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Long hair on Men

Updated on May 9, 2009

What I believe

Thought I'd have a go at writing a blog and also get something off my chest. 

We have been conductiing interviews for an admin assistant. Some of the applicants have been good, others not so, as you would expect. One thing though, one of the applicants, a male, had long hair in a ponytail, halfway down his back.

My brother also has long hair.  And when I say long, I mean long.  From the back people can't tell us apart, it is embarrassing.

Now while you will all realise, from looking at my pictures, that I have very long hair and I am quite 'into' long hair, I only like it on women. Call me old fashioned but I believe men should never have it.

I can just about tolerate hair that, while it is called long on a man, would be called short on a woman, say, covering the ears or, at most, chin length, but any longer and it is a strict no no with me.

My hair is part of makes me a woman, it makes me feel feminine. Why does this man have long hair? Does he want to feel feminine? If so, he needs some help! As far as I am concerned, his having long hair is the same as if he were wearing a dress or a skirt, it is transvestism. Would he want to turn up for work wearing a skirt? Does he think I would let him wear a skirt at work? I don't think so.

I know that some of you reading this may say, hang on a minute, if women can have short hair, why can't men have long? I would say, yes, women can have short hair but they can also wear trousers. It may seem unfair to some people, but that is how it is in life, while women can have long hair or short hair and choose whether to wear skirts or trousers, men can only have short hair and trousers. That is how I feel. Condemn me if you wish.

Comparison of mine and my brother's hair

My hair
My hair
My brother's hair
My brother's hair

Men's hair

Should Men have long hair

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My brother's hair

Should my brother cut his hair?

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    • profile image

      chamane 2 years ago

      madame, first, how many competences did you send away as a recruitment employee with a so closed mind?

      i inform you that i' have published on my blog the translation in french language of your text:, with, of course a link to this page

      if you were more open mind, i should propose date you; you are a so nice rapunzel...

      but, i am going to the longhaired singles site; the wemen there ara more tolerant..

    • profile image

      bender 3 years ago

      I am a man and I agree with you in most of the things you told. Your husband is very lucky. A woman with very long hair who doesn't want me to have long hair is a turn on for me. And if she wants to shave my head, I will go down on her knees.

      In the other hand, there is a subtle difference that makes me disagree with you. I am looking forward to having a girlfriend who has her hair long and she doesn't like men to have long hair but I wouldn't like a sister who is always showing off her hair and she wants me to cut my hair, because there isn't anything sexual with her. I congratulate you for your blog, but if were you I wouldn't say anything about your brother.

    • profile image

      ricky 3 years ago

      I wear my hair longer in the back gives the women something to run there fingers throught

    • profile image

      chuckie 4 years ago

      I'm envious of the long, flowing hair on both you and your brother.

      This business about long hair on men being "feminine" is nonsense and the result of fairly recent prejudice.

      Major scientists, philosophers, politicians, statesmen and kings throughout history have had long hair, Newton to name one.

      Do a Google search on this small pamphlet which deals with this issue - i.e. An Essay on the Long-Haired Man by Phil O. Trichos

      Here's a link with the book broken up into JPEG images which can be read online.

      It describes associations of long hair on men with masculinity, freedom, strength, royalty, nobility, spirituality, holiness or even divinity.

      Even though long hair by itself has no intrinsic power, I guess it's the feeling it gives the wearer which either boosts his self-confidence and self esteem or reduces it, depending on his image of it. If he sees his long hair as enhancing his creativity, then it will enhance his creativity but if he sees it as enhancing his notoriety then he will be notorious, a rebel without a cause, a dropout or a bum.

      I'm a long haired man and I've always seen long hair on men as aesthetically pleasing.

      Also, most of the long haired men I know are very much masculine, hetero guys, even macho.

      Gay men with long hair are very rare but instead most gay men have hair like Freddie Mercury after he came out as gay.

    • profile image

      PHILHAIR 4 years ago

      Men should have long hair. Why not ? It is natural

    • profile image

      kona 4 years ago

      GracieUnderFire needs their eyes checked. Those are both an artist and can tell....

    • profile image

      Dyondeath 4 years ago

      you are clearly a sexist

    • profile image

      GracieUnderFire 4 years ago

      This post is totally BS...that is the same FEMALE in BOTH photos. Look at the stature, posture...the hips in BOTH photos. And the women's pants and 3/4 inch sleeved blouse in the so-called "brother's" photo...reeeally??

