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Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo

Updated on August 23, 2013

Who is Theresa Caputo?

Theresa Caputo is an endearing, engaging, and extremely likeable woman who describes herself in the opening of her TLC show as “a typical Long Island mom who talks to the dead.”

Theresa is a spiritual medium who has developed her gift over the course of her lifetime, remembering her first visitation from “spirit” at the tender age of four. When she was a teenager her ability to connect with spirit caused her quite a bit of anxiety and she began to experience panic attacks.

In regard to being a spiritual medium, Theresa states "It's not only my job, it's my life," in the opening of her show on TLC entitled "Long Island Medium." Her husband, son and daughter are on the show as well and you can just tell that they are very used to the spirit world as being a huge part of who Theresa is as it makes for many interruptions in their daily lives.

Theresa and her husband, Larry, have been together since she was 18 and it was only shortly after they began dating that she first began to experience panic attacks about her gift. There is an episode where Theresa and Larry are reminiscing about how she thought he was going to “head for the hills” once she told him about what she was able to do and why she was having panic attacks.

As it turned out, however, he loved her and didn't go anywhere. When she explained to Larry that she felt better if she talked to spirit, he told her that she should let it happen and not fight it, and so she did.

As she accepted her gift and started to actually let spirit channel their messages through her, her anxieties stopped. As she started to feel better about her ability. she developed her gift of communicating with the dearly departed.

As of 2012, she has worked professionally as a medium for seven years currently has a waiting list of a year to get a private reading which she gives in her home in Hicksville (Long Island, NY). She also does small group readings where you can invite several guests into your home and she will channel spirit.

As a side note, don't be surprised if you work in a bakery, deli, or cafe on Long Island and this adorable woman with a bubbly personality, poofed blonde hair and extremely long nails walks in and gives you a message from a loved one who has passed on. :)

Theresa giving an unexpected reading to someone in a bagel shop

How can you tell it's not staged?

Although she never defends what she does or tries to prove anything to anyone, from watching the show you can see how she makes believers out of skeptics and, in addition, amazes people who already believe in her ability.

Quite simply, you can see their jaws drop when Theresa delivers a message. Not only that, but by her own expressions and reactions to messages she receives, you can just see that her ability even blows her away most of the time, lol!

As someone who grew up on Long Island (that’s a hard ‘g” in the Long) myself, I can tell you just by listening to her - she is the real deal, there is nothing phony about her.

She lays it all out on the line, wears her heart on her sleeve, and gives of her gift and talent to soothe the minds and souls of people still here on earth, in this plane of existence.

She helps comfort people who are missing their loved ones that are perhaps feeling guilt and remorse, or continue to dwell on the passing of a family member or friend and have done so for many years.

People walk away from her feeling a sense of peace in knowing that their loved one is not suffering the way they did from their death or illness before they passed. It's amazing to watch and will most likely bring tears to your eyes.

A reading in Theresa's home

Theresa Caputo compared to other psychic mediums on television

I stumbled across “Long Island Medium” one night and I now am addicted to it after watching it the first time and seeing Theresa’s amazing ability to “connect with spirit” (as she calls it).

I used to watch “Crossing Over with John Edward” and was amazed by his talent as well but his show which was on the Lifetime channel is no longer on the air, I think because he is touring the country. “Crossing Over with John Edward” differed from “Long Island Medium” in that John would “read people” in a studio audience setting.

Although he connected with some people most of the time and gave amazing readings about things no one else could possibly know except if they were getting messages from people in the hereafter, he has been looked at as a cold reader, meaning he just throws out information and waits for someone to connect with it, accept it and make it stick.

I don’t believe that John Edward is a cold reader because his information was, in my opinion, very accurate when he did make connections. However, I think there were just sometimes too many people in the audience and he was probably getting all kinds of mixed messages and, therefore, misinterpreted some of the information he was receiving and giving to people.

I think John is the real deal, too, although this is just another intuition of my own. I have lived in North Carolina now for seven years, and I don’t know if it’s just having been born and raised on Long Island that makes me think I can tell if someone is bull$@$!#*&*# me but I really feel strongly about the fact that John is sincere and truthful in the information and messages he delivers to people.

John Edwards, too, does not seem as if he is someone just out to make a dollar and screw people over although he does benefit financially from his gift, as I am sure Theresa Caputo does as well. Hey, you have to make a living, right? And if this is what you do, this is what you do. Doctors get paid for helping people, why not spiritual mediums? They have to eat too! Lol!

Check out the video below and you’ll see exactly what I am tawking about! Haha! Love the New York accent, Theresa! You are fantastic and thank you for sharing your ability.

“Long Island Medium” airs on The Learning Channel, Sunday evenings, 10:00 p.m. EST.

Full Episodes

What is your level of belief in what a psychic medium can do?

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    • Nicole S profile image

      Nicole S Hanson 

      5 years ago from Minnesota

      I just love Theresa!! And I DVR her show because she is hilarious for one, but so interesting as well! Very nice hub, I enjoyed reading this!

    • profile image

      leonora vozhilla 

      5 years ago

      I los my doughter 5 month ago in car acident.I like to cominicate with her

    • nancymaggielee profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      You can get tickets to see her on ebay, there is a link above.

    • profile image

      Anna Musto 

      6 years ago

      I am so desperate to meet Theresa to connect with a sister who was my sister, my mother and my best friend. I miss her as much now as I did the first day she left. There is always a deep sadness and an empty feeling in my heart.

    • profile image

      Suzanne Storter 

      6 years ago

      Can she read people who had a terrible father who is dead? I NEED to find out about abuse and why I don't remember my childhood.

    • profile image

      Janine Caruso 

      6 years ago

      I wrote for an appointment but I hear it's a 2 year wait. But I am hopeful to get on a list. In the meantime I have gone to see Vincent Palumbo of urbansageny he was just as lovely and uplifting and accurate. It is nice to know that all these wonderful people exist to help us.. BLESSINGS TO ALL OF YOU!!

    • profile image

      Kasandra santillanes 

      6 years ago

      Well me an my mom believe you ahundred percent! Well would live too come too your meetings but you live too far. We hope maybe you can come over to California . We will love too talk too my favorite uncle & my moms brother , that past away when they were young. Well I hope you answer. - mom ( Sandra ) & her daughter ( kasandra ).

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I wish I could have a reading because I would love to connect from anyone from my family who has passed = i have no one left except my mom, sister, brother and my mother's sister, my aunt, who is twice widowed. I would especially love to be able to connect with my dad or his mom, or my aunt mary - i miss them so much.

    • profile image 

      6 years ago

      I have a serious secret re: ex-husband with a sickness. Wanted to have Theresa help me find out the cause and the secret I've carried for over 35 years.

      Rhonda F. DiBono Thank You!!!

    • nancymaggielee profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      I think the only way of reaching her is by email at the following address:

      I found out from doing some on line research that her website crashed due to heavy traffic and since that happened the best way is by this email address. I wish you luck in your efforts to reach her, it may be difficult.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      how can i speak to theresa by phone

    • Lilleyth profile image

      Suzanne Sheffield 

      6 years ago from Mid-Atlantic

      I watch this program and believe she is the real deal. Good Hub. Keep writing.


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