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Living A Meaningful Life

Updated on April 13, 2011

Understanding Life

What is life? What it means to you? How do you live it? Do you understand the purpose of your very existence in the wonderful world?

We live in a very diverse planet, with different life forms, however, we spend most of our times thinking only on ourselves. For those who believe in God will probably agree with me that the humankind is the greatest creation the God ever made and, yet, this same creation is the most complicated one.

We all have the tendency to be self-centered and self-righteous that,  for us nothing else matters, nothing else is more important than ourselves. Such approach in life, make us miss the beauties of this world that frequently surround us in this great and vast planet earth that we all call home.

What is really the purpose of life? Does anyone ever ask him or herself this question? Well, I constantly ask myself and, even though, I have been able to find answer for it, I still life as a complex and complicated enigma, something heard to understand.

Here I will attempt to share my thoughts concerning the purpose of life in the way I see to be the right way to be, however, if you think differently, please, live your thoughts below.

The Purpose of Life:

 According to my own view, I believe that the purpose of life is to be happy. But how do you find happiness? It will depend on what is meaningful to you. Happiness will never be the same to everyone, people live their lives differently from each other. Things that are important for some will not be as important to others, therefore, happiness can be interpreted differently by everyone.

The good thing is that there's no right or wrong in how you can achieve happiness, it will depend on what is important to you and what will make you happy.

My Priorities To Find Happiness:

1 - Living a healthy life: I believe that I will extremely happy if I take care of my overall health and I do that by developing a good eating habbit, by exercising regurlarly and keeping my body away from harmful substances.

2 - Friendship: The humankid was not created to be an individualistisc society, we all depends from one another, therefore, I believe that friendship is a vital component to find happiness in this world.

3 - Family: Another tipical characteristic that we all depend on, the family unity is what makes this world a more estable and safe place to live in. With family, I would feel lonely and therefore, I would constantly be unhappy.

4 - Education: Education is very essence of our life's outcome in this world, without education, one cannot prosper and, therefore, he or she can easily compromise his or hers search for happiness.

5 - Career: With a good education base, one can accomplish his or her career goal, therefore, he or she will closer to find happiness in this sense of the word.

6 - Religion: It is of my belief that one must find a way be in piece with him or herself and with the rest of the world and, in my case, I believe that being a religious person helps me to see the world on a more positive way. I feel in piece when I pray to God for guidance for everything that I do. I do respect the fact that not everyone believes in God and that's their right to be like that.

7 - Love: All the above topics would be useless without love, one in order to be happy must love him or herself first and, then, he or she will be able to love the others.

There are a lot more to write about to this topic but, I will stop here. I hope that you can find your own happiness through the things you do on a daily basis. Live your life without regrets, try new things, remember to live your life in the present tense, that is the only way to be happy. Once your life turns past, you won't have control over it. Try to continually improve your decision skills, be accountable for your actions, don't blame others for your own mistakes and for sure you will find happiness.

Live a productive life, live as you are living a legacy that will inspire the future generations.

Have a fabulous day and enjoy your life every minute that you live it.


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    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 4 years ago from london

      You are sincere and will inspire others, so I commend your article.

      As you suggest, there are different ways and as such God for me will be numero uno, not six. It is synonymous with Love. Without a Source, then nothing functions or indeed exists. Where then is family, friendship education or career? All things impermanent will most certainly die or pass away one day. God is eternal.