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Life After Death, Faith Based or Real

Updated on January 3, 2011

Back to dust, Heaven or Hell

Why Do We Refuse to Accept Death

Many of us cannot accept that after we die that life is over and that is the end of it. In order to better understand these feelings and come to grips with whatever we believe we must examine what direction we wish to persue in our own lives and come to terms that life certainly as we know it will end in one way or the other. We will ultimately lose friends and loved ones and come to face death ourselves. I don't know if we can all live comfortably with this but in order to better cope with this we develop belief systems that will help us to cope with the fact that our lives will end one day.I took a look at three famous people to determain what they felt about life after death. Billy Graham of course has written a book about life after death and you may want to read it for yourself. It is called "DEATH AND THE LIFE AFTER." There are several quotes from Albert Einstein. One of these quotes are as follows: "Nobody, certainly, will deny that the idea of the existance of an omnipotent, just, and omnibenificent, personal God is able to accord man solice, help, and guidance; also by virtue of its simplicity it is accessable to the most undeveloped mind. but, on the other hand, there are decisive weaknesses attatched to this idea in itself, which have been painfully felt since the beginning of history...." So you can safely assume from this one particular quote that Einstien did not believe in God or a life in the hearafter. Sigmon Freud, on the other hand was always concerned about life and death and contended that all of us have a life and death instinct but that we all will come to accept the fact that we will die. I would suggest that you read the book Moses and Monotheism by Sigmon Freud. He concluded that indeed there was no God for Moses to have acted in his behalf and that Moses was simply telling himself what he believed. Based on what the Bible teaches and what science teaches there is a big conflict as to what is logical and what is fact. Jesus, having been born of the Virgin Mary and going to Hell for 3 days after suffering on the cross and much of what is said is hard to be understood by the non believer and it is infact stated that these beliefs are foolishness to him. Modern science depends on logic to proove theories and the Bible is based on  inspiration from God and what is concidered wholly and which will or will not allow you to get into Heaven based on your acceptance of what the Bible, referred to as the "Wholley Word," teaches. The Bible does indeed state that no one who dies has emotions or thoughts and knows not of what goes on under the sun. There are often contradictions which I shall not attempt to compare here but verious books of the Bible do not necessarily agree on whether you go to Heaven or Hell after you die or whether the dead are raised in their on order and judged as well as the living at the time of judgement. The Bible refers to this as the judgement of the quick and the Dead. After reading the Christian Science Monitor I concluded that the complicated work of scientists may indeed prove that there is life after death but in my own opinion since no one regardliss of whether he or she has been clinically dead, or not can prove that there is life after death. No dream state or third dimensional experiance alone can justify any belief of life after death. Unless people can actually go to the other side and return can we only conclude there is life after death. No theory or mathematical assessment alone can prove life after death. However as I concluded in an eariier article that I wrote about Dependancy on God, we can not rule out anything as life itself continues to be one of the most baffling mysteries. If faith based belief works for you and logic works for someone else I can only conclude that neither one of these are wrong. However in coping with the reality of life we must not become complacement. Choosing prayer and faith over logic at a critical time in the life of you and your loved one, I do believe, can lead to a tragic disaster.


Prepairing for Life After Death

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