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Live Life, But Love It First

Updated on August 10, 2016

No one has lived forever, no one will, yeah regardless of what we believe from the Harry Potter movies or the Twilight movies. We have many a thoughts and literature on this. In trying to define life, we often forget how to live one and that’s not even our fault entirely, human beings are a curious bunch, so we need our thirsts quenched one way or another, whether we do it in a scientific manner or some other insightful and philosophical manner. But still we have made peace with it to some extent.

Everyone has their own way of spending life. We prefer to live in our ways which makes us happy or satisfied. As much as we don’t like to be told what to do, it’s the exact same thing that we do almost every day of our lives to others. I mean, we judge people who walk differently from us, how this does even makes sense, but we see most of us doing the same thing. And the worst part isn’t even ‘different’ in that, but it’s actually ‘Us’. We don’t know most of the time what to do with our lives but we know what someone else should be doing with theirs. We have a problem here. We have a problem right under our nose but we choose to ignore it because in our mind, we are epitome of perfection. Even though we do wrong things, morally or ethically however you want to put it, but we make justification for ourselves, and as soon as we have made excuse for ourselves for doing something wrong, we wouldn’t even think twice about it. We can nip tick on every small things of others, but normally, even our big mistakes would be swept under the rug. Why is it? Why are we so quick to point fingers and judge instead of being compassionate and improving our own selves? I like to think it’s because we are not satisfied with our lives, we look something from the outside to spice it up whether in doing it we are hurting someone’s feelings or not. We can be happy maybe, but we can never be satisfied. We like to compare. And when there is comparison, there is always going to be something or someone better, and when we can’t reach that point, we start pointing out to others like it would prevent anyone else from judging us when we are doing the same thing.

We admire some people in our lives, and wish we could be like them, whether it is status wise or education wise or whatever it is. We admire them and want to become just like them. And now suppose we have reached that point, we are at the same point where the one we admire, are. Are we done then, are we satisfied with it? No, we aren’t. We start looking for something else so that we have something else to do because you can’t actually stop achieving because our wishes are infinite. We get one thing, now we want another thing and in this race, we often forget our own selves, focusing on what we can achieve more instead of being satisfied with what we have. No one is saying that we shouldn’t work hard to achieve our goals; we should, just like we should wait for a minute, see our surroundings and see what we have got right now. As much as we want to strive for the best, we forget to sit for a moment and admire what we have better than before. Life is how you make it; you want to make it a race? You would never stop running. Life is as much about self-discovery as it is about striving for the best. The difference should be that we try to be better as a person with every passing day, when we are looking back at ourselves, we can say that I am a much better person than I was before, materialistic status isn’t everything. When we die, what we take with us is our good deeds. Someone to remember us in good words not for the material things, but for the person we were, not someone who people would say good riddance regardless of what you left behind for them. It’s good to be ambitious and striving for the best, but we also need to be complacent so that the balance maintains and we can actually admire the beauty of everything we have. We should try and love our lives as they are, instead trying to focus on the things that are lacking. Life would be so much better if we appreciate what we have instead of thinking about what we don’t.


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