      Let's interject a few facts here...By NATURE's design (Or God's design as many would prefer ) have hair follicles...a man's hair does NOT stop growing because he is male. There is no "terminal length" decided by gender. Therefore your argument is invalid.

    • profile image

      Chris 4 years ago

      I think I see the problem....her brother has nicer hair than her.

    • profile image

      cassie dunstan 4 years ago

      My Question is Who the Hell died and left you GOD what gives you any right to pass judgement on any1

    • profile image

      juju 4 years ago

      Your judgements on others is sad... If a man wants to have long hair, it's his right too... I have long hair, and as a man I suits me just fine.... Everyone's going to have an opinion , that's fine... but a look back at history and long hair or men was in.. As it still is today...

    • profile image

      Beedoo 5 years ago

      Ben Franklin would have a good, long laugh at your expense, hon. Short hair on men is a very recent thing, historically, and the only major precedent for it was the later end of the ancient Roman and Greek era. And they only brought short hair into style because longer hair finally attained a reputation for being symbolic of showing off.

      The general public is so misled these days. *sigh*

    • Kaiserfailed profile image

      Kaiserfailed 5 years ago from NYC

      You are bridging many ideas with the simple fact that he has long hair.

      "oh no! Man with Long hair! Feminine! Transvestism! Wannabe-women!"

      Wow. How about "oh, a man with long hair"? The End. Lets leave it at that.

      You are being a wee-bit judgmental.

      Alas...your brother has LONG hair. And I mean LONNNNGGGG. hahah.

      I understand your concern, but I don't understand why you are jumping to way too many conclusions.

      Good luck.

    • profile image

      Long hair for the win 5 years ago

      No one cares what you think lady. Please remove the stick from your ass. Kthxbye.

    • profile image

      Zack 5 years ago

      You shouldn't judge a man just by hair... And comparing it to wearing a dress? So you mean, a woman were not supposed to wear pant? Thats unreasonable...

    • profile image

      jungle88 6 years ago

      It is so obvious that this is fake. That second picture is not a guy It's probably the same person with more of the wave brushed out.

      Don't get so worked up over such a dishonest post.

    • profile image

      Jonny#5 6 years ago

      Wow. What a family. Ins guy, Can you adopt me. Mine is a little past the waist and would do anything to have it yours or his. My oldest sister had longer then mine and she thought it was great that I looked up to that aspect of her life. Our haircare keeps us close.

      Personally, I would take a look at myself in your shoes. If the company doesn't mind long hair, should you really impress your opinion of his being hired, when yours does not line up.

      I love your hair but sorry I agree that your brothers looks a but healthier at the ends.

      Have you two tried to fool people by him dressing up? That would be a great bonding experience. Also, go to the hair dressers together.

    • profile image

      Pauline ( 6 years ago

      You both have magnificent hair.

      My boyfriend let his hair grow and I'm sooo pleased. All men should have long hair.

    • profile image

      golfone 6 years ago

      i am a guy with bi tendencies

      i think waist plus hair is sexy on a man or woman

      i hope you can think about it

    • profile image

      earl 6 years ago

      Wow you two have fantastic hair. Is it still long for you both?

      If you both had long hair as kids, did you help each other fix one smothered hair?

      My sister has always had very short, in fact all women in my family.

      I would have loved more advice from them as a kid.

      Take care of that hair, both if you.

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      what on godsclean earth gives you the right to tell anyone how they have toclive their life? Advice is fine, but you dont have any authority over anyone but yourself. You are an uneducated, inexperienced bigot.

    • profile image

      jc10event 6 years ago

      I think it is important that you are venting here. Also important that you put in a poll at the end. Take a look at it, 85% say men should have it long and think your brother is right to have his long. I would be more attentive to that intwrviewee if it is a company policy for only short hair on men.

      Your hair and your brothers are wonderful, I think his loos a little more healthy overall. You are blessed to have someone in your life to have the same Passion for anything.

      Mine is nearly knee length and has curl right now, as a guy. If I styles it in a women's style, to me I would then be seeking out something feminine, knowingly.

      Take a good look at your poll and those results. Take a good look at what an interviewee beings to a job, surely that is more important then hair length.

      Your hair looks very nice and please compliment your brother for the patience and work he has shown, much like you, at having such a grand show of how well he takes care of himself. Hair is an outward show of how well we care for ourselves in general.

    • profile image

      Lacy 6 years ago

      Just so you know...I am literally obsessed with men who have long hair. If a dude has long hair I am 10000000000000000000000000000 times more likely to want to sleep with him and I'm a young, thin, blonde, blue eyed dancer, not a fat old white trash momma, my opinion, the longhairs get the hottest chicks.

