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Life is Love, share it!

Updated on December 6, 2011

Loving others is really loving oneself!

The term 'Love" is often misconstrued. Remember that pure LOVE is absolutely 'selfless'. But worldly love is demanding and selfish. If you love your spouse, you expect reciprocation from her or him as the case may be. Our life in this world is based on the Ego. The ego is nothing but 'body consciousness'. We consider that each body is separate from the rest. This really aggravate the problems of Life. Bodies may be separate but the inner soul or self in each individual is ONE and the same throughout the Universe. Be they be animals or birds, insects or fishes or even the plants and trees, everything moves and grows because of the self within. But in animals and other species, the Self remain dormant while in human beings, it can be roused and realized.

Scriptures and holy books proclaim God as Love. Saibaba also has said, "God is Love, Live in Love. He added, "All are One, Be alike to everyone. When you help others, in fact, you are helping your own self. When somebody suffers, our heart aches. Why? Because the Self is all that is seen and felt. When a thorn prick the sole, your eyes shed tears. Why? The same life force is spread all round the body just like blood circulates every part of the body. Hence the true meaning of Love is 'selflessness' and the self(ego) is lovelessness.. Hence do not constrict the love to your kith and kin alone. Expand this love to the neighbors and all unknown brothers and sisters in the world. God is the parent for the entire mankind. Hence all are brothers and sisters. Hence Swami Vivekananda addressed the Parliament of Religions in Chicago long ago as "Sisters and brothers of America". He never addressed them as "Ladies and Gentleman' as per the vogue. We feel that we are spread around the globe in different regions, we follow different religions, we speak different languages and we look different. These are all the external differences. But the blood of all individuals in the world is only Red. The Sun is common to the entire world. Everybody breaths oxygen to live. All satiate their hunger by eating. Hence as human being, all are one and the same and the self activates all.

Love expands by sharing. But we do not like to share our love with all and sundry and hence there is hatred prevalent throughout the world. These differences give rise to anger and conceit. Nations engage other nations in war due to false differences perceived through the vision colored by the glass of hatred. All incarnations happened so far have stressed the importance of Love untainted by selfishness. In fact, Love is the most valuable asset in this world. That Love towards humanity has prompted Jesus Christ to undergo crucifixion at the hand of false priests of the temple of God. He willingly underwent crucifixion for the sake of humanity, though he could have averted by His own Powers. But He never chose to utilize the powers for himself or for his own safety.Due to the supreme sacrifice, He is honored and worshiped by all Christians.

Now let us take the example of Mahatma Gandhi who enabled to get Independence from British Rule in India. His motto is Love and Non-violence. He loved both Hindus and Muslims alike. He never advocated partition. But due to the cunning rulers, two nations were created or rather separated. Gandhi never hated the violence perpetrated by the British. He wanted to make them realize the futility of violent methods. Hence he advocated Non-violence which again is based on Love of Truth that all are One. Hence never underestimate true Love. It can move mountains whereas hatred can never achieve any thing worth.

Hence share your Love with others and Live in Love. Here I remember a beautiful stanza of Saibaba. "Start the day with Love, Spend the day with Love, Live the day with Love and End the day with Love!

Love All!


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 6 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for this expose on love. I like "Love expands by sharing," and your last Saibaba's quote.