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Living In The Bubble

Updated on December 3, 2015

God wants us to be in control of our thoughts, what we are thinking about, and when we are thinking about, he intends for us to live in a very restrictive time bubble, in our thoughts. We are creatures of thought, we are what we think, and being creatures of thought, what we think will make or break us. Our thoughts should be restricted to the present moment, whats going on right now, not tomorrow, not yesterday (stop time traveling in your mind). God wants us to live one day at a time, not in the past, the past is gone, cannot be repeated, and God has already forgiven us for it. Our back of bubble (past) thoughts should only be referenced for Divine Viewpoint replacement, in Spiritual Growth, or expierences for teaching applications in our ministeries, not to use for explainations of our life's expierences. Our Christian Journey from Salvation to Spiritual Maturity is God building his charactor in us, God wants us to think like he does, he wants us to be imitaters of Jesus Christ. Our daily intake of Bible Doctrine (Divine Viewpoint), is Gods thought pattern intended to replace our back of bubble thought pattern (world viewpoint). Application of Divine Viewpoint to our lives expierences causes Spiritual Growth (Gods thinking explaining Gods actions in creation). World system viewpoint (back of bubble) was all lies, false information, satan's alternitive thought pattern keeps us from Spiritual Growth. Our Spiritual Death experience, programed in our souls from birth, is the wrong information to draw on to explain life's experiences. The world system won't let you forget, will constantly knock you back of bubble, will want you to stay there, live there, if the world can keep you drawing on back of bubble information, than God won't be able to replace any of it with Divine Viewpoint, shutting you down. Sins of guilt and regret will keep you out of Fellowship, and with world viewpoint philosophy distorting reality, you are just like an unbeliever. Reliving past expierences in your thoughts (day dreaming) keeps you distracted from life (like walking dead), chain sinning, unable to fall asleep, insomnia, (no Christian peace sleep), and nightmares. Thinking about something that doesnt matter is a waste of time, a waste of life, causing self induced misery. Just as destructive is forward thought time travel (Front of Bubble). It's like traveling in a car with God, and constantly trying to grab the steering wheel, we are not designed to lead ourselves. Arrogance is control, the world system wants us to control our destiny, always conditioning us to make plans, one year plan, five year plan, ten year plan. Think about your wasted thoughts of future events that my never happen, distracting you from discerning life's circumstances. God can't lead you if you want to drive, God has a plan for your life, where you will do him the most good. We need to stay focused, living in the moment, listening to God (daily Bible study), staying in fellowship, being sensitive to God's leading, by observing creation unfolding before us, we cannot control creation. God controls circumstances, all actions and interactions, he provides us with information to lead us through life, we should always logically reason things out based on Bible Doctrine, then make our life's decisions. Bad decisions from a position of weakness (world viewpoint, out of fellowship) equals a bad place in life, good decisions from a position of strength (Divine Viewpoint, In Fellowship) equals a good place in life (where God wants you). Besides short term plans or schedules, our future path has already been laid out for us, and only God can lead us down it. Satan's first two phases to stop Christianity, is to prevent Salvation through religion, second is to shut down believers by keeping us out of the Bubble, back of Bubble-no Spiritual Growth, front of Bubble- no leading by God. Living in the Bubble is peace of mind. Stay in the Bubble!


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    • nivran profile image

      Robert Randeau 2 years ago from Uncasville, Connecticut

      Hi Kiss, thank you for your comment. Yes, we are like empty computers when we are born, and as we journey through our lives, we are programing our souls with thoughts from creation, we make decisions from these thoughts to resolve our lives circumstances. We are a product of our decisions. In predestination, our freewill decision making process determined where we end up in time. God created us in his image with freewill, and never coerces the process or outcome. The two sources of freewill thought programing, come from the Positive Freewill Agent, Jesus Christ, and the negative freewill agent, satan. We humans, must go through a Fair Freewill Transition, just like the Angelic Race did, we determine our eternal state, and what God does is make sure it is done fairly.

    • Kiss andTales profile image

      Kiss andTales 2 years ago

      True the mind is an good example of a computer , what you download and scan with your eyes can be either good or bad for humans, satan knows this very thing , the reason he used the opportunity to lure Eve with her eyes, the point also is the greatest influence is media , television already package , you just look or you can cut it off.

      How many will cut it off before you scan an image with your eyes.

      Like a computer too much unclean things like a virus can destroy a healthy body including the mind. People say it's bad to be brain washed, is it bad to clean your body ?

      No ! People need to take control of what goes in, including our children in healthy growth.

      The world is overwhelmed with satans propaganda .

      New World Translation

      Re 12:9 So down the great dragon was hurled, the original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth; he was hurled down to the earth, and his angels were hurled down with him.

      This has effected every human living and dead. Soon will end.