    • profile image

      jimmy 6 years ago

      i would have slapped you hard ...if u would have said these things sitting next to me... and hard means hard....

    • profile image

      GhostMan 6 years ago

      Your body, your life.

    • profile image

      Ted 6 years ago

      I hate you

    • BereniceTeh90 profile image

      BereniceTeh90 6 years ago

      Actually it wasn't very long ago when women were fighting for the right to wear pants (In the 1940s i believe). Before that, the trouser-wearing crowd were regarded and treated by society as uncouth and unladylike, and considered by many to be bad fashion sense. TOday however, the pendulum seems to have swung in the other direction, if you get my drift. Women's liberation throughout the decades has brought about a considereable shift in not only the status of women in society, but also their freedom of expression, many aspects of which are not equally possessed by men. Notice for instance that, women are given the option of either long hair or short hair in the workplace, and while it would be politically incorrect to discriminate against a short-haired woman in most cases, it is usually not considered politically incorrect to discriminate against a long-haired man. A woman who keeps long hair is considered "normal", while a man who keeps the exact same hairstyle is considered "scruffy", purely by virtue of the thing between his legs. And God forbid a husband forbid his wife from wearing trousers! For if he did, society would brand him a controlling misogynist pig. However, if a man were to wear a skirt, it's considered legitimate for a wife to leave him/send him for psychiatric counselling/tell him to stop wearing it. Many women these days take up Crossfit,Weight lifting, Boxing, Martial Arts, Gymnastics, etc, all of which are traditionally manly pursuits, and this is highly encouraged in liberal Western society. While this is all very good news, we have to realize that men are not encouraged to assert the same kinds of freedom to pursue traditionally "feminine" things, e.g. make up, dresses, manicures, etc without some degree of social stigma involved (the people who encourage women to lift weights, box, etc are usually the very same people who discourage men from exploring their feminine side; it's hypocritical, but that's the way the world works!)It's almost as if women are constantly and steadily evolving socially, and their roles and gender expression becoming more and more versatile throughout the ages, while men are still more or less stuck within the patriarchal gender roles of Victorian society. But if there's anyone to blame, then we should not point our fingers at women for being hypocritical and controlling. It's not only women, but also men, who discriminate against men who do not meet the criteria of the rigid, shackling norms that are set for them to obey. A man keeping long hair, wearing speedos, etc is seen by the guardians of male dignity as being a disgrace to the male sex. The patriarchy is just like prescriptive feminism really. It harms women, but it also does a considerable amount of damage to men who are different from the prescribed norms set by society, something that are all too reluctant to acknowledge.

    • profile image

      Peter 6 years ago

      Your brother's hair is gorgeous!

    • profile image

      Bryan 6 years ago

      No man should have long hair. It look's dumb & gay on any man. man that were the hair in a pony tail so gay. I have gay friend's and they all have shaved heads not long hair. It has nothing to do with being gay It just looks so dumb. Why would any guy were there hair in a ponytail? WHY?

    • profile image

      abs 6 years ago

      it's the society that taught us long hair is feminine in other cultures the average man had long hair ;-)

      most gay men have short hair ;-) so the length doesn't mean anything.. men with long hair are usually more artistic natures or they want to be different.


    • profile image

      RTR 6 years ago

      Not that long ago, long hair on gay men was considered "fem" in the gay community, and "fem" gay men were those gay guys who tended more towards the feminine side of their "gayness". For some time, though, most gay men went to the super-short almost shaven head look. And they all look alike because of it. It's just a trend in the gay community is all. That saying, I am a gay man, in my fifties, and my hair is nearly as long as your brother's in this pic. I am NOT "fem", however, and the only way anyone knows that I'm gay is if I tell them I am. I'm open about it, too. I have a friend who you can google, since I can't post his pic with this--CJ Hollenbach. He's a very stunning man, a romance novel cover model, with long, golden blonde hair longer than mine. Look him up--there are plenty of pics of him out there. He makes Fabio look like a mutt in my book--we call him our golden Apollo. He's also built like a brick house--and all of it from hard work-outs, nothing enhanced. Nice guy, too. And if you think long hair on a man makes him seem or look feminine--then you obviously are totally BLIND. CJ is totally masculine, and his hair is down to the bottom of his bottom. Personally, I think your problem is like that of my old man ("father")--you think long hair on a guy is "dirty". It wasn't until very recently that short hair became the fashion in the U.S.--originally, Alexander the Great had his troops cut their long hair short and beards also, because it made it hard to be grabbed by the enemy by their hair and killed. I, btw, am a Scottish Highlander and descended from Warrior blood. And wearing a "skirt"--aka Kilt--is part of my heritage and our national traditional formal dress. You, my dear, are a total dweeb when it comes to hair. Tell your comments against long hair on a man to my countryman and hero, William Wallace--I'm sure he'd love to hear it were he here. And then promptly give you "the Scottish finger", if you get my meaning.

