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Life Is Always Enjoyable If You Know The Way.

Updated on July 18, 2020
Shawindi Silva profile image

Shawindi is a writer who is still learning and she believes that we are learning throughout our lives. Learning is the way to live!

What Is Happiness?

In our daily lives, we face different kinds of situations. Maybe we spend our whole day with a sad mood. Did you think about changing those sad days into a happy day? Maybe not. But there are so many was to convert your sad day into a happy day.

When we have a problem, we only think about the problem. But we can also think about the good side of the problem. When there is a huge problem, if you try you will be able to find a small happiness which is hidden there. You can think about this taking an example from your own life. Think about a time which you faced a trouble. Being positive helps you to have a happy day despite the problems and sadness.

Why Should You Try To Become A Positive Person?

In this complex world we can try to be simple. The world is developing day by day and the lives are becoming complex. Busy lives always make people consider their lives to be miserable. Why can't people try to make their lives quiet simple? It's not impossible. Although the situation is difficult, if we try to find hidden happiness, life will be a happy place for you all for sure.

Do you know being positive can help you to have a good health? I have heard that a positive mind can help you in many ways. Positive thinkers are always healthier and, less distressed.

Positive thinking don't come to you naturally. You must try to see the bright side in everything. when you start thinking about the positive side, it will become a habit of you. Then naturally you become a positive thinker. Positive thinking helps you to increase immunity, resilience and also for stress relief. It will be very helpful for all the people to move on with the developing world.

Be Who You Are.

We always try to become what others like to see. People want to change themselves to become a person whom the other people like to and prefer to see. All of the people are not white or not black. Each and every person has their own appearance. And everyone is beautiful in their own way. Did you ever think of changing your appearance or your ideas to suit with the world? Have you ever felt that you need to change in order to suit in the society?

Actually in this world there are millions of people. Any of them are not similar with one another. Each and every person has his or her own appearance, his or her own mindset. We don't need to change ourselves. Why should we? Everyone has his or her right to be who they are. to do what they like and prefer. But we must gain the knowledge to choose the correct things and the wrong things.

We can dream of our futures. Everyone has a dream. We must respect others dreams and their thoughts. There is nothing impossible in this world. Everything is possible if you are strong enough. Giving up is easy, but enduring everything and working hard to reach our dreams is difficult. But once you reach your dreams, you can be proud of yourself.

We must not give up. We must reach our goals. If someone is always saying, "We can't do this" or "Let's give up" they won't reach their goals. Being negative always make people feel down. It won't help in anything.

You Must Believe In Yourself.

I have seen so many people who don't believe themselves. When you are doing something you must believe that you can do that and you have the strength to do that. In our daily life being confidence is very important. In order to live a meaningful life it is very important. We all know that we must face everything despite it is bad or good. But to face anything we must be confidence, strong and positive.

We do not need to depend on others. If you are confidence about yourself, and have a strong determination. Then no one can put you down and also if you have that kind of a mindset, you have the power of living independently. Don't you think so?

Don't Discourage Who Has A Dream And Who Is Working Hard To Achieve Them.

Dreaming is a way of success. If someone is not dreaming about his or her future, Most probably a sign of success would not be there. We all have the right of dreaming. And if you have a dream, you must try to achieve them despite the difficulties you will have to face. In our lives nothing is easy, but if you give it an effort it's not impossible. Actually nothing is impossible. People have made their own criteria in each and every field in the society. But no matter what you have to focus on your goal. In this world nothing is impossible.

I have a dream too. I am ready to do anything to reach my dreams. All the people who are around me do not encourage me. Actually most of them are trying to express that my dreams are impossible to reach. But I do not care of all those things, but I do care about the encouragements. As I said in my previous article, both the people who encourage me and who discourage are important. When I reach my goals I want to say thank you to them who encouraged me and I want to show that I am strong and I can do anything to them who were discouraging me. There is no need of caring what others say, but only if your goal is a good one.

A Word.

I am not an expert. I wanted to say what I felt. I wanted to write about this topic because I always want everyone to feel that everything is possible. And what we need to do is being confidence and trying to reach our goals despite the difficulties. In this world we can't reach our dreams if we are not ready to give your whole effort.

Dreaming is not something wrong and dreaming is the way to success. If someone do not have a dream about the future, How could he be a successful person one day? And also education itself cannot make a person successful. That is one of the most important thing that is in need to be understood by everyone.


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