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Life's Unexpected Lessons- 4: Intuition or Something More?

Updated on April 8, 2012
Reaching out to you ...
Reaching out to you ... | Source

Intuition or Something More?

How many times have you heard a man say, “It was just a gut feeling …” or a woman say, “It was just my intuition …?” Often these are the phrases that precede a moving story depicting how the narrator avoided some close call or terrible situation. Often an inner voice (or even a seemingly audible one) tells them what to do at a critical moment. Maybe they are right … but then again, are they?

Perhaps this timely message is more an intervention from the angels that surround us. We have grown up being told about our Guardian Angel – the picture of an angel hovering over two small children as they cross a bridge is as familiar as pictures of Little Red Riding Hood or Mary and her little lamb. Isn’t it likely this angel would try to guide us as danger approached?

Take the story of a French-Canadian pastor from Tennessee who grew up in Quebec. When he was but ten or eleven years old, he received a bright red shovel for Christmas and anxiously awaited snow in which he could try it out. He awoke to find mountains of snow both from the new snowfall and the gracious deposit from the snow plow that had just passed through. Eagerly he raced outside and began digging a tunnel deep into the heart of the bank. Happy yet exhausted, he surveyed his work and curled up inside his haven hugging his new shovel and fell asleep. After a time, he sleepily heard a voice urgently speak saying “Wake up and get out!” Looking around he saw no one; heard nothing so he settled back into his slumber. Once again, more urgently he heard the same voice ordering him, “Wake up and get out NOW!” Shocked and more than a bit scared, he scurried from his little snow cave and saw a huge ice-grinding vehicle and its accompanying dump truck moving up his street and consuming the snow bank.

Or the tale of a woman from Michigan whose husband was in the military and had been shipped overseas to Germany. After months alone, he asked if she and their children would move to Germany to reunite them; she agreed. After a rough flight with children in tow, they arrived in Germany. The woman knew no German so after looking helplessly around she managed to hail a taxi and point to a sign with a train on it. Arriving at the station, she began to calm down as she saw the train waiting and boarding. She got the children and their belongings aboard and as she settled back, closed her eyes for a moment. She then heard a voice saying “This is the wrong train … you must get off right now!” Startled, the woman looked around and saw no one but frantically gathered her family and things to disembark and check it out. Sure enough, she had to wait for the next train to arrive to take her to her destination. Finally settled on the correct train, she again closed her eyes went to sleep. She awoke again to the same voice shouting, “Wake up! Wake up!” As she did, she realized that they were at her station. Had she not awakened when she did she would have missed her stop and been helplessly lost.

Are these simply events recounted by people with a highly-tuned sense of intuition or are they the actions of messengers sent from a higher God? Angels fill the Bible as their impact on the people and events within are retold. Stories of urgent voices, unexpected guidance, angelic visions or appearances in times of distress or need are rampant throughout our world as well. Perhaps it is time we open our minds and our hearts to the angels who are present around us and their purpose in our lives. When that little voice deep inside makes itself known or a louder one comes from somewhere outside, it may be more than we at first give it merit for; more than a random thought, an intuition, a gut feeling ... it may truly be our own Guardian Angel looking out for us!

As St Francis of Sales stated, “Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in spirit; for, without being seen, they are present with you.”


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