    • profile image

      john 6 years ago

      if you are basing gender on a person's hair length or appearance, then i think you are having a problem clinging on to your femininity. you sound like you are hanging on the edge of being a woman and the only supporting pillar that holds your femininity intact is physical appearance (i.e. hair length). femininity and masculinity should come from within, not based on a person's hair length or any physical attribute

    • profile image

      Derek 6 years ago

      Are you planning to have sex with your brother? Presumably not. His appearance is therefore not of your concern. By the way, he has extremely gorgeous hair.

    • profile image

      Scott 6 years ago

      I am also a man with hair to my waist and am of Scottish descent. Men (and women) in my family have had long hair for generations. I'm happily married to a woman. I once took the Nazarite vow, like Sampson, John the Baptist and probably Jesus himself. I don't know any women who have ever found me "feminine" but quite a few (ahem) have found me quite "masculine." I also have a Master's degree and a professional job. In my youth I had to deal with the stress of job interviews like you described--ignorant people who spent more time worrying about my hair than my qualifications. You are, by definition, a prejudiced woman.

    • profile image

      mairen 7 years ago

      Long hair is the sexiest thing on any man!!!!

      i see short haired mans without personality!!!

      go on longs!!!!

    • profile image

      Trevor 7 years ago

      Wow. You really need a reality check, hun.

    • profile image

      Arielle 7 years ago

      "Call me old fashioned but I believe men should never have it."

      You're entitled to your opinion, but instead of saying they "should never have long hair," you should say you "prefer men who have short hair." The way you said it implies that you think all men should have their hair short to appease certain members of society.

      Both men and women grow hair. If men "should never have long hair" then why does their hair grow just like women's? Men can look good with long hair, and women can look good with short hair. It'd be boring if everyone had hair according to their sex.

    • profile image

      Jeffrey  7 years ago

      What is wrong if a man wants to look a little feminine? I mean, as long as he has the equipment to reproduce, then who cares if he looks a bit girly. Women have always been the more attractive sex in terms of looks. Perhaps some men are just looking to improve themselves and want to look beautiful like attractive women do. It's quite odd how I notice the long haired women have no tolerance for the long haired men. The truth is long haired men LOVE long haired women!! The reality is long haired women have no taste when it comes to dating I've found. If a man has long hair, it's like he has more sex tenticles and more fruit, what's there not to love about that?

    • profile image

      Jeff 7 years ago

      I don't think too many people realize that Western society has literally never had the hang-up about long hair on men that it developed during the 20th Century--at least not to the degree it attained. Sure, short hair had been the standard before, but not quite to the extent that you were somehow to be treated as a second-class citizen if you had longer-than-short hair. It's a serious hangup and it's hobbling our civilization. You're free not to like it, but please remember what it's like on the other end of the equation.

    • profile image

      ola 7 years ago

      It's so worrisome here in Nigeria, when you are a guy with longhair. When i grew mine for 14months, i would always press it down and not comb it in front of people. I would love to have it long to mid back, but i would feel comfortable only when i'm out of the country.

    • profile image

      Ricardo 7 years ago

      Narrow minded too much?

      I think his hair is silkier than yours LOL

    • profile image

      Julie 7 years ago

      I don't know where to begin. Your attitude is anachronistic and antagonistic and you are an embarrassment to our gender with your prejudices. Men have had long hair since historical times. It is not a new fad or idea by any means. As has been mentioned previously, Jesus had long hair - do you condemn him for that? You need to open your closed mind. It just is? No, it just isn't.

      I think you are jealous of your brother when you should be supportive. And excuse me, but why does society care what YOU can tolerate? How one wears one's hair is an individual matter. What if I told you I think you need to cut your hair because it's too long? That would not be right either.

      If you only like long hair on women, then the solution is simple - don't date long haired men. I'm sure they will be relieved to but cut out of your dating pool.

