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Lone voyage in the miserable ocean of existence!

Updated on January 17, 2012

The Lord within!

My heart's cry!

Every time occupying a mother’s womb, I wriggle, unable to guess what lies ahead for me,

When I enter into this troublesome world?

Every time I look at the new faces, I am not aware whether they love me?

Every time when the mother suckles me, I look at her merciful face expecting the same from other beings!

Oh Lord! Why you have hidden from this manifest world?

Every time, I try feebly to become perfect to reach you!

Every time you play hide and seek with me, I don’t know why?

Oh Lord! When you will grant me freedom from this cycle?

The never ending cycle of life and death, the never ending cycle of coming and going?

The mind is a monster swallowing me whole with the sensuous tentacles,

I know no savior other than you Oh Lord!

Save me from this monster mind! What will happen if not?

I can never come out from the shackles of the mind and thoughts.

Oh those blessed saints! Who escaped from the clutches of the sensual mind!

They soar high in the realm of thoughtless world and beyond the mind.

God is very near to their grasp but far away from souls like me!

When the Lord descends to the earth, he carries the unfortunate souls high above in one lift.

I hankered for his descent for many years, ages and aeons!

At last one fine bright morn, you have descended on this earth, to show us the path to tread

To reach you on the other shore!

Oh Lord! We have a small raft, how to reach you without any mishap on the turbulent sea?

You promised, “Take my name or chant any name you like” which will keep your small raft afloat,

On this turbulent sea of life. Chant incessantly with faith and love any name you love!

I am the invisible Lord in you and in every being. Try to see me within!

Above you I am, below you same, I surround you on all sides, Fear Not!

The turbulent waters push and pull my little raft, Oh Lord! Be on my side, I cry!

Verily I am! whispered the Lord in my soul.

The sharks and whales threaten me from all sides, how I will reach the other shore?

Behold there, a light house sheds its flash light on me and my raft.

At last I found the other shore,!

Standing majestically, the Lord smiles at my adventure!

Extends his big arms to pull me from the ocean!

Miserable is the voyage bereft of the Lord’s protection!

Oh pilgrims to heaven! remember Him and sail ahead!


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