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Living A Life Without Compromise

Updated on June 21, 2012

Christians and Compromise

Growing up I have thought about my faith many, many times. How should Christians go about life in the twenty first centery? Is having "fun" just for the sake of having "fun" ok? The more I think about these questions the more I see how shallow I've been as a Christian. In every aspect of society there is something as Christians we need to do; show love. Love is how we can trasnform the hurting and let them see life is not about "fun".


As the name suggests, entertainment is for when you want to feel good. The pop culture industry is selling entertainment as a drug to all who believe it will fulfill them. As Christians are we failing to see that we want this drug as well. If you go to a movie to get entertained are you compromising your faith? I would have to say yes, you are. Am I saying don't go see movies? No. Movies can share a message that is important and relevant, but it is your mindset for why you want to watch the movie in the first place. If your motive is to have "fun" then you have compromised your faith. "Fun" is not bad in itself; its when you live for "fun".


Have you every wondered if you shouldn't have worked at that fast food place? The food you are giving people is malnutrience, and by working for the company you are saying you support malnutrience. Even if you did at some point work at a questionable company, God can still work through you while you are there. BUT, this does not excuse you from pursuing a job at a second fast food place. For a long time I thought, "I can use my job to share love with people". The problem with that way of thinking is that I wanted the job for money, not to share love.My primary reason for working at that job was to get cash. In every area of your life you have a n opportunity to share love, however, don't fool yourself into thinking just any job you take is the best way of sharing love.

Where Legalism meets Compromise

Legalism and compromise are misconstrued may times in our day of age. Is it compromising to eat a burger at Mcdonalds? What you should ask yourself first is, "Am I eating this burger to make me feel happy, or am I eating this burger because it's an opportunity to love someone?" Christian get their true happiness from being selfless and loving others. Not being selfish and wanting to have "fun" because it makes them feel good. Should I watch a rated R movie? Well if you want to be entertained by a rated R movie then no, don't go see it. If there is a rated R film that is in some way informative and benificial, then it is fine to go see it. Some Christians (including me) will go see a rated R film because you dont want to look judgmental towards R rated movie goers. This is not good. You are being peer pressured into looking at something that you might not ever be able to get out of your head again! Not going to curtian R rated films is not legalism, it is wise. Going to all R rated films is not showing love to someone, it is prolonging their misery. Remember, your goal as a Christian is not to see results, but to love and share the truth.


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