      Have these comments taught you anything, or are you still prejudiced, close-minded and bigoted.

      (54 year old female)

    • profile image

      Robert Walters III 7 years ago

      (Male/21) I don't want to overreact but your blog really does make me frustrated. It's not so much that I care about someone's random blog but that it's a perfect example of the wrong thinking that takes place in our culture with respect to clothing/hair/styles.

      Long hair at it's ROOT MEANING is a sign of health and dedication. I'm proud to grow my hair long because it's a personal statement of dedication and strength of will.

      I think these atributes are respectable in BOTH men and women, and BOTH should be proud to wear long hair.

      Also, your comment about the trousers/skirts issue is incredibly sexist. I don't really see how anyone could view a man wearing a Utili-Kilt as "feminine". Their whole pitch is that they're even more manly than pants! During ancient times, both men and women wore skirts. And robes/dresses have always been correlated with priestly/kingly affairs, so how do you explain that?

      In short, your entire blog comes across as SEXIST, CONVENTIONALIST, AND CLOSE-MINDED. You're acting like a slave to society norms and I think you need a LOT of variety and acceptance in your cultural diet.

      A few notes:

      1) I'm not Gay, Trans, Perverted, or Feministic.

      2) I find long hair on women attractive, the longer the better (knee length please?).

      3) I find long hair on men respectable and admirable.

      4) Kilts are comfortable and stylish.

      5) Yes, I have Celtic heritage and I am a viking at heart.

      6) Your brother is a VERY lucky man to have that kind of hair, I am jealous, and I suggest you take a lesson from him. You should be PROUD to be mistaken for eachother, because your hair is just one aspect that binds you together as siblings. You're a family, start acting like one.

    • profile image

      O_O 7 years ago

      Wow. You look kinda fat, you should lose weight, I don't like seeing fat chicks.

      Yep, that's how you sound.

    • profile image

      Anon 7 years ago

      @The original poster:

      You come off as extremely bigoted, hypocritical, and dare I say brainwashed. Now, I'm not trying to imply that you are anything less than a nice person in every other respect, but in this particular area you really need to relax and think things through a bit. Have a good one.

    • profile image

      That metalhead 7 years ago

      There is a fat bitch at my school who is always telling me to cut or wash my hair. I like it long and I like it greasy dammit! I guess kurt kobain, Jesus, sampson, kirk hammett, dave mustaine, Mick jagger, Bruce Dickinson, ozzy ozbourne, zakk wylde, kk downing, Steven segal, marty Friedman, dave ellefson,and LEMMY FREAKING KILMISTER!!!!!!!!!!!! are just trying to be feminine! Go shave your head, bitch.

    • profile image

      kat 7 years ago


      it dose not matther if guys has long there is nothing worng with! I see girls with aboy hair cut befor! I would not juge the bout guys long hair is for only women it for men to girls has short hair too! guys look good any way with long hair or short hair!

    • profile image

      Mark Valle 7 years ago

      Tudo que cresce, se espande, naturalmente, é obra divina. Cabelo longo em homem é pura benção dos céus, pois a Bíblia inteira, bem como a História demonstra, é resultado de boas escolhas [LIBERDADE E OBEDIÊNCIA ÀS ESCRITURAS], enquanto que a submissão, apostasia e desobediência, é o que impede o homem de ser cabeludo. A mulher, do contrário, os mantém longos, NÃO por ser feminina, mas por ter sido legada à margem na História, pelo próprio homem, seja dele concubina ou não. Corintos 11:14 apenas se refere ao ato de "não deixar exposta uma mulher calva por motivos de adoração pagã ser humilhada por aquelas que ainda tinham cabelos". Os homens, em contrapartida, se usassem cabelos longos para deuses da época, seriam sim, vergonhosos, mas se o fizessem para Deus ou por motivos "mosaicos", não teriam sido criticados por Paulo, que defendia cabelos longos, sim, no homem, pois ele encaminhava judeus para ajudá-los à pagar o voto nazireu nas proximidades. A diferença não está no tamanho do cabelo, mas POR QUE ou PARA QUEM ele serve. Se for mera escolha, por preferência [há homens que combinam com cabelos longos e mulheres que não combinam, e vice-versa], não seria motivo para evitá-los. O Capitalismo, falsos conceitos pregados nas religiões cristãs dissidentes do catolicismo e outras interpretações sem pé-nem-cabeça, ajudam a confundir o homem, fazendo-o perguntar por algo tão elementar. Cabelo é dádiva e se for longo, entre todos os seres humanos, é sinal de que prospera a humanidade e de que Deus se alegra com isso. Eu até diria que cortá-los, ou sua queda em alguns, pode ser, além de problemas genéticos, a desobediência e conseqüência por causa do pecado.Longhair on men and women is a blessful gift.

