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Living a Simple and Peaceful Life: What You Need to Know

Updated on May 17, 2015

Sit quietly and relax. Today shall be the end of your stress. Not magical, nor miraculous. It's through will-power and a burning desire to be who you want to be; you can attract a never-ending peace in your life. It doesn’t cost money but your desire to live the life of your dreams and the faith that the possibilities are real and they must come to past.

Simple life might not be that simple, if not pursued with prudence and proper self-actualization. Here are some suggestions for attaining peace with yourself and with the people around you, while living a simple life.

1. Focus on what is important to you; something around you, not your imaginary acquisitions. Something you can hold and touch. Something that is been called after your name. Something that belongs to you, you can give out and show it off to the world all the time. That thing should not be what others think as important. Your life is a circle you understand more than anybody else. Your decisions about this life should not be affected the someone outside this circle.

Who do you want to spend your life with? What do you want to spend your life with? What is your primary relationship and career goals? Answering the 3 questions, make a list of 15 items, 5 for each. Let them become your priorities.

2. Sit back and examine your present commitment. Are you spending less time doing the most important things and more time doing the less important? Do not allow life to pass you by while you just exist. Live your life to the fullest by reaching to each and every experience to the utmost. Adjust your priorities, considering the value of real-time not mean time. Life happens in real time, and it's now. Make sure that you are spending your money on what matters. You can be enjoying while investing your time and money on something tangible. The top is better, keep that in your mind whatever you are doing. Be okay but never be contented if there are better opportunities in the goals you are willing to achieve. Do them right with a proper blueprint in order to experience the bliss in living a successfully.

3. Do not fill your day with to-dos. Make sure you have idle time for random and seemingly less important activities--to be with friends, families and yourself. 3-4 hours each day is a recommended idle-time to unwind and reflect. Sometimes you just need to sit there doing nothing. These are the best times in life where you can think about your ups and downs without trying to do anything. These times are well spent alone or with lovers and families. No man is a machine. Life is not just about accomplishment; it is also about enjoying the success and spending without insecurities. It is a moment of saving energy that will be needed back in the field. It is a destiny desired by all goal getters, so when it comes, enjoy it to the fullest.

4. Between each task, give a space of at least 10 minutes. Do not allow stress to build up before you rest. Even if it means you have to do less, just keep in mind that quality overcomes quantity. And the more you seek peace, the more your accuracy increases. Stress is the biggest killer of productivity and builder of depression. The theory about doing what you love and loving what you do is still the best. But never ever allow what you love to become what you hate by subjecting yourself to stress. Take a break anytime you feel like you need to. Quality overcomes quantity and smartness wins over hard-work. The only time you are required to work hard nonstop is when you trying to figure out what works what doesn’t, the moment of acquiring knowledge and skills required to qualify you. After that, smartness is what you need to apply to achieve the bigger things in life.

5. Try to enjoy whatever you're doing. Be in the moment. Eat slowly and drive slowly; these are things you do every day. Try to pay attention on what you're doing instead of thinking about other things. The motto of hard-work and success that everyone in the world is chasing is the creating of comfort. People keep chasing comfort even when they have it around them that’s why many are successful but unhappy. Celebrate the moment. You might not be where your friend is or your main goal is not yet met, but the little you achieved, you deserve some reward. Do not deny yourself the essence of life, happiness. Unless the task involves practical pain, anything can be enjoyable if given proper attention.

Simple Life

Avoiding Stress and Thinking Like the Achievers

6. Avoid multitasking. You can only achieve quality result when you do one thing at a time. Pick a single task, focus on it, and zero your mind, till it's complete. Fast achievers don’t believe in having a plan B. the most important thing you can exhibit is focus, one day at a time you are going to reach your desired destiny. No rush, no stress.

7. Find the stressful things in your daily life (mentally and physically) and eliminate them. Even if that means you have to skip some daily routines, do the best you can to get rid of your physical and mental cobwebs--they are the sources of stress.

8. Think nothing. Get away from the logical thoughts and free yourself for a while. Use an active relaxation technique such as playing music instrument, watching TV, reading comedy books, etc., to refine your creativity.

9. Do not forget the simple pleasures. You know them! Make your life more exciting by introducing them in your daily routines. You don't have to achieve everything to be happy. Celebrate the small accomplishments, by rewarding yourself with relevant and harmless pleasures.

10. Step out of your comfort zone. Shake off the formalities and seriousness NOW. Work in harmony. Be laid back, not lazy. Be enjoyable, not crazy.

11. Follow the PEACE principle: Unless you like guilt, don't live in the past. Unless you like fear, don't live in the future.

Live in the present.

The only secret to permanent peace with people and your inner self is selflessness. Put others first--forgive and let go.

