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Live harmoniously with others by removing the ego.

Updated on February 26, 2016

Teachings of great!

Develop selfless love towards all.

How we react to the world? I mean the people. We meet so many people every day and react with them differently according to the relations we establish with them. There may be relatives, friends and acquaintances. We have our own preferences and prejudice. We like some while we distance from some. The likes and dislikes decide how we move with people and interact with them. It would be better if we are able to understand the psychology of human behavior. Relationships are two way traffic. If it is one way, it is bound to fail and become a frustration on the long run. Hence many of the marriages become failure soon, when there erupts autocracy in dealing with a partner. Give and take is the best way to maintain human relationships. First we must understand that everyone has a feeling and is ruled by emotions. Hurting others is not a wise way to deal. Avoid unnecessary criticism, which is the greatest obstruction to maintain a smooth relationship or friendship. I always consider that Dale Carnegie has evolved beautiful and reliable ways to win friends and influential people.

Understand that everyone has self-esteem and we should never degrade any being by treating them in a rough manner. It is normal for wealthy people to treat their servants like dogs. If we respect the people without considering their work, it will make him more productive and friendlier. As far as possible, avoid frictions in dealing with other people. In the world today, most of the people are wearing masks to hide their real face. Hence everything is like an exhibition or circus. It can give you only temporary elation and it won’t last. Secondly people must develop tolerance to listen to the view of others. Be a listener than a speaker. Conversations are sustained when one become a listener and show interest to listen to other people’s views. Arguments arise due to clash of egos. Subdue the ego so that many people will love to interact with us. The ego in a husband or wife mars the marriage. Shouting is very bad like arguments. Especially one should never behave in such manner before their children. Children very easily imbibe the characters of their parents.

First of all, never take anything as a serious matter. There is nothing in the world is serious except the word itself. Remain calm and preserve your peace always. Never allow anybody to steal your peace. Know that everything happens as per the will of god. We are all just instruments in the hands of time. We behave as circumstances force us. Later we repent for our own rash behavior. When anger wells up within you, move away from the place and take a long walk. Otherwise leave for your room and lie on the bed. Drink a cup of cool water. The words uttered during anger cause irreparable damage in relationships. There are many broken families due to anger or hatred.

Egoless and selfless people always succeed in the world. Great saints, sages and prophets never retain their ego. Their work is based on pure love for the sake of humanity. Hence ordinary people are easily attracted towards them as bees to honey. Once Sathya Saibaba has told a gathering of many lakhs of people, “I have not sent any invitation to you all, yet you thronged to this place braving many difficulties on the way. What is the reason? It is the pure selfless love between the devotee and me. It is natural for the honeybees to gather where honey is available”. One may say that Saibaba is an incarnation and I am an ordinary human being. How can I develop such grand love? If one is intent to develop selfless love, the ways will be revealed by god who is seated in the heart. Rely on the inner strength of the self. Pray sincerely for guidance. When we have lofty goals and pursue it, we are sure to attain the goals in the long run. We must persist on our path.

I heard a couplet which says; FOLLOW THE MASTER, FACE THE DEVIL, and FIGHT UPTO THE END AND FINISH THE GAME! The Master is our inner self and we are advised to follow the inner conscious. Face the devil denotes, face the evil squarely on its face. Do not relent and continue to fight until the end. Finishing the game is attaining our aim of reaching god ultimately. If one develops noble virtues, he can easily progress towards God’s love and grace!

Love, serve and give!


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