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Living Life in The Spirit, NOT The Body

Updated on August 1, 2011

Written 4/1/11

 We often hear of "living in the spirit", it may mean different things to different people. What it means to me is not living in this body that I'm stuck in, nor by the limitations of this world. I have 2 people I know really well that have become the model of this. The first is a very sweet lady named Kay, she was a good friend and co-worker of my moms up in New York many years ago. She has been Praying for me since I was 11 or 12 years old (long before I gave my life to God in Christ) now in her 80's, shes still a Prayer Warrior. Actually even moreso now because thats about all she can physically do, between failing eyesight and painful arthritis, she is limited in her service to the Lord that she loves so dearly.

 The other person who I see "living" the spirit life is a man who at only 31 years old has been diagnosed with Leukemia, a disease that he will have for life (barring a miracle). There is currently no one known of that has been healed from this rare form of leaukemia. That fact however has failed to break the spirit or faith of this young man, his family or his church family. Actually leukemia may just have made their faith stronger! Why? Well, many miracles have happened, the first being that they caught it when they did, another 48-72 hours and it likely would have been to late.

Additionally he stands to live a long life thanx to the medication he's on, although VERY expensive ($9,000. per month) (and not covered by insurance), he was quickly accepted into a clinical trial study by the top cancer center in the world, overseen by the foremost Dr in this type of cancer - not just leukemia, but a very rare form of it. The medication keeps his white blood cells in check, helping to fight the cancer by "keeping it at bay" in a sense. However like many medications it has "side affects", the good news is that the affects are better than the alternative, the bad news.. a lot of gout like pain, aches, discomfort, drained energy and skin blemishes.

I've believed for some time that if we live our spiritual life based on our bodies abilities we may be in trouble. In my own life with 3 heart attacks under my belt (well, a bit higher, but you know what I mean). I found with the down time associated with number 3 that my walk with God in Christ needed to be in Spirit, not so much body, as the body may not always co-operate. Part of the reason I got on the writing kick that I'm on were my physical limitations. Even now, with a great report on my heart, I wait patiently for the rest of my body (impacted by the attack & downtime) to catch up.

The young Pastor however may well face limited physical energy for quite some time. I've not mentioned yet, but he is married and they have 4 children, the adoption of number 4 finishing shortly after his diagnosis. I have witnessed this man living his faith, living IN and BY faith. Moreso though, for all he once was physically, sports minded, athletic and mobile his body now limited, yet his "walk" is stronger. Why & how? I believe because he's even more relaint on the Spirit living within him. His messages carry far more passion, far more fruit, far more energy, more, more, more of everything. Why? Because he is truly living the spirit of his walk with God in Christ, it's not up to what his physical body can or can't do, it's what the Spirit leads. It changes things, live for the Spirit within you, your body may not always be there for you.

God Bless Please keep this young man, a Youth Pastor in your Prayers as well as Kay the Prayer Warrior mentioned in the opening. To me, these are examples of living valiantly in the Spirit and the Spirit living in them.



In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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