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Life, Death and the Spiritual Realm

Updated on October 10, 2015

When we hear the word death there is a level of finality that we associate it with. We often grieve, mourn, and sometimes feel lost without our loved ones. What if I told you that there is nothing to fear because there is life after death. We are all composed of energy and this is what your soul is. Energy cannot be created or destroyed by man but it can change form. Science proves this. Our physical body is a vessel and our soul is the energy that composes our personality. The essence of what we are. The soul doesn’t have a certain size, shape, form, because it’s energy and part of the divine source. Our physical body goes through the process of aging and eventually we pass either from natural or unnatural causes. So why is it so hard to accept that our loved ones are still with us? To better explain…if you could read the DNA of your celestial body you would accept and be understanding of the process. However, we are all human and one of our coping mechanisms is to grieve our loss.

The 5 stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance.

  • DENIAL - When we learn of a loved one passing it seems like an illusion. We are sometimes in denial because our physical body and mind feels lost without the person. Our soul knows and recognizes that they are still with us, but often our normal senses of perception activate and causes shock. We can deny that death just happened but we cannot deny that our LOVE lives on for that person. After all LOVE connects our souls in the universe.

  • ANGER – Once we move past the denial stage we go into anger. We are either angry at the person passing, or we are angry with ourselves. Sometimes we are angry with the divine source as well. Many people will say well my loved one has passed but I can’t feel them or see them. Often times they will resort to a medium to help them connect because they yearn for that communication. However, anger is an emotion that carries a lower vibration and even if we say we aren’t angry, subconsciously you may be angry and this prevents you from having the peace within to connect with your loved one. You may be angry because you weren’t there when they passed to say goodbye.

  • BARGAINING – After you move past the anger, you next start bargaining which means you want to accept it but you make excuses to regain some type of normality. You start saying “What if I would have known” or “What if we got a second opinion?” Remember we all have a blueprint to follow. Meaning before we come into the earth a blueprint of our life is made beforehand which determines what our physical appearance, family, traits, personalities, lessons to learn, birth, illness, and death. The fact is no matter how much we bargain, everything in the universe is pre-determined. After all this reality is just temporary and eternity comes after we pass.

  • DEPRESSION – Depression is real and after we go through the different stages, we finally start realizing and coming to terms that this happened and we cannot change it. We are burdened with guilt or feelings of sadness and this leads to depression. Everyone handles death differently and some may never get depressed but it’s common for many people. Your passed loved ones don’t want you to be sad. If you could see them, most spirits are in peace and not in pain. Our physical body is what feels pain, we have nerves, and receptors that pick up pain, but spirit is energy and doesn’t feel pain. You can always call upon your angels especially Archangel Michael to provide you solace in your time of pain. He will be there.

  • ACCEPTANCE – This is the final stage of grieving and many spiritually awakened individuals learn to accept it and others will never accept death or loss. After all is said and done, we get to this stage of letting go because we want to think our loved ones are in peace and in a better place. Basically your soul is remembering part of your blueprint and you finally find some comfort in knowing one day you will be reunited.

Now that I’ve explained the process of life and why we normally cannot accept the reality that death is not the end I’ll explain what happens next. From what I’ve learned from listening to spirit and research is that when we pass an ethereal cord that connects our soul to our physical body is severed. This releases our soul into the spiritual realm. You feel no pain and the soul already knows the direction to travel which transcends time and space. Once it’s released, we feel like energy would, lightweight and we can choose to take the form of what we looked like during a certain time period in our life. So for example let’s say you were happies when you were in your 20’s well you can choose to take on an appearance of 28 years old. This is why many mediums often describe our loved ones as they would have looked when they were younger instead of how they appeared when they passed.

What happens next is we meet in a place called the hall of records with our spirit guides, you know the ones who have been with us since birth. Together with your guides and angels you stand in front of a big screen in this is our life review. You will review all of your life you just left behind, things you did, people you interacted with, lessons you learned, what you did good or bad. After you review this then you are greeted by your loved ones. Your soul family those who have passed before you. It’s almost like an alternate version life here on earth. The spirit realm does have homes, houses, lakes, trees, very beautiful places. Much like life here on earth. Next you have the choice of staying and learning more lessons in spirit school. Yes the spirit world has school where they continue to learn lessons and develop. Where do you think all of the big inventions come from?

Many things are tested in the spiritual world before making its way here to earth. Many of these inventors have learned and tested the technology we use today prior to it manifesting in our reality. So if you thought we are really smart, spirit is ten times smarter. This is why I say spirit knows all, hears all, and sees all. Like DUH!!!

After we have learned the lessons we have learned we meet again in the hall of records and you have a chance to map out your next blueprint if you plan on reincarnating or you can choose to stay in the spiritual realm. It’s not that complicated. Yes, reincarnation is real and if you could only see how many lifetimes you’ve been here on earth….you’d understand. While all this is going on, you are granted the ability to visit your loved ones. This is called visitations. Often they will appear in your dreams or you will feel their scent or touch. They may send you signs such as feathers, butterflies, coins, and the list goes on. They are aware of your accomplishments and celebrations. They are always there. You might not feel them but it doesn’t mean they are not there with you.

So if you are thinking that death is the final point and your loved one has forgotten about you, well you’re mistaken. Know that your loved ones love you. They only know LOVE. They are still with you, still learning and busy on the other side but never too busy to visit and comfort you. This world is a blueprint and everything is interwoven and connected. Physical life is temporary but Spiritual life is infinite.


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