    • profile image

      James 7 years ago

      It's a matter of taste and style. Historically it was quite common during certain periods for men to have long hair. A Viking would not be deemed effeminate for platting his long hair before battle, neither would a 17th Centaury Gent for having a pony tale. I hope his having a different preference of style count against what his abilities might have been at a job interview! I’m sure you wouldn’t want men to judge your professional ability on your appearance either.

    • profile image

      Mick 7 years ago

      As a long haired man who has suffered from people like you in the past, work and personal life, I have to say your an idiot!

      Hair length does not make a man or woman, i'm Scottish, so your idea on short hair and trousers is totally rubbish. I have long hair (an proud of it) and I wear a skirt (or Kilt on occasions).

      Your brothers hair is longer than I would have mines (personal taste) but his hair looks great, hope he doesn't give in to your stupid ideology of what is a man.

    • profile image

      Viking Brandon 7 years ago

      Ever hear of SAMPSON? Who got his MASCULINE strength from his long, long hair? TARzan? (fictional, yea, but a guy can't get more masculine than being an APEman!- long haired!!) All those macho MetalHeads? Lots of dudes look MORE masculine with long or longer hair. MOST of the founding fathers?! Bunch of sissies those revolutionaries were who risked their lives daily. There was also some MAN named Jesus (of Nazareth, a Nazarene Jew whose custom was for long hair).

      My hair is past my shoulder blades and I'm keeping it that way. By the way I feel MORE masculine and virile with my long hair.....

      YOU are a silly, ignorant person! Go dunk your head in a pail of rotten fish!!

    • profile image

      FreeWilly 7 years ago

      Beg your pardon, but i thought supermum1961 is a disguised man :)

    • profile image

      Metalgirl 7 years ago

      your brother's hair is FANTASTIC! I REALLY LOVE IT!! he has facebook? xD wroooar!

    • profile image

      Jay 7 years ago

      Your a horrible person! I've never heard something so nasty and bigoted especially from a perspective of talking about your own brother! I was shocked when i was reading what you wrote, I hope he knows how you feel about this - the fact you posted this on the internet also shows you in a terrible light - I really hope somebody shaves your head! You don't deserve to live in such a free country.

    • profile image

      Faisal 7 years ago

      im growing my hair right now and feel that it represents a real man that isn't brain washed by societies ignorant stereotypes and if you notice most gay men have short hair rarely long if not ever do you see a gay man with long hair. plus that chic who posted that is obviously insecure about her looks.period. she needs to lose weight.

    • profile image

      Difunta 8 years ago

      I love your hair!!! I love long hair men :) Kisses from Spain!

    • profile image

      Zytal 8 years ago

      *Sigh. There is nothing wrong with men having long hair. I agree with That70sMan that this blog is very chauvinistic and very narrow minded. You even said that having long hair makes you feel "feminine". Don't be a selfish, weak woman who restricts herself to society about "gender roles". A lot woman sadly have this problem and feel so restricted to gender roles that they come up with BS like this blog entry to make themselves feel better.

    • profile image

      Marcus from Brazil 8 years ago

      I am sure that longhair is for both genders-men and women are able to grow it longer. Mistaken concepts spread by false religions doctrines, capítalism [not it all]influence, and so on, have developped an alienated spirit inside many people. That's why we can see that God told many ones to grow their hair long, and were destroyed only after they had disobeyed some specific rules - so, Samson, Absolom could remain longhaired, if only they had used the wisdom of God. Slaves, murders, political activists, had their hair cut off as a sign of humiliation. Employers and the alienated state inside many "hypocrites"[poors or not]work that way! Enough!Longhair really fits to men, and the longer the better!It's nature, of course.

    • profile image

      Alastor 8 years ago

      Long hair on men, these days, more commonly denotes a badass man than someone who is "trying" to be feminine. This is the vast majority in cases of men with long hair. Most of them are straight and masculine. And even if a man is trying to be femenine in a particular case, so what? What's it to you? You have no right to tell people what to do. Oh and just for the record blogger, women with the so called "man" short hair cuts are sometimes lesbian. Not always, but I think you know what I'm talking about. Long hair in the gay men community is almost NONEXISTANT. And yes, some of us HAVE noticed that you are the same person in both pictures. You're wearing a damn skirt. Stop being such a damn bigot already.

