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Living Through the Eyes of Christ

Updated on February 19, 2013

You See, I See

You see a city, I build a kingdom

You sing a melody and I compose a symphony

You talk about rubies while I look at diamonds

You try and break the mold while I just make a new one

You think outside of the box that I don’t even see

And you try and tell me what my freedom should mean to me

You maintain morale while I execute justice

You make money while I inherit wealth

You feed the homeless and I build them a new life

You want to have children and I subdue the earth

I once heard that world domination was the way to go

You boast in your patriotism while I dig up history’s roots

Those who see through the eyes of Lady Liberty are much too few

You shake the hand of practicing present day politicians and I let history whisper to me future’s secrets

You see demons and tremble, I see adversity and laugh

You see children, I see kings and queens

And from what I hear, that’s how God sees you and me

You just see a Savior, but I see a man, a King, whose beautiful bride that I am

Who made me a queen when I took His hand


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