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Healing in your Struggle

Updated on August 19, 2016

Struggle for Healing?


Healing in Your Struggle?

Testimonies of saints through time are God remains forever a deliverer in times of struggle, healer in times of sickness, a tower of strength when human frailties fails. Recent atrocities in Mumbai, constant war in the Congo, Iraq and Afghanistan, protest that brought down Thailand government, recent Greek protest Greece causing destruction of properties, piracy off the coast of Somalia,  cholera pandemic in Zimbabwe, present threat of Swine flu started in Mexico and spreading worldwide are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s a troubled world and the economic downturn caused by the credit crunch is heaping more pressure on already burden families and poor countries which could spark riots in already troubled spots. Young families are hit hard, struggling with uncontrollable circumstances. The Obama election sees the world breathing sigh of relief for a population grown weary of war. However, the world is still a melting pot, humanity faced with a nuclear age nine countries now have them with suspicion growing of Iran and North Korea.

Images from television and radios including newspaper headlines are disheartening, daunting and intimidating, and the message of Christ seemingly having little effect on prevailing fears. A work colleague asked, “If God is so good, why is there such evil, suffering and disenchantment in the world?  “If your God is so good why does the young suffer?  She confided in me later her daughter has a blood disease that could kill her, and have regular blood transfusion. I said God hasn’t given us all the answers why some suffers while others go through life relatively unscathed. I heard the anger and frustration in her voice as daily she waits by the phone for news that would give her hope out of her struggle. Her situation may the reason preventing her believing in a God who allows or inflicts suffering on innocent children. As she wonders away, it seems witness of God’s grace is wasted, as she drifts in and out of reality. Yet, regularly she appears with a new question about God. She brought an evolution and atheism book and queried aspect of our faith as it conflicts with claims to creationism, that God puts it all together. Sensing pride and associates (lawyers etc.) won’t allow her to give serious thought to God creation. I affirmed hope in Jesus for her and daughter, and she requested that I pray for her.

Often, our sermons advocate contending with God for blessing but, should we not rather simply besatisfiedto be with Him, in His presence?  We should advocate that strugglers hold on and refuse to let go! It should not just be about getting the blessing, but about staying power.  What’s wrong with us asking God for a blessing? Absolutely nothing! However, rather than struggling with Him for what He already wants to give us, let us struggle to hold on to Him for dear life—giving up the fight, yielding to His will and allowing Him to take us wherever He wants us. We often sing  where He leads we’ll follow, anywhere and everywhere, yet spend more time dictating the steps we take and the speed we travel . Friends, go down on your knees daily, and you will find the strength to stand up, walk and proclaim Him, that strengthens us. We sing beautiful hymns, read poems and literatures which are sometimes born out of a personal struggle, pain and loss. The oven baked the loaf and the delicacies are enjoyed by many not knowing its point of origin. They knew nothing of the heat or pain baked experiences that resulted in the triumph of a song which we claim for our own. The Psalms are filled with triumphal hymns baked in situations of overwhelming adversity and grief for a nation and its peoples, but enjoyed by many around the world. The African or Jewish Diasporas or redeemed sinners have many beautiful songs baked out of their life struggles and experiences, they were born of adversity. We were not in the oven with them, but we enjoy the “loaf” their experiences baked. Our treasured Hymn books are filled with beautiful songs used in public worship or private meditation. Pressures and experiences from which those songs were born may not have entered our minds, but research your favorite hymns today and you will be amazed. You will begin to realize the loaf that the heat, the struggles, the disappointment, the sacrifice experiences have baked, things taken for granted but nevertheless enjoys. Trapped in your oven, ask the Lord to help you to see the light of day - your deliverance is on it's way. It will all be over by the shouting.



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  • Kenny MG profile image

    Kenny MG 8 years ago from A Child of the Universe

    We learned to love Him Jo, when we first understand He first loved us and demonstrated it through the death of the cross. We are drawn closer, day by day, as we walk with Him and His mission in the world becomes clearer to us.

  • profile image

    Joan 8 years ago

    There is a song which says; there is a name i love so well

    truly when we know the owner of the name "Jesus" and trust hhim we find hope in this world which seem hopeless. Continue to work for the one who has specially prepared you for the task. Blessing always.

  • Kenny MG profile image

    Kenny MG 8 years ago from A Child of the Universe

    Thanks for your most gracious words coffeesnob, I am blessed that I was able to minister to you.

  • profile image

    coffeesnob 8 years ago

    Kenny, Keep being a light. this colleague sees something in you that she wants and it is good to hear she keeps coming back to ask more questions. I love the idea of laying hold of God. What a picture that places in my mind. Holding on to Him rather than striving for what we want him to give. You have ministered to my heart -thanks

  • profile image

    Susan White 8 years ago

    Very nicely put, a world such as ours without hope is a world ripe for the healing Christ offers.

  • profile image

    Ema Kamakan 8 years ago

    If ever the world needs healing it is now. The economic downturn has impacted many lives and leaving many families at the brink.