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Concept of Suffering and Pain

Updated on April 12, 2015


Today there are many things that are different than what they were yesterday. I know that over simplifies things and makes the obvious jump out of the page and take the reader by wonderment but it is true. There will never be a tomorrow like yesterday again and that is something to be celebrated. Many of us think that there are just simple sets that we go through in a day to progress on to the next level. I on the other hand believe that we think about our actions and we carry them out with effort or non-effort depending on our perspective.

I know that when I mentioned human condition as the case of suffering and that language was the instigator I was speaking that we give such power to language that sometimes we forget about the simple fact that we designed suffering and pain in a manner that would meet our needs as social creatures. Looking for comfort in our suffering or pain. Change in gears was noted. I was thinking about the yellow wallpaper and remember reading it thinking why would the women go crazy over such a thing but maybe it was stating something else. Maybe it was stating we are all trapped in our creations. Suffering through our creations isn't always easy or always for the enjoyment or others. Sometimes I think we need people to see our pain in order to validate our own suffering, like as if to say "look at me I know how it is to suffer and feel pain and now you can see and hear it." That may be dramatic but in some ways I think that it is true. Even writing this exposes a little bit of some inner thinking on the issues of my own pain and yesterday, not that anything extreme happened but did I want someone to notice my pain and suffering and validate it...Yes probably.

I also forgot to mention that humanity and language are responsible for all the beauty in the world as well. I think that when I was thinking about suffering and humanity being the cause of it I was being serious. It isn't easy blaming all of humanity for suffering but when we look at suffering from the standpoint of all things that are inevitable we can come to appreciate that humans truly are the inventors of the concept. I also took the standpoint that humans developed the language that termed suffering and gave it meaning. Much of what I say is limited in scope to the way I feel. I can't accurate state the since of our own involvement in the limited scope of words and meanings. We are going to get sick, change, age, die, lose relationships and loved ones, feel isolated, experience pain, and we will have bad days. Change is the one constant in suffering. Change and loss. I think that loss is also key to remember because it speaks of change in normal functioning as it relates to all aspects of life. Change of normal, and that is used as familiar or routine, relationships with others and the self. Relationships with others is an easy concept to understand it involves interactions and communications. When I speak of the relationship to the self I am referring to change in functioning, quality and outlook on life. These are important to understand because eventually they all happen. We all experience change. When will change our view on suffering to incorporate a more global or holistic understanding of the word? Change suffering from a bad word into a word that means change. I am not sure we will ever get to that point but we may be able to see things from a new perspective and understand someone else views a little more clearly.

Pain was the other topic that I mentioned and I mentioned that it is the outward expression of our suffering in order to validate it to others. I failed to mention that it is also can be an inward reflection of the suffering or change that we experience. Pain is a normal biological experience and we all will experience it in our lifetime. I think that much of the level of expression of our pain is learned in culture and family environments. If one grows up in a violent family it is likely that the level of physical and emotional pain that one can experience may be greater than one who doesn't grow up in that family. I am not saying that all of it is learned behavior but much of it is r the expression of it is. I think on many levels humans need the ability to let people know that they hurt or are in pain. I know that when watching children it is often noted that children will not respond the same way when injured if a parent or adult is watching versus playing alone. The same can be said of their expression of pain depending on caregiver. Someone may give you more attention than another given the level of pain expression used. We see this in the hospital all the time pain rating scales, 1-10. 10 being the worst pain. Logically it is assumed that rating pain at a 10 will get you more attention. This can be said about the outward expression as well. In terms of distress of facial expressions, crying, stated words and interactions with others. Not always and easy concept to understand in this manner. Pain as a reflection of inedible change or suffering. Perhaps it is a clinical viewpoint. I think that there is validity in taking a look at these two concepts in a new light.

One other note I should mention. I do judge language a lot in terms of scope for limiting the meanings of words. it is difficult to make a word that incorporates the breadth of what one is talking about and adding more words to the mix isn't helpful either. So why bother? It is not a bother it is an opinion an my insight for my self shared with anyone who reads it.

Suffering occurs in this sense because we change and maybe one day in the future a new word that will more aptly imply all the conditions will be coined but for now I am looking at the Buddhist concept of suffering. I know many people will say "you are not a Buddhist." Fair play to them. I am not a lot of things but I can read and form opinions. Maybe I am restating the obvious, maybe not.


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    • Steven Lindquist profile image

      Steven Philip Lindquist and aliases in nature 19 months ago from Minneapolis, Minnesota United [divided] States of the Americas

      Don't forget the animals, they taught man and the vice versa. Nature gave them both brains, and the poor trees got the shit deal of it. Whoring out their genetic knowledge so that creation could walk, fly and swim. Do you think you came from the store in a package made ready mixture? Yes some did in cold freezers douche, well nature never says no to the waters of life nor the coldness of women.

    • Steven Lindquist profile image

      Steven Philip Lindquist and aliases in nature 20 months ago from Minneapolis, Minnesota United [divided] States of the Americas

      That nature laid down to teach man, to create Hells in all religions of the Worlds was the suffering Humanity caused, that it learned from nature was the gift that endless life is the gift in spirit and in physical. Write hell there it went, to Hell all the innocent. "And God created." Hell was made. And the Heaven's left to everlasting work. For the arrival of the lost, that they would be showered in flowers for their crimes would be tears once again. Treat them like the queens they are throw daisies at them, put them in all their rooms and lay down carpets for their shame. So they know what spirit would do for the hatred they made. Let he innocent child be in glory, that they were all was the truth for nature wrote in man what the house was, then spoke in spirit to the house yet based the spirit on the house. Truth we lived all the beliefs, then that they created to suite their needs was Rapture seen and abandoned care to live as man. It was once that the dead were speaking in the trees, to warn. That they damned was not the hand of the invisible, the spirit. For it never lived on the Earth, it was in the minds they destroyed in the damnation of the spirit of, there is no word for it. I cry for the hurt, that they were the hands that wrote Hell, was the innocence they knew not of. To forgive in totality, was mine, the spirit of life to give and die for in judgment of life itself and creation of a Heaven of all needs and lust for the homes they lost in the never ending physical as well. They can search in themselves, to find spirit again. My house is of them all, that I would not write Hell, I would have risen Nature to be in the harmony of life.