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Life's Best Investments

Updated on June 13, 2017

Invest in what?
Many have.
Money, car, luxuries.
Don't listen to that!

Invest in life.
These to give.
Others will hold.
No longer the strife.

Investment is wise.
Each has a part
None to be left out.
Love do not despise.

Children hold the key.
Made in His image.
Each His treasure,
Life you'll see.

Share your love.
Hold their hand.
Guide them through,
Never to shove.

Love's perfect plan
Sent from above,
Greatly leads us
Holding our hand.

No greater love than this
My Jesus did say,
I'm thy comfort
Please don't ever miss.

I love thee all.
To all I give
Words truly spoken.
Tender His call.

© 2017 Mrs Lifegate


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    • Mrs Lifegate profile image

      Mrs Lifegate 9 months ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      Thank you.

    • Georgia Estes profile image

      Georgia Estes 9 months ago from Arkansas

      Good thoughts, and I liked the acapella youtube.