12. Do not let technology to take over the natural feeling around you. Off the TV, make boundaries for twitter, emails, Facebook, and cell phone usage. Allow yourself to enjoy the positivity in nature at your reach.

13. Allow people to live their lives. You don't have to be in control all the time. Be empathetic and practically helpful, but do not allow yourself to get caught up in people's problem. If you have children, do not over plan their lives. Teach them how to DO for themselves and free yourself. And if you want them to live a simple and peaceful life, be the best example.

14. If it's a way to boost your confidence, do it, but do not wear expensive clothes just to impress others or when you have to cut down on your daily needs.

12. Never shop on impulse. Spend on budget, just on what you need. The more material possession you accumulate, the less happy you become. What makes you happy is when you have something the time you need it, not having everything at a time.

The purpose of life is to live it, exploring it to the utmost. The exploration mission must be favourable, enjoyable and satisfiable. Dream big, but never forget the need to be present here, where you are.

Learn BIG, but keep in mind that only relevant knowledge can add to your skills positively. Life becomes easier when you learn more about your likes and dislikes; your weaknesses and strengths; and living it as you understand it, without waiting for the wind to determine your direction.

Deep thinking

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Become a Logical but Simple Person

Sometimes life cannot be sweet without us having to be systematic and professional in dealing with things, which gives us confidence and self-esteem we need to achieve respect. Logical individuals are also charming and ever thriving even among the multitudes. So here's how to become a logical person and be popular socially.

1. Getting professional to who you are

Every logical attribute starts from a root; this root is nothing more than the mind. When the mind is filled with logical evaluations, then its interpretation shall also follow. Since your actions are the fruits of what your mind constitutes, then making up a professional mind on a certain intellectual field should be our start up in becoming logical beings. Be professional in everything you find yourself in. If you're a doctor you could be professional to look logical and vice versa, in the sense that passion breeds passion.

2. Acquiring confidence to become logical

Comfort is very important in order to achieve or generally succeed on self-improvement through self-actualization. Taking the second part of your brain away from your main daily analysis, logistics and plans can harm your confidential feels. Give your all to make things as perfect as possible. You know, the most successful and famous people don't believe much in perfection but constant possible accuracy, which is been achieved through constant logical thinking. Do not fear the word perfect and never be frightened at the mention of failure. You don't just believe in that, and your instincts always interpret and accomplish the best. This is how to gather the confidence to become more logical in your doings.

3. Deep Thinkers Analysis for Being Logical

Think deeper than people. Discover the new way to make things happen. Is there a new way of reaching to C without passing through B? Your life should play around this kind of thoughts. And this brings us to the vitality of cleverness in order to become very logical. Your mind is just like a colour machine, whenever you charge it up with red, red becomes its exhibition until it runs out. Once you become USED TO logicality in small things, let’s say dealing with your children or siblings, then your life shall be bound to that. You'll always want to use logics everywhere in every situation.

4. Daily Practice Brings the Most

Taking part in self-awareness programs and self-improvement workshops on certain things you always do, surely you shall become more logical. As I said earlier, it's all about professionalism and this can only be achieved through daily practice in many ways.

5. Seizing opportunity from the simple

I’m trying to tell you to march on the passives and move on. I’m telling you to start implementing logics among simple people to see how it works. You might want to move step by step until you build a concrete foundation of possibilities and comfort. This is far better if you want to be logical in conversation.

6. Learning from Logical People

Are there many logical people around you? May be they can be some role models. You don't have to copy their life, or exactly the way they talk. A self-learner must continue to observe and never ask, until he is able to discover the knowledge, which is everlasting on his mind. Keep eye on them and you'll find yourself doing what they supposed to do.

7. Having a Different View of Life

As life goes on, we tend to experience many things which consequently affect our present behaviour. This should be the first reason to view life differently, work your things logically remembering your past experiences as teachers and coaches therefore becoming logical in an intuitive manner.

8. Sense of Humour Helps a lot

Build lots of confidence in physical performance and speech. Although being logical itself is sometimes interesting, you don't want to bore people with your usual logics. Apply a sense of humour and new logics will knock at your door.

9. Taking Part in Philosophical Debates

Even if you're a philosophy dummy, listening to people's beliefs and intuitive view of life is very interesting. You'll know many things and therefore know how to build up your own logics when approaching life.

10. Reading and Watching Logical Themes

Do not hesitate to read, but if you're opposite to me and hate reading, watching logical films can help a lot.

11. Implementing Your Logics in the physical

We don't just stay logical within us; we share them, use them and also have them. This is the most interesting part of becoming a logical person. So learn to implement them on everything everyday life.

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    • MarieLB profile image


      3 years ago from YAMBA NSW

      Hi Joshua, Your style is amazing. Any subject you discuss here, you seem to know intimately, and you cover just about any aspect.

      I am amazed at how well you cover a topic. Interesting read.


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