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Listening to Quietness/ Be Quiet, Listen

Updated on January 30, 2014

Examining your conscience/thoughts

Have you ever taken the time to just be quiet, find a place to sit still and think about your thoughts and deeds for the day? Most times we talk and act before we think, not remembering that there is a time and place for everything, literally. Even in the midst of your moment you have to be able to function in patience and wisdom when it comes to speaking your mind, many times you cannot erase or neutralize the effect that words have on people once it leaves your mind and exits through your mouth. You have to take time and focus on why you say the things that you say and why you feel the way that you feel. That cannot be done in a perpetual atmosphere of noise.

Sometimes things are lawful but not expedient meaning, its right and truthful to say but not expedient, useful for effecting a positive result. If what you're saying at the moment is not going to produce a righteous means to an end whether its a confrontational situation or in conversation to diffuse or cause deeper thinking for the better, keep it to yourself. Am I saying hold off because you don't want to offend, no. What I am saying is give truth in a situation where it is going to be most effective. Its not always effective in a group of people when you're angry and you blurt it out like hot lava from a volcano, the only thing that will result from that is destruction. Maybe pulling a person to the side and giving them truth about a certain thing will have the most effect because it then becomes private, one on one and is heartfelt. The recipient will know that you have their best interest at heart and that you're not trying to ridicule them.

There will be times in our lives where we absolutely have to speak things that people will not want to hear and even say it on the spot if necessary. People will be offended not because you set out to offend them but because the truth no matter where or how you say it fits them and in their wrongdoing they become angry because you touch where they are.

Another reason that listening to quietness is mandatory is it allows you to examine yourself and make sure that your life lines up with what God says it should be. Also it gives you the opportunity to rehearse your victories and remember what he has done for you! You may be at a point where you feel that you have amounted to nothing and it is to late to even try and dream or fulfill your dreams. When this occurs don't faint away in despair and brokenness. Go to a quiet place and listen to God tell you what he thinks about you! You are more than a conquerer, you were created to give him glory, you were beautifully and wonderfully made and he knows you by name, even every little head on your hair he has counted!

Sometimes you will even realize that you have accomplished a lot of the things that you want to accomplish but on a smaller scale! An example I will give, I am a writer. At this point in my life I am now ready to write on a major level and reach the masses with God's help. I am also a poet and although my work has not been shared on a greater or national level, I have won awards through my church association and one of my poems has been published in a book that is national and well known in the poetic, spoken- word population. I love to sing and there are many occasions where I am able to do just that. Sometimes as we strive to obtain greatness we don't see how God is already greatly using us so we feel like we are not quite there when in fact we are well on our way. Quietly reflecting will enable you to see how good of a friend you are, how to appreciate those you love and even make you aware of ways to help and encourage others. With God you always have a starring role and at every turn of your life its not always in the forefront, sometimes its behind the scenes where people don't even see you but God does and in him things always work for your good! We have to learn to let God give us the increase, he will make room for our talents and our gifts.

What am I saying in this hub? I'm saying Quietness is related to greatness on any scale, so much so, that I have to give her a personality and capitalize her name in the middle of a sentence! She is so powerful that she can whip confusion and violence into submission. She is a good place to rest in when your life gets so noisy and you need a break. This character, Quietness allows you to make wise decisions and becomes help, not a stumbling block in the lives of others because she accesses a situation and draws upon her partners wisdom and knowledge to help her think before she speaks and acts. She will make you realize that things you have struggled with for years, God can turn them around in a second for the better and change your life forever. She allows you to live in grace and mercy because she knows who her creator is. She is not weak but meek, quiet power, strength! She is louder than a trumpet and more soothing and peaceful than a flowing stream!


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    • profile image

      ladyt11 4 years ago

      Teaches12345, thank you for taking the time to read my hub on quietness. I'm glad that this is inspiring to you!

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      Interesting reflection on quietness and it is something I am learning to develop. Listening and meditation is a wonderful way to increase your perception of self, others and God. Thanks for the inspiration today.

    • ladyt11 profile image

      ladyt11 4 years ago

      Thank you MsDora for reading. This hub was born out of me just sitting at home, no tv, radio or company and just reflecting on my life and how God has blessed me. In those quiet times he always shows me how to make myself better and be more affective to others. I'm very glad it had an impact on you as do your hubs on me! Thank you again.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Your title is very interesting and you clearly laid it out in "Quietly reflecting will enable you to see how good of a friend you are, how to appreciate those you love and even make you aware of ways to help and encourage others." That's so much good in one thought. Thanks for sharing.