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Life's Unexpected Lessons- 2: How Did We Lose Our Way?

Updated on April 8, 2012

Simpler Things

Simpler Things ...
Simpler Things ... | Source

How did we lose our way?

Do you remember what it was like to be little? Things seemed so simple … we lived for what made us happy and everything else was left to “the grown-ups.”

It did not take long for the world to begin intruding upon us as we were led to become all we could be, to find success, and to focus on achieving what often seemed to be unattainable goals. Our world rapidly filled up with the nicest and the best of material things, and trips to the farthest place we could get to from home became our way to relax.

Why do we work so hard for these things? Have we truly lost the value in the little things that can make all the difference? Like a place that we can make our home filled with memories and mementos of simpler, less harried days – things like the rose bush your husband planted for your first anniversary because you didn’t have the means for more.

Perhaps now that you have struggled to attain the means it is time to re-think how to use it, going back to what made us happy when we were but children. Maybe surrounding yourself with things that last and have a more personal, special meaning … These things may cost a fraction of other possibilities and may not be as extravagant but they could make you happier in the long run. Who can help but smile when you think about your favorite flower, tree, shrub? The velvety leaves, the color, the fragrance … Why not plant one to enjoy forever?

And don’t ever forget, some of the simplest joys to be had are free; they are gifts from God. Watching a sunset with someone you love or alone in introspective solitude; a walk through a beautiful forest or garden; stopping to gaze at a brilliant rainbow or to smell a fragrant flower ….

The choice is yours … what really means the most to you?


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