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Living in Contentment and Simplicity

Updated on June 22, 2019
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Received her Master in Education from De La Salle University-Manila. Used to work as an academician, also a published writer.

Learn To Be Content And Live in Simplicity.

‘’But Godliness with contentment is a great gain “

I Tim. Ch. 6:6 (NIV)

In seeking to be a beautiful woman you must learn the art of contentment, and practice simple lifestyle. A truly lovely woman in God’s eyes is someone who has found in the Lord Jesus, the ultimate joy of her life. She can rejoice in spite of unfavorable circumstances in her life. She is free in Christ and full of Christ, and she can rejoice even in troubled times. For this woman, the presence of Christ is sufficient reason to be happy. She finds her completeness and security in God’s love. She finds her greatest treasure in her relationship with God. She is so much delighted to find her identity and her first love, in her relationship with Christ. She is so content in Christ, that she finds it no longer necessary to seek further for the "great things" the world boast about. Her sufficiency in Christ will lead her to pursue simplicity in her lifestyle.

Paul’s words in Philippian’s 4:11 a great exhortation for the believer’s in Christ.

“ For I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” (NIV)

The word of God gives the believer’s real secret to lifelong contentment. For Apostle Paul, learning to be content is one of the greatest lessons he learned in life. Paul loves Jesus more than he loves the comforts of life. He learned the lesson of contentment, whether he had plenty of food or little. Paul’s greatest source of contentment is loving and serving Jesus. He was contented in loving Jesus.

In Jesus times, there is one admirable woman you can find exceedingly beautiful because of her sufficiency in Christ. She is Mary of Bethany. She is one particular woman who is so sufficient and complete in Christ, that she would no longer find it necessary to have a lavish meal. She is a true exhibit of godly simplicity.

While her sister Martha was so busy and anxious about preparing a lavish meal for Jesus, Mary was just content in spending time with Jesus. She found her utmost contentment and completeness in the fellowship of Christ.

Mary of Bethany is one woman whom Jesus chose to honor. He rebuked Judas for spoiling Mary’s sweet act of devotion. Jesus immortalized Mary by holding her up for highest honor and prophesied that her story of selfless devotion to Christ would always be remembered by the world.

Mary of Bethany had left a beautiful legacy of finding one’s ultimate delight in Christ. She is indeed a lovely emblem of contentment and simplicity.

(Bible Text: Luke 10:38-42)

Tina prefers the simple life. She could find contentment with simple attire, simple dinner, and simple celebrations. Most of the time, she is comfortable with only light cosmetic and simple dress. She is not bothered at all when her gadgets are already outdated. There are other more important things to her than being in the latest trend. She gives greater importance to things that have eternal values. And she is more concern in deepening and beautifying her spiritual life. She invests more of her time and resources on enhancing her spiritual beauty. She invests in good books that enhance further the beauty of her character, improves the quality of her life and deepens her spirituality. At times, we have to practice simplicity to give way to things of greater worth.

Pursue simplicity and deepen your spiritual beauty.

“Taking joy in the little things is contentment.”

-Lydia Brownback (Contentment, A Godly Woman’s Adornment)-


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