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Life's Unexpected Lessons- 7: I Don't Want To ...

Updated on April 21, 2012

Why Should I?

I Don't Want To ...
I Don't Want To ... | Source

I Don't Want To ...

We all have had a time in our life when someone expected (or demanded) something of us that we really did not want to do. It could be a spouse, a boss, a parent or sibling, or even one of your own children needing something from you; something you needed to do for them that you really did not want to have to partake in … yet ultimately, you end up doing it anyways for the betterment of the one in need and/or out of a sense of responsibility.

It is never easy to put aside whatever reservations you may have to allow oneself to bend to the needs of another … often this is followed by a groan and a whiny complaint (whether uttered audibly or simply internally) of “Do I have to???” Then a deep breath and an acceptance of what must be done for the task ahead, a physical shaking off any doubts, and a straightening of one’s shoulders prepares us to dive in and begin what lies ahead. This is the best case scenario.

There are also those who cannot come to acceptance and instead will run and hide from whatever has been thrust upon them by the needs or request of another. These individuals cower hidden in the shadows and hope the requesting party will move on to someone else to help them … and forget all about the first person asked who now cannot be found.

Worst case scenario is the one involving an individual who bluntly and often in an openly hostile manner simply say, “No – I’m not doing that!”, and may even add, “Are you crazy??” rather than try to even understand why the request is being made of them before storming away.

Now think about the night of the Last Supper after which Jesus goes to the garden of Gethsemane where his disciples are asked to sit at the entrance and watch for the guards coming for Him. Jesus enters the garden going deeper within and “fell to the ground praying that the hour might pass from Him.” Mark 14:35. It is at this point we see Jesus struggling as a human man faced with such a difficult demand or request from His Father. He said, “Abba, Father, all things are possible for You. Take this cup away from Me; nevertheless, not what I will, but what You will.” Mark 14:36.

It is here that Jesus for the first time asks God the Father to change the impending course He knows He must follow … His humanness filling His soul. Yet even as He finishes His plea, He shakes off His doubts and His fears and acknowledges that His Father’s will, His Father’s needs, are most important and He does not run, He does not angrily refuse … He accepts what He must do and prepares Himself for what He knows is coming … and for what must be done.

This is how we all ended up with the ultimate sacrifice being made for us which saved us from our sins; through an undying love and acceptance – willingness – to do what was best for us as shown through the guidance and request of His Father … along with an inherent trust in the wisdom of the same. Shouldn’t we all face our times of difficult decisions and sacrifice with the same kind of love and acceptance?

Which type of individual are you? Do you stand up and do what must be done; run and hide; or rebel and refuse vehemently? What if Jesus had been one of the types He was not?


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      6 years ago

      We so often forget that Jesus was human and shared feelings that we all have. Yet He made the ultimate sacrifice. We all can learn alot from that


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