    • profile image

      Jesper 8 years ago

      "Does he want to feel feminine? If so, he needs some help! As far as I am concerned, his having long hair is the same as if he were wearing a dress or a skirt, it is transvestism."

      Dear Blogger, you are embarrassing and narrow-minded.

    • profile image

      Brent 8 years ago

      If this is a grip. So, you are one of the people that would keep a man from getting a job based on his hair. To put it in short simple are a jackass. I hope you never land before me needing a job...because I don't hire jackasses.

      And, if long hair on a man makes him feminine...I guess that makes you (quite clearly) a discriminating narrow minded fool....since both are completely based on assumptions.

    • profile image

      Mick 8 years ago

      If you look closely at the two pictures, the person is wearing a skirt in both. Both picture are of the same person. Don't waste your time responding to the bait.

    • profile image

      Daxxx 8 years ago

      seems like this is a personal problem for you.your brother from what i read,seems nice and should show yor brother the responses of shouldn't have tried to get people to agree with you.i personally think that he should cut it maybe to mid back,but thats what i have and i like.but to each his have insecurity issues.from your pics you're pretty good looking.i love that long hair rugged look not the dirt bag look.i think as long as its well groomed it would look great.

    • profile image

      Bobby 8 years ago

      Your bros hair is probably the healthiest, most impressive looking hair that I've ever seen at that length. I'm a guy with short hair but I used to have mid back and it still pisses me off how American society judges long haired guys. It's just hair, dammit. It's natural, it's a part of the human body, and is ridiculous to discriminate against something like the length of ones hair. I just cut mine bcause it's too much work to take care of but I have muchrespect for people like you who have the patience to keep it that long!

    • profile image

      Mitch 8 years ago

      lol owned... :P

    • profile image

      Mau 8 years ago

      So JC was femenine? FAIL! If hair would not meant to grow in men's head... it wouldn't be in our genes to have growing hair in our head

    • profile image

      Mau 8 years ago

      Sp JC was femine? FAIL!

    • profile image

      wolfgang 8 years ago

      If hair is so long and beautiful, it makes no difference if a man or a woman is the owner of the hair. It stands for its own beauty. Thanks for showing it.

    • profile image

      Lisa G 8 years ago

      Men with long hair are HOT, HOT, HOT. That's just the way i feel.

    • profile image

      MoniqueA 8 years ago

      Some of the sexiest, most beautiful and feminine women, wear very short hair, like Hally Berry and her ultra-short pixie.

      Some of the most handsome and masculine men wear very long hair, like Fabio.

      It is a person's facial features and body that determines whether a man is masculine and handsome or a woman is beautiful and feminine.

      Hair length has nothing to with with femiinity or masculinity.

      In many cultures men wore long hair. In some cultures women wore short hair. In Africa, many of the women shaved their heads bald.

      Many of the most beautiful feminine women fashion models in modern society wear short hairstyles or even in some cases shave their head and wear the bald look.

      Most men don't look good in a dress, but many men look great, very handsome and masculine in long hair, just as many women look very beautiful and feminine wearing short hairstyles or the bald look if they have the feminine features for it.

    • profile image

      That70sMan 8 years ago

      You are the most female chauvinistic narrow minded woman on this earth. If women can wear pants, men can wear skirts! real men wear pink, and Irish men wear kilts IN YOUR FACE MOMMA lighten up it's the 70s! I don't think it's fair for women to be allowed anything and not men. It's time for masculine liberation! Dig?!

    • profile image

      Stuartq 8 years ago

      Long hair for me is for two reasons A) A filtration device to attract the right sort of women (the author of the blog has been effectively filtered) and B) is a sign that we are not like other men.. Wearing our hair an old way men used to wear it is a small sign of rejection of modern image ideas.. Peace!

    • profile image

      Pam 8 years ago

      I think LONG HAIR on a MAN is SEXY YYYYY so SEXY YYYYY.

      Keep it long... I want date a man unless he has LONG HAIR.


    • profile image

      Gabriel 8 years ago

      Just to complete, I grown up listening to Viking and Celtic stories, and well, I do have a Folk Metal band.

      I think that having a long hair is not a feminine thing. OK, wearing a skirt(exception for kilts) or a dress is feminine, but what makes people think that long hair is women stuff?

