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Life on Hubpages: A Journey into Self-Discovery

Updated on March 31, 2012

Being Comfortable With Uncertainty

“Even with nowhere to go, the walker believes in the steps.” –Ray Grigg, “The Tao”

This hub is an exercise in being comfortable with not knowing the exact direction of what this hub and my future hub-writing experiences will take.

In the past week, the idea just popped up about hubbing on my experiences on hubpages. The most striking idea about the experience actually came as a metaphor---a mountain-climb into the unknown, clearing the bushes to ease the way for fellow mountaineers.

The next idea brought a surge of gratitude as I recall what the most significant aspect of my hub-writing experience is to me: an adventure into self-discovery and self-mastery. The journey through the various hubs I wrote are actually turns around corners, as in a maze, each time discovering newer and more meaningful insights.

The First Few Weeks on Hubpages

This period was mostly characterized with overcoming fear of failure and other inhibitions. What I do know now is that had I encountered or been more exposed to our braver fellow hubbers, it may have been easier for me to overcome my fear of failure. I’d like to share here some tips regarding “creativity killers”:

Another notable milestone was having my hub (The Lord's Prayer: A Contemplation) cited as a HubNugget, which gave me the conviction I must be doing something good.

Inspired Moments

Majority of my hubs were written during inspired moments, shortly after silent sitting meditation or upon waking up from a strange dream.

I must be grateful for the several months I’ve had of this experience, when it felt as if there was no such thing as writer’s block.

When the time comes for me to deal with my own writer’s block, there is much to be thankful for, for the wonderful experience of writing the hubs itself plus the opportunity to review the important lessons that continue needing to be learned.

Meeting Others of Like Intent

Early on, I got the opportunity to meet kind-hearted hubbers whose relevant comments gave me the understanding that there are members of the community who I shared intents with. It had been a very heart-warming, encouraging experience. It gives one the fuel or motivation to write more of the same topic despite having a limited readership in this area.

I have in fact mentioned to a fellow hubber of the exhilarating feeling when getting to meet others of like intent. I think with such, a spiritual connection is established, causing for the energy surge. (The Power Of Feeling Good Now > Abraham Hicks)

Time Pressure vs. Creativity

I don’t know how it is for the majority of other hubbers in this community, but in my experience I’ve found time pressure to be detrimental to my creativity.

For one, when I have a good topic, I’m not able to render it delicately when I am conscious of like a two-hour time limit to get the activity done.

In addition, there are days when there are several ideas coming all at the same time, but no opportunity to get them down in writing. The result is loss of all these unattended to ideas. I would feel regret for the loss but acknowledge that really if they were meant to be written, then they would have come with the matching opportunity to get them down in writing.

Busyness and Creativity

Another item that I noted could really stunt creativity is busyness, for example having to deal with several concerns. In the past several weeks that there was a lot of pressure in my business environment, I was unable to write both at work and as a hobby.

My belief is that time that is truly free, with nothing to do or think about, is essential to creativity and writing. Ideas for good topics can only come when the mind is emptied.

That is, a cup must be emptied for it to allow water to be poured into. Which again, takes me back to Ray Grigg’s precept:

“Empty to fill, fill full of empty.”

Journey into Self-Discovery

Here are some of my hubs which I believe somehow contribute to a deeper understanding of my Self:

1. Heaven and the Omniscient Man: A Theory

2. The Meaning of Life: Seek Ye First the Kingdom

3. Creative Writing 101: Hubpages Topics and Insights from Dreams

4. One Moment at a Time: Martha and Mary to Jesus

5. Songs and Soul: A Spiritual Experience

One thing I know, as I journey through life into self-discovery, hubpages will be my chronicle, and the lessons and ideas will arrive as I’m ready to learn and write about them.


When the student is ready the teacher will arrive.


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