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Life's dualities!

Updated on September 4, 2013

Why dualities exists?

All of us seek only happiness and joy from life. But what we get is the opposite. Sorrows and troubles interspersed with some little joys. Sathya Saibaba has aptly termed this dilemma as “Pleasure is the interval between two pains. It is inevitable for anyone to accept the fact that life is intermingled with pain and grief in ample quantity.

Now let us examine why each life is riddled with difficulties? Without pain and sorrow, we can never appreciate the joy. There is a proverb in Tamil language. Only who toil in the Sun knows the necessity of a shadow! What if life is only full of joy and happiness? Everyone will become mad! None can enjoy unadulterated joys forever. The world is dual. Creation was possible only due to dualities that exist.

We have pairs of opposites in every walks of our life. First of all, peace and turmoil, joy and sorrow, heat and cold, birth and death, growth and decay, light and darkness, white and black, wealth and poverty and health and diseases! There are more such dualities that exist in every aspect of life.

Even prior to creation, there was only one power. Creation ensued when that power decided to part itself from itself. Why? It was all alone. There was no second entity at all. In order to Love, in order to share the Love, the Supreme power admitted a little dross in the form of ‘super ego’ and started thinking; “I am alone; Let me become many”. As already pointed out in many of my hubs, this is the seed thought, which heralded the grand creation from ameba to galaxies. Many scientists aver that bacteria are the first form of creation! How they came about is still a mystery.

Hydrogen and Helium are the major components of the Sun. As per the evidences contained in the scriptures, first gross things like the earth came about. Afterwards, water, fire, air and sky were formed. At which point of time, the first set of bacteria came about is still under research. Many researchers feel that the first set of bacteria came about 3.7 billion years ago due to carbon reactions in the oceans.

Now reverting back to our original topic, I would like to give certain examples. Imagine that there is only one color ‘white’. Who will appreciate it? In fact, the color black gives beauty to the whiteness. Likewise, the evil minded demons highlight the calmness and purity of sages and saints. Had there been no demons, none will venerate the sages and saints. The immoral ways of lives of many living beings heralded the birth of many prophets like Prophet Mohammad, Buddha, Mahavir, Guru Nanak and other likeminded people. Jesus came because of immorality in society and the Church. He argued with the Priests, ‘how the temple of God is a place for petty traders? Temples are meant for prayers and meditation. It should not be occupied by petty hawkers. He drove those hawkers away from the precincts of the Church and through their ware out.

People were living an aimless life considering wealth and enjoyment as their sole goal. The wealthy people thrived in connivance with the Priests who were the most powerful one after the King. Jesus taught fundamental principles of life to all the people. He preached love, tolerance, brotherhood and charity. He cured many who believed in him, in his powers. Thus the lame walked away, the dumb, started speaking and the blind got back their vision. He revived Lazarus from death bed. He had done all these not to gain fame and fortune but to warn the people about sins and merit. He guided them towards moral ways of life. Those who suffer for the sake of Christ will enjoy Bliss in heaven. All his disciples suffered innumerable miseries since they preached the Gospel. But they gladly underwent the torture and death as Jesus Himself underwent crucifixion due to the machinations of the cruel priests. He could have easily averted all this. But he bore everything calmly since He will ascend on the third day as predicted in the ancient scriptures.

Thus the glory of the Son (Jesus) was revealed by the Father in Heaven. Because of the Truth and Wisdom of Christ, He is worshipped by more than 50% of the world population. The cruelties inflicted on Jesus highlighted His Divine qualities and connection. There were many Roman Emperors who reigned during that period. But their names find place only in history books but the Name of Jesus is chanted by millions even today because of the supreme sacrifice he had undergone for the sake of people.

If you accept a coin, you will have to accept both sides of the coin, head and tail. You cannot have a one-sided coin. Hence everyone has to accept that pain and grief are part of life and they cannot have unadulterated joy forever! How you will enjoy light without darkness? The hot summer is followed by cool rainy days. Our life has become tolerable only due to the change of seasons. Night follows day. After a day of hard work, we need refreshing sleep! The pain of hunger is satiated with eating food. We drink water when we are thirsty. Otherwise, we won’t eat and drink if there is no hunger or thirst. Likewise all needs are generated due to the dualities that exist in creation. There is a white canvass. If you draw a picture with white color over the white canvass, nothing will be visible. Hence the contrasts lend beauty to the paintings! Likewise the world looks beautiful only due to the contrasts that exist like hill and valley, land and ocean, the desert and forests.

The moral of the hub is “Welcome pain and sorrow! That makes our life more enjoyable!

Life's message!


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