able to communicate about whether they are just flirting or if something is a more serious concern to the relationship.

Keep in mind: Libras do like to flirt, but they tend to want to be faithful to their partner. They are happiest with someone they can share their world with, their home, and their quirks.

Libras can come off like dreamy movie characters. They seem like they should be part of our reality and also detached from it.

Wonderfully Whimsical

Libras are indecisive because they like harmony. Two together may mean that it takes longer than usual to come to a decision. There will be a lot of staying in home, so as not to face people, however, Libras thrive on their social charms. They need to meet people and mingle. They also need time to relax and be introspective.

It may come off paradoxical, but they're trying to do balancing acts. They need to see what things are like from different angles.

Libras should open their hearts to their childlike wonder — buy the things that catch your fancy, explore your creative interests, be compassionate, be silly, be ideal, make art, enjoy the bright side of things, be weird, travel, play, and experiment. You don’t have to impress anyone!

They're Wacky, but They're Also Smart

Libras are also smart and capable of just about anything, which can be overwhelming in making a decision. Sometimes you just need to put one foot in front of the other to get started and to be okay with the unknown. It’s okay to jump into something without fully understanding it.

Libras should allow themselves to unfold and be the loving creatures they want to be. This sign is guided by Venus, so love is always on its side. Be warm and happy at home. Get involved in careers that bring out your good nature. The nice thing about two Libras is it should be easy to build trust, to be open with each other, to explore both emotions and thoughts, and to do a lot of creative nonsense.

Two Libras together will make for a highly romantic and adorable relationship. Both people are highly creative, they're kind of weird, they're super friendly, and they want everything to harmonize. They'll have charming dates.
Two Libras together will make for a highly romantic and adorable relationship. Both people are highly creative, they're kind of weird, they're super friendly, and they want everything to harmonize. They'll have charming dates.

Top Ten Tips for Libra Couples

  1. Get off social media. Focus more on the real world. Build and create. Portray art. Laugh, love, and be you.
  2. Don’t shy too much from conflict. You need to talk about everything, don’t limit yourself and get scared. Getting scared and refusing to talk about things can cause more damage that takes longer to heal.
  3. Find new ways to explore your romance. Be open minded and loving. Keep track of things you really like and communicate that to your partner.
  4. Make a schedule to handle the important chore things like cleaning, bills, insurance, taxes, and the like. Don’t let those things get away from you. At least one Libra is going to have anxiety, so minimize concerns over finances.
  5. Don’t gossip. Don’t act one way to people and then another behind closed doors. Be kind even in solitude.
  6. It’s okay to make a decision. If it doesn’t work, you can try a new decision.
  7. Don’t get too caught up into a cause to where you can't see anything else. You have an immersive and empathetic personality, your partner does too. Baby steps will help you prevent panic. You can grow in steps and not all at once.
  8. Harmony is great for you. Know how to be at peace when things are not harmonizing around you. There will be times of sunshine and downpour.
  9. Make efforts to see your friends.
  10. Do not get carried away by impulse. Slow down.

Libras at a Quick Glance

House #
Early Fall
Represented by
Ruled by
Directed by
September 23 to October 23
Charming, friendly, creative, weird, whimsical, seeking harmony, bright, introspective, flirtatious, and lazy
Anxiety, sloth, lazy, indecisive, overwhelmed, drugs, conflict avoidance, gossip, etc.
Type of Leadership
Forward thinking, open minded, starts new things (trouble finishing), creates, inspires, egalitarian, and empathetic.
Pink, Pale Green and various shades of blue
Rules the Body
Kidneys, skin, lumbar region, endocrine system, and buttocks
Opposite Sign

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2020 Andrea Lawrence


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    • SerenityHalo profile imageAUTHOR

      Andrea Lawrence 

      14 months ago from Chicago

      Thank you, Donna! I wish you well wherever you reside.

    • Donna-Rayne profile image

      Donna Rayne 

      14 months ago from Sparks, Nevada

      Andrea, an interesting article with lots of good, sound information for all kinds of people.

      I enjoyed reading it and wish you a wonderful day :)

      Donna Rayne


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