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Living in water tight compartments!

Updated on May 2, 2013

Saibaba ascending a staircase!

Living in the Present!

Once i had gone through a beautiful book written by Dale Carnegie. He suggests the readers to live in water tight compartments. The title of the book, if i remember correctly is "How to stop worrying and start living? All the suggestions given in the book were practically tried out by Dale Carnegie himself. He was once, a most unsuccessful salesman. He thought that 'salesmanship' do not suit his mentality. He started committing blunders after blunder during his canvassing trips. But he has done a very wise thing! He started recording his blunders every day but he has made one vow, "not to repeat the same mistake once again". His misadventures in sales continued and his file titled "Foolish things i have done' also grew to considerable size. A time has come when Dale started tasting real success in sales!

He learned the art of real appreciation! He started observing the people and noted their good points and he was lavish in appreciating the other man's positive traits. When he entered each house, he never talked about the thing he wanted to sell. But, he started appreciating the good points of each house holder. He has not done it to improve his sales. He wanted to raise the 'self esteem' of other people! This is how he has succeeded in capturing the heart of people. In turn, they used to evince interest in the things he wants to sell! Thus his customers grew to many numbers.

When Dale Carnegie achieved great success, he wanted to share his success stories with many unfortunate and unsuccessful professionals not only in sales but in different job backgrounds. He understood that people lack self confidence due to poor communication. Hence he devised courses in "Public Speaking" as well!

Now let us reflect on his suggestion, "Live in water tight compartments". Let us examine the case in detail. Most of the people suffer fear and worry due to 'mismanagement of their time and energy! We always worry about several tasks which needs our immediate attention. Here we have to learn 'how to tackle them? "One work at a time". Live moment to moment. Attend to the task at hand and do not bother about the pending works. When you focus your entire attention on the task in hand, it will be performed nicely. After finishing the same, you can start the next task. This is actually, 'living in water tight compartment'. For instance, if you want to reach a place uphill, what will you do? You start ascending the first step in the bottom, is it not? After standing firm on the first step, you can start ascending the second step. Even if there are one thousand steps, taking one step at a time is the easiest feasible thing for any!

Here i remember the second book written by Eckart Tolly titled "The Power of Now". This book contains the entire philosophy of life. Eckhart too asks every one to focus on the present moment and live fully on the present. By focusing our entire attention on "Now", we forget about the past guilt or we never try to peep into the future since our entire attention is consumed by the present moment, "Now"whatever has happened in this world has happened in the present moment only. We talk about the past and future with reference to the present only. Without the present moment, the talk about past or future has no meaning at all. Hence try to follow the two maxims, "Live in water tight compartment and Live always in the Present moment!


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