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Life of a Psychic Medium: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Updated on November 11, 2015
Bohemian Baltimore via Wikimedia Commons
Bohemian Baltimore via Wikimedia Commons

Many people seek out a psychic or medium for the most pressing issues they are experiencing at any given moment in their life. But how much do we know about the life of a psychic medium? You might have seen magicians and think the information that is channeled is as simple as pulling a rabbit out of a hat. However, this is a great misconception. I will explain how we receive the information and why many psychics and mediums charge for readings.

With modern technology readily available you can find any psychic or medium online and have your pick. If you are in Facebook groups you may have joined some groups for free readings. Now many are developing their gifts and the only way to achieve this is through practice. You’ve often heard the more you do something repetitively you get better. This is true with gifted individuals. We all have a level of intuitiveness but some are not sure how to use it. I can tell you as a psychic medium that most of us, use our gifts for the greater good. We use them to heal others and I’ll stop there. You are probably asking yourself now, how can you heal someone? You’re not a doctor! Well the fact of the matter is that most psychic mediums can heal others with their messages. For example let’s say someone is having a hard time coping with the loss of their father because they didn’t get to say goodbye. A medium can reconnect that person and deliver a message from that person’s father to the seeker. There’s some psychics or mediums who are trained in other modalities and can do reiki sessions which also involves a form of spiritual healing.

Now a psychic medium developing their gifts are very sensitive to their energy and if not properly trained or has had enough practice their energy levels can become easily drained. A medium for example can channel information from different energetic frequencies. It’s like a radio and you pick up different channels with the air waves. This is the exact thing with a medium…we are a radio and can tune into different stations playing by simply focusing our energy on the person we are reading for. Information will then start to transmit and play like a song would. This is how a medium gets information that you need. However, just like a cellphone’s battery is fully charged a psychic medium’s energy levels are used. In order to communicate with spirit we must raise our vibrations to match spirits and they must lower their vibrations to meet in the middle. Once we are on the same level then information flows. The problem with this is that energy is used quickly on a human body. This is why many professionals set limits to the amount of readings they do on any given day. The more energy that is used will send signs to your body. You will feel physically ill or really exhausted and this can have effects lasting for days. The more practice you do and sessions the stronger your ability gets.

Now if the psychic or medium is not feeling well, they should never conduct any readings as they must be physically and mentally prepared for their sessions. For example if I fell sick with a stomach bug and had been vomiting all night. Then I have an appointment the next day, how likely do you think your abilities would be to focus? You would probably feel sick still or really tired and sore. Before any session the psychic or medium also has to prepare themselves. Usually this involves deep meditation, prayer or both. I personally pray and meditate before sessions and I always ask for information to be shown or given for the greater good. It’s always important to prepare properly. The next thing is to shield yourself from energy by the other person. Just as we connect with spirit everyone carries an imprint of energy on them. So someone who was just going through an altercation or attack would carry a piece of that in their aura or energy field. This is why a medium should always surround themselves with light. After a reading many readers will sage their space and also ground themselves.

As you can see it’s not as simple as many think this is. If you are reading this and currently read for others you may be able to fully resonate with this information provided.

Now many readers eventually develop this into a career. Many people don’t’ think its right to charge clients for a reading. They often deem this type of thing as offensive. Now if both parties are doing readings for each other like an exchange there is a balance created. When you are still developing doing free readings is a good thing to help you gain the confidence you need but let me explain the problem with free readings. Although they are good for practice people often take advantage of them. They will join multiple groups asking for readings on the same day. This is like a shopping spree for psychics except you are setting yourself up to get conflicting information.

You are utilizing other psychics and then comparing notes. You can’t do this because everyone connects and gets different pieces of information. You are only doing a disservice to yourself. The other issue as well with free readings is that many people will not give enough time for their readings to resonate with them. You will find when a reading session is taking place it may take days, weeks, or months for information to be pieced together. I had one client who came back weeks later and said you know you’re right. I did some fact finding in my family tree and the information given was absolutely correct. Free readings become an addiction and often it’s seen in the psychic community as using others.

Now some people who receive free readings will also begin to do what I like to call psychic stalking. Once they know who can read really well in a group they will start to privately message that person even if this is against the groups rules. Hoping to receive further readings. They may also friend that person and go through their friends list to seek out other psychics. I had one person who actually did this. A colleague of mine was friends with this person and she went through his friends list and found my name. She saw this and messaged me for a reading. When questioned how she heard of me she just said she heard about me. Of course I put two and two together and found out how this was sneakily done. There’s nothing wrong being friends with your personal psychic but there’s also a professional boundary that should be established. As psychics and mediums we are not a daily hotline for personal insight on your everyday life decisions. You have free will and must live your life. We can however provide you needed insight ever so often like every 3 to 6 months. You need time to see things through.

Now why do some professional psychics charge? What we do is on a professional level and although it is done with love as many of us love what we do…there must be a balance. It is a job for some of us and when we do a reading it’s just like any other job, you expect to get reimbursed for the services you provided. For example you wouldn’t go into a grocery store and ask for free groceries. You are expected to have funds to pay for these. Let’s say you go to a fast food stop for your morning coffee. You wouldn’t ask for sugar packets unless you paid for your coffee first.

Most professionals secure payment or ask for a deposit before your reading because many times what we find is that after we used 15 to 30 minutes of our time doing a reading that was meant to be paid, the reader will not pay for it. They will make an excuse or just got a free reading. This is wrong on all levels. Think of it this way…you’re apartment shopping and you find the one you want. You must put down a deposit before even contemplating to move in. Same thing applies to professional psychic readings.

Many psychics are also generous and do free readings to give back at certain times in their career or mini readings. Some will also do their work on a donation basis. Remember if a psychic is doing work based off of donations they are giving you the benefit of the doubt and trying to work with you on what you can afford. Most of us are genuine and truly do what we do to help others but we also have to live. Remember again I will repeat that this is our job as well. Many times when readings are done for donations the sitter will ask for a reading. The reading is done and they promised to donate but never do. This is true for online readings but face to face reading are different because you have the psychic there. If you do happen to be fortunate to find a professional psychic who truly assists you with insights, please value their work. Be courteous and thank them but also validate. Many times the reader will type all they see during a Facebook group reading and only receive a thank you or a very simplistic validation like “this resonates” or “I can take this”. This does not help readers develop.

I hope this brings some clarity as to why psychic readings require work and why many psychics now charge for their services. To all the psychics and mediums who read this, thank you for what you do. Thank you for being a beacon to the world and providing healing and insight when and where it’s needed. Light workers united. Blessings to all in love n light. X


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