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Listen! Oh Children of Immortality!

Updated on December 11, 2015

We all are really embodiment of Divine!

Fear will never arise when there is only one! For instance, there is one alone and there is a reflection in the mirror. The reflection is taken to be another by an ignorant man. Then automatically fear and anxiety arises in his mind. He never thinks that it is mere reflection and not actual. There is a fine story to illustrate this point. In a forest, there was a lion which used to terrorize the smaller animals by its roar. It so happened that a hare crossed the path where the lion was resting. The lion instantly got angry and told the hare, “I am going to eat you now”. The hare was intelligent and she told a story to the lion. On the way here, I happened to see a big lion like you. Out of fear, I ran for my life. The lion asked the hare, “where is the lion? Don’t tell lies and show me. I never came across another lion in this vast jungle. The hare replied, “Oh King! Pardon me and come along with me, I will show the big lion. The hare took the lion to a well nearby which has no parapet wall. Oh King! Look at the water inside, there is a terrible and big lion like you there! The lion, out of curiosity looked inside the well and saw its reflection. It got angry and immediately jumped into the well and thus the hare was saved.

We also suffer fear due to the perception of second. The monist declares that there is no second. There is only one. The perception of second is the act of Maya! But steeped in ignorance and worldly illusions, we won’t buy this argument. For us, we are all separate from the rest and the world is separate from all. Then automatically, fear and anxiety arise at once. Now let us visualize the world scenario. There are many nations, many languages, many people; each one is different from other in form, color and manners. Hence there were wars over territories, wars over race and culture, wars over religious sentiments and wars over poor and rich.

So long as there are feelings of differences, one cannot escape fear! Then there are complexes in society. The inferior fears superiors, the poor fear wealthy, the meek fear powerful, the illiterate fear the learned, so on and so forth. Hence to remove the fear complex, conviction based on faith in the scriptures is a must. One must believe that he is part of the supreme, never separated and one with the whole. Mere assumption won’t do. Practice spirituality day in and day out. Believe that you are one with god and inseparable from Him. Then all the qualities of God is verily yours.

There is one more story written in the ancient scriptures. There was a lioness in advanced stage of conception. There was sudden flood and the lioness was dragged along the flood water. In the struggle, it gave birth to a cub which was saved mysteriously. The cub came into a herd of sheep and started adopting the ways of the sheep. It ate grass and cried like the sheep. It started believing it is one among the herd. One day a lion started chasing the herd to kill a sheep. It has found that there is a lion cub among the sheep, crying like the sheep. It caught hold of the cub by the neck and brought it to the river bank. Look at your reflection, you are a lion cub. You are not a sheep. Do not cry like a sheep! Our position is same! The scriptures exhort us to listen, “You are the sons of Immortality”. Many sages who realized the innate identity of god and man has asserted that ‘everyone is an embodiment of God. You are not this perishable body and evanescent mind!

This requires assertion by us every day and every moment! Assert with faith that you are one with god. Then with repeated assertions, our fears, anxieties, grief and pain will be washed away from our conscious.

Great messages!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 24 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Dear friend! It is He who makes me to type the dictation in my mind! It would be more correct if I consider myself as a small instrument in His Divine Hand! Thank you once again!

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Lofty messages you deliver, and you are getting better at it too. Persevere. Continue ...