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Conversation With God 11-27-2010

Updated on May 30, 2012
Taken in front of my house!
Taken in front of my house! | Source

Life and Situations

This conversation with the Holy Spirit was written on 11-27-2010.

  • Bonita: Lord how on earth did we get ourselves in this predicament?
  • Lord: My dear child don't you understand that God is the God of the Universe, the Galaxy's, the Heavens and the World. He knows all things. He knows you from the beginning of your existence and the beginning of your life. He is with you in all situations, he knows what you can handle in life. Your life is a culmination of situations, of testings that bring you to a point at which you have been tested over and over until you have been refined. He brought you to this period which you were facing Debt Resolution and Loan Modification, He knows because He allowed it, what you were to go through. It was meant to be like all the other situations were meant to be.
  • Your life was pre-written in Gods infinite mind exactly the way it has happened and played out. There is nothing that has happened that was not meant to be so you have not done anything you could possibly do to change it, to make it better. Do you understand that? All the things in your childhood were pre-arranged by God. All the things and situations in your adult hood were pre-arranged. You are who you are because God made you that way. Men and women have no power to rewrite their lives. The only power you have is to love or be loved along life's sometime cruel trail, no matter the circumstances. Yes, you have choices but in those choices you meet many crossroads just as if you were in a maze.

Which Way?

  • Lord: No matter if you go this way or that way, God is still writing and directing that path. He is orchestrating it to the finest sound or should I say circumstances according to your life, no matter what the choices you have chosen or not chosen. He is always waiting to orchestrate whatever the choice you make. Sometimes you make what you think is a good one and sometimes you make what you believe is a bad one. He does the best He can, to bring you through them. He is a God of miracles, He knows when He needs to step in and take over, that is one way He reveals himself to you. Sometimes people don't even realize that it is He who is in control at all times. It is not Satan, God would never let Satan have the last say. Just remember that my child! He loves his children to much. Would he make and create all of you beautiful beings and not have a reason for each and everyone of you? Would you go through life like a snowflake falling to the end of your life without a reason until you reach the end of your life without direction, or without meaning. NO! God is not like that. He wants you to make decisions, to make choices so that he can work to help you reach that goal in that choice the best way he knows how, so that it works out for you, for everyone around you and for his purpose for your life to come to know him and love him as your Lord and Saviour

Greatest Creation

  • Lord: God wants everyone to know that He is your God, your Lord, and your Saviour in your earthly life also. Without knowing and accepting that as complete truth, you are all just like a showflake falling to your death, and there would be no purpose for your life or existance. Man is much more than he ever realizes. He is God's greatest creation on the face of the Earth and when He created man and woman, it was the finest creation He ever made. The fact that He gave you even freedom to love Him or not, shows how much He was willing to let you live anyway. That's how great He is. Man does not have to love God, but he does have to face the consequences of not having loved Him, in this life and after this life here on earth. The fact is, that if man chooses not to love God, he will never have a chance to undo his choice beyond death and gone from the physical body. After the snowflake melts is is no longer a snowflake.

Whose Choice Is It?

  • Bonita: Lord, maybe if I had made a different choice, it would have been better for others and not as hard!
  • Lord: My dear child God has written your story (life) exactly the way it should have been written (lived).
  • Bonita: But God what if I had chosen to do it the other way that I almost did, would it have been the wrong way.
  • No, because it would have been right also.
  • Bonita: How can both ways have been right?
  • Lord: Just because it would have been a different choice, does not make it the wrong way! What matters is that, whatever way you choose, you are responsible for all your actions.
  • Lord: As long as you have done the best you can do, even though your choices have not always been the best, but they were your choices and you have suffered much along the way, but God has never walked away from you. He has also suffered in your behalf in you choices, as He has done for many. Now it is time through all the sifting and re-sifting that something good comes out of all the struggles that you and your spouse have gone though. Something good that not only you but your spouse will benefit from.
  • God has brought you both to the point in this earthly life to learn how to trust Him and know that He is in control. You have seen His Glory! You have felt His love. You have learned to trust Him. He wants nothing but the best for you both. Wait upon Him, seek his comfort and advice before making all of your decisions. He is there to guide you, he is there to always instruct you. Your choices should never be made without first consulting God. He wants to help you make a good decision, but make the right choice as to what to do in that decision when you make it.

God is in Control

  • Lord: For instance, say you have chosen to buy a certain car, but you have decided to drive it the way you should not be driving it. Maybe too fast, or recklessly! Now do you get the picture?
  • I hope now you realize how much God loves you my child. Praise Him always. You are in the right place, God put you there and as long as He is in control you will stay there and shine. Don't let anyone tell you any different. That is all I have to say for now.


Those are the words of the Holy Spirit conforting me as we went through many trials the past few years. I have to say that those trials taught us to really trust God with all of our heart. We were denied a loan modification 5 times and yet we trusted God up till the few weeks before the courthouse sale and we refused to accept the fact that we were loosing our house. A few weeks before we had to move out, a miracle happened and God stepped in and saved our house and we are still in it almost two years later! Praise God for His love and mercy.


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    • Bonitaanna profile image

      Bonitaanna 5 years ago from Oil City, PA

      Jess thank you for your nice comment. God is so loving and knowing All our hearts and He has given me the courage to write what He has told me. God Bless you and your loved ones.

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Bonitaanna God Knew when you would understand. He is awesome. Whatever you choose will be awesome. We can never go wrong sharing the love of God. Bless U Bonita

    • Bonitaanna profile image

      Bonitaanna 5 years ago from Oil City, PA

      Thank you so much Sky, I am sitting here reading them and trying to pick the next one to write. They are so overwhelming that I just weep over them. Some go all the way back to 1988. I did not understand then much of what God was trying to say to me, but now I do! I just praise God that people are accepting them! I just want people to hear his words, HE speaks with such love.

    • profile image

      Jesshubpages 5 years ago

      "God would never let Satan have the last say" To this I fully agree. Though God permits Satan to persecute us just what he did to Job, Still God was in full control at that time. God bless bonitaana.


    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      bonitaanna Yes sister you were obiedient to the Holy Spirit of God. Many in this world need to hear the truth. Many are lost!! You are planting seed sister. For me, Child of God I need the edification and encouragement in your beautiful works. It is our purpose to share the Gospel of Christ and His love and salvation available for all that choose. Great to meet you my sister. Hugs to you. Keep on and keep on U will Phil 4:13 (0;

    • Bonitaanna profile image

      Bonitaanna 5 years ago from Oil City, PA

      Thank you Skye2day, it is very nice of you to say such a nice comment. I was not sure whether to share these conversations with the public but now I am beginning to think it was the right thing to do! Yes, I can tell you are my sister in the Lord. Blessing to you and your family!

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Beautiful. Our Lord is amazing and awesome. He wants all to come to Him. He waits. Let us pray none wait until it is too late amen. Thank you for a precious writing.

      Your love for the Lord is evident and awesome. Nice picture. God loves to give us signs of His love and voice all the time. We just need to keep our eyes open to Him. Awesome to meet you. Your sister in Christ loves ya. Keep shining the light sista.