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Living With God and Your Intentions

Updated on April 28, 2012

Living With God and Your Intentions

Living With God and Your Intentions
Living With God and Your Intentions | Source

Living With God and Your Intentions

Living with God and your intentions on surviving in a faith of his control , is really worth doing and thinking about working. I know, strange title and a bit biblical for me to write about God. I live my every hour for God and I don't have to tell people this , yet why not? God has given me riches beyond my imagination, and miracles that I cannot even try to explain to you. Do you know the God in the bible like I do?

My son, when he was just about eleven years old pointed out a verse in the bible about anger , when I was mad about something. I thought about this for a moment and went this young boy does not know the bible and he is showing me how to living the God way really works. What a miracle my son is, and with a disability to go along with his miracles.

My intentions were to explain how my life has realy changed since I started to let go and let God live my life for me. Yes, you have heard this before and possibly at church , where I don't go. I am a spiritual man with no real plan in this life but to maybe have a wife someday, I am so picky so I leave this up to God. Yet, faith without works is dead, you have to put effort into every little thing that you pray for. I believe that living through God and trying to do right is what life is about. Times change, as they have for many years and in the end the most read book will still be the bible and still be on the best sellers list like it has been for so many years.

Having faith that God will take you by the hand and show you how to fix your car or fix a relationship is quite unusual, yet I do this everyday and yes he hands me the tools. The tools could be what he has given me in my brain to make things fit together , or say the right thing to another human being . God is living in each and every one of us and yet we are too proud to admit this at times. I did not believe for so long that this spirit from the universe really existed , yet when you read the passages and apply them to your daily life it is a miracle what can actually happen to you. Now , this does not mean your wishes will be granted to you all the time or even part of the time. There is just a feeling after you have been living with God running your life that no one can explain , you just go with it and let God worry for you. It is not shameful to have God take over your problems, it is not bad to wish you good fortune with money and maybe this too will happen.

I am just here to say that , yes God is living in our hearts , even the ones that do not believe . He just wants us to acknowledge him and show some respect, thats il. This is what prayer is, showing respect for the maker of you. Very simple when a eleven year old boy can find a passage to calm his father down and not really have any recollection of anything about this book, the bible. Life has many living and dead miracles, I hope this makes a smile come across your face and blesses you to start reading a passage and to making you feel better about you.


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