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Life is a Dream, Realize it!

Updated on December 6, 2011

Which is Real?

Dream presupposes 'sleep'. Only during sleep, one dreams. When he wake up, he finds that all the dream experiences are false or mere illusion. Saibaba has told the devotees that "Life is a DREAM, Realize it. He cautions us not to take the waking stage and the experiences undergone during the waking stage are never Real! Now let us ponder over the subject a little deeply.

We all know that waking experiences are negated during sleep and the dreaming experiences are negated when one wakes up. Hence both the experiences are valid only during a particular period of one full day of 24 hours. But we must realize that TRUTH is not affected by time, space or causation. Truth should remain Truth for ever. Then only it can be termed as TRUE. All the worldly experiences are only facts and not Truth. The term is not correctly understood in the worldly experiences. We confuse facts as Truths. But facts changes with time and space. When there is sunshine in India, it is night time in United States. How can we take them as True. The Sun is One only. It is always glowing and it never sets. But we say that the sun has set in the west and it has risen in the east. This is only a comparative fact and it is not TRUE since the sun never rises or sets. Hence, we talk with reference to certain parameters. The earth is revolving in great speed. But do we feel the motion? No. The satellites that are stationed far away beyond the gravitational pull exerted by the earth can only send pictures of proof. Observatories of astronomical scenario can show us that the earth is revolving around its axis as well as it is circling the Sun. It is due to the movement and revolution of earth, we get day and night, we undergo different seasons like the summer, winter, autumn and spring.

Now let us examine dream itself. The dreamer is stationary and he is lying in his cot. During dream, he goes to different places, meet and interact with different people, dine and date with some etc. But the fact is he was all along lying in his bed like a log of wood. Sometimes he is frightened due to some fearful scenes. He is chased by some ferocious animals in the jungle and he runs for his life. He breaths faster and he sweats too. The fear itself awaken him from the sleep and he finds himself profusely sweating and panting for breath. Now I remember a beautiful episode in the life of King Janaka, the father of Sita of the epic Ramayana. Though he was a king, he lived his life as a recluse. He sought great sages and got clarified his doubts in spiritual wisdom.

Once, he was dreaming a fearful dream. He was forlorn in the thick forest. His aids could not follow him since they have lost their way. The king was actually on a hunting game. This led him into deep forest and he could not retrace his route back. He was hungry and thirsty. He was crying for water! But all along he was lying in the luxurious bed in his inner chamber surrounded by maids attending to his orders. Since he was sleeping none wanted to disturb him. The queen who was standing near the bed heard the king crying for water. She immediately brought the best fruit juice and imploring the king to wake up and drink the juice. Soon the king woke up in fear and frustration. He was seeing the queen holding the juice glass. He did not drink the juice but he was lamenting, "Was that real or this one is real? None could answer his difficult question. They were not able to trace the head or tail of his query. Immediately, the preceptor was summoned and he came to the presence of the king. The king was asking the same question, "Was that real or this one is real?. The preceptor pondered over the question and he started meditating. Now he could find the clue to the pathetic condition of the king. He told the King, "Neither of the experience is REAL, But the experiencer(You) alone is REAL. Now i request the readers of the hub to ponder over the subject and understand that "Life is a DREAM, Realize it. Thank you for the patient reading.

Everything is really a DREAM!


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    • PJ Jones profile image

      PJ Jones 

      6 years ago

      What about day dreaming? This is a fact of truth as it happens. Since there is nothing "new" under the sun, this becomes the truth. Facts do not change, you are right, but the truth is subjective to the one seeking it.


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