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Life 101: Missionaries of God

Updated on August 16, 2012

I recently met a missionary at the hospital here in Manila. I was waiting for my brother and his wife at the Philippine General Hospital at Pedro Gil street, when our eyes met.

He reluctantly approached me as he handed me a pamphlet with a particular topic of the selected Gospel from the Word of God (written in the Bible). After the incident, I thanked him and he also gave back the same gesture.

He cannot talk with me that much because most of the companions of patients at the waiting area of the outpatient department (OPD) were also having their usual tete-a-tete or little conversations as they passed the time, discussing nonchalant topics.

Why am I relating this to you?

Because, in this installment of my Life 101 series, I will share with you about the plight of missionaries around the world.

Every church that exists on Earth have missionary works encouraging prospective believers that they will encourage to join their kind of faith denomination, congregation or spiritual belief.

During my radio days, our station was the home of many religious programs, ranging from Catholic, Pentecostal or even Free Thinkers.

Now, what I'm going to share with you looks into the deeper meaning of being a missionary.

The Missionary of God (Photo Credit:
The Missionary of God (Photo Credit:

Enjoying the Closeness of God

Perhaps the most noted Missionary of God that ever lived was Saint Paul.

If you will read all his letters to people of the world, you will fully understand the importance of having a mission to spread the Word of God.

Or you can be like Jonah, who avoided the command of the the Lord. But when he went out the stomach of a huge fish after being swallowed for days, he realized that the Creator's Will should not be contradicted.

Or we will suffer consequences that will lead us to confusion that can mislead you to the false 'light'.

Missionaries are ordinary people, too. Although their goals are to spread the Word of God, still, others have something in their minds.

Let's take a look at Rogel Palms account regarding missionaries of God. In his book, Enjoying the Closeness of God, he recounted a story about "two men" who work for a non-profit organization.

Both traveled on expense accounts. One lives as a friend of God, the other does not.

Circumstances are the same for both, but their responses to those circumstances are opposite. This is how the difference shows:

"Go ahead and order the steak."

"But I don't eat like this at home."

"You're not at home. It's going on your expense account."


"You worked hard. You earned it."

"I'm paid to worked hard. I'm not paid to exploit."

When these two men started their work, both had strong convictions about the high calling of their vocation. They felt a sense of mission in a worthwhile organization: one that helped people in need.

They kept costs down so that the money could be used as donors expected it to be used.

But they began to noticed that the other man in their group weren't so fussy or dedicated just like before.

After a while, it became easy for one of them to change from a high view of commitment into the rationalization.

He said this to his dedicated companion:

"You won't be appreciated anymore if you don't take. You make the rest of us look bad when you turn in your expenses."

But the other man won't bend.

He just goes on, one day at a time, trying to do what is expected of him by God.

And usually, that's all we have to do what is expected of us by the Lord.


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    • travel_man1971 profile imageAUTHOR

      Ireno Alcala 

      6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @Arian Rey: Since, you've mentioned that discipleship is becoming somewhat commercialized these days, I am always careful with the invites I'm receiving from different churches.

      As long as I am pleasing the Lord Almighty, I will never fail in the mission to spread the Word of God.

    • Arian Rey profile image

      Arian Rey 

      6 years ago from Pearl of the Orient Seas (PHILIPPINES)

      Discipleship is what we need today. Spreading the Word of God is somewhat commercialized nowadays. We have to choose the genuine church in order to truly enjoy His teachings.

    • travel_man1971 profile imageAUTHOR

      Ireno Alcala 

      6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @rcrumple: Thank you for treating my hub fairly.

      Back in college, the school encourage us to involve ourselves in volunteering or missionary works. Some of my classmates have the approval on the program, sending them to foreign lands where missionaries are scarce.

      Unfortunately, I was not included, since I was working part-time on the radio; or maybe, I was not meant for missionary works.

    • rcrumple profile image


      6 years ago from Kentucky

      There are always those who forget the basics when it comes to money and the things it will purchase. However, since most expense account dollars are tax deductible for the business, I can somewhat understand the views. I used to be told to always use your daily allotment. It's one way the company takes care of their people for making the sacrifice of being away from home. Just some thoughts.

      Enjoyed the read. Good to see you're getting a series together. Good Luck with it!


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