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Life's speed breakers!

Updated on June 2, 2013

Speed breakers are essential for safe traffic!

When a road is smooth and without any obstructions, accidents are frequent. Hence, speed breakers are often introduced to reduce accidents and to improve careful driving. Many drivers feel that the speed breakers are unnecessary obstruction. Also we find automatic traffic signals in busy thoroughfares to regulate the traffic. They are meant for our safety. Likewise in life, we more often face failures and obstructions. They are not meant to discourage us but to make us aware about the illusory nature of worldly gains and success. Unless one faces a failure, he will become ego filled. Hence to prick the balloon of pride, providence has introduced these speed breakers to make us aware of the goal of human life.

Every human being is trapped by the five senses and he easily becomes a victim to these sensory pleasures. Let us enquire ourselves sincerely whether we gain peace and happiness after indulging in the pleasures of the senses. Smokers, drunkards and womanizers become more weak and unsteady after enjoyment. People used to visit cinema halls in the earlier days to pass time. After completion of the show, have they become wiser or peaceful? No. The cinemas represent the present trend of society and hence it is full of crime, violence and the evils of society. After watching a cinema, we become more depressed than when we entered the cinema hall. Nowadays, television, and internet contains all negativities of life which tend to poison the young mind. There is no restriction of accessibility. Hence youngsters and children become easy victims to such technology. Hence these inventions instead of improving the welfare of humanity, poison society, and corrupt the youngsters. Nowadays morality has vanished from society due to the evil influence of technology. People have become slaves to the gadgets which cater to bad tastes.

What is the redemption for such society? We will have to turn to the ancient ways of living. Morality was taught to the children in homes and the preceptors. People of those days were full of fear of evil, they loved God, respected the elders and parents. Every one contributed to the welfare of the society. They revered the Sun, trees and cow. They were the life giving sources for human society. Imagine for a while, whether we can survive without sunlight, trees or cows. Trees are vital for humanity. Rainfall is induced by the abundance of forests. Rain give energy to earth and without water no body can survive in the world. See the present condition of the world. Man has become a big culprit in harming the ecology of earth. We are supposed to be the most intelligent species on earth. But man has degraded himself even below the animal species. Yes, animal behavior never changes even after millions of years of their existence. They have no faculty to examine their actions. They act purely based on their instincts and hence they do not incur any sin. But man indulges freely on vulgar activities and he never listens to the conscious prick, which warns him every now and then whenever he plans some evil activities. The fault lies in man. He relies on his ego filled mind and act upon it. He never listens to the intellect and he has become a menace to society.

To correct such behavior, many wise men takes birth on earth and guide the individual and society towards moral living and adhering to Truth and righteousness. Love and Peace are given highest place in human virtues. Non-violence is the best way to cultivate love. When we develop selfless love, we won’t hurt others even by our thoughts! Yes, violent need not be physical. Even an evil thought against any is violence. Let us avoid this vice and become True human and we will be lead to God’s Paradise!

Saibaba blesses!


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