    • profile image

      Gabriel 8 years ago

      I think this is an old prejudice, because what makes a woman feminine is the body, the face traces, and the way to think and/or act. I am long haired, and I am not feminine. Some people use the excuse of "being traditional christian". Well, people have an image of Jesus being long haired. If he can, why can't I, being a catholic? Anyway, it is pure prejudice. If your brother wants to have a long hair, well, it is his hair, and he can do what he wants with it.

    • profile image

      Marcus Valleryus, Brazil 8 years ago

      Longhair is adopted by women not 'cause they're females - the real reason remains in the fact that they were "surpassed" by men in History, so, no matter what they do or what even they wear themselves - they're women, and it's enough![History, Religion, Capitalism, Industrial Revolution, etc.]- all leads to put women alide.

      Secondly: men had to face all those worldwide challenges quoted above, and had to lose his own self arbitration - hair is a symbol of freedom. Romans, Dictature Regimes, Nazis and Modern Enterprises - all these names are synonimous of "SLAVENESS". So, if men do not act by their own or cannot rationalize as adults - they can be the easiest prey! So, when a [real]MAN have longhair, he is absolutely right and fits well in the plan of nature. Chains used to arrest slaves or fugitives, in History, can have the same symbolic meaning as "scissors". So, Longhaired men, you are hundreds of time manly if your hair is long. When someone closer or not, disagree abou that, this person have no reason, or is a complete ignorant about History and doesn't have any character in life. We are supposed to rejoice whenever we saw a Longhaired Men! I've being tolding my 8 year old son to think this way - I hope this kind of slaveness may be faced by him with many sense of humor.

    • profile image

      Chris 8 years ago

      Wow, he should definitely, definitely, not cut his hair. It is gorgeous; It would be a complete abomination to nature if he were to cut it...

    • profile image

      longhaired guy 8 years ago

      LONGHAIR ROCKS!!!! Your brother hais is absolutely GORGEOUS

    • profile image

      Peter 8 years ago

      I think you are just jealous.Your brother's hair looks a lot better than yours! If you think that your hair is the only thing that makes you feminine then there is a problem.

    • profile image

      Narcisse 8 years ago

      Wow, I couldn't disagree more with this post. Your brother's hair is absolutely stunning! All people should be free to look the way the want without being so harshly judged. I wish more men grew out their hair!

    • profile image

      Moto Psycho 8 years ago

      Hey, long-haired man here, I've always suited long hair better than short, plus as a Metalhead Biker with viking and scots Ancestry,I think its kinda in my Blood lol, I'm also plaiting my beard despite the ignorance of lots of people thinking that only Jack,sorry, Captain Jack sparrow has done this before me :P I tell them to go google it, which is also a euphemism for something less polite

      Moto Psycho,

    • profile image

      zac 8 years ago

      Both you and your brothers hair is more of an accomplishment than something that actually looks good coming from a design point of view. Once hair gets modestly past mid-back for (men or women) i see it as your trying to go for a personal record rather than a tight look. I think hair that long is ugly on both men and women but looks Impressive just cause of the sheer length.

    • profile image

      PaulKMF 8 years ago

      I can't believe you, what a hypocrite. Did you really say it's ok for a woman to have short hair and not for a man to have longhair?

      Longhair is femine? What about Willy Nelson, does he look like a girl to you? What about Wrestlers, bikers and metal heads? What about the Vikings?

      Most women I know like my hair, they also like my boys hair. All of them have longhair. The only problem we have is the school where they go and I assume it's full of people like yourself.

      Let me get something off my chest, people like you are an embarrassment to our society. Opionins like yours are insulting. Why don't you and your hair hating friends quit causing problems?


    • profile image

      Alun 8 years ago

      You admit yourself that you believe what you do only because it's how you were brought up. You don't bother to even look for a logical argument.

      Down with sexism!

      Up with men's liberation!

    • profile image

      Daniel 9 years ago

      Your brother's hair looks healthier than yours, you might learn something from him. My hair falls to my lower back, so it's not as long as yours or your brothers, and yes I'm a guy. Does my hair make me feel feminine? Absolutely not, it does however make me feel human. Long hair is no more feminine than having a nose and ears are. Long hair is natural for all humans. If long hair was in fact feminine then it would be impossible for a man to grow it out. It would only grow so far and that's it, just like body hair does. But as you can see by your polls, you seem to be in a very small minority. The dieing out of a breed of hipocrites.

    • profile image

      Lindsay 9 years ago

      Men with long hair are hot! Mens hair grows as well as why not let it? Who says that only women have to have long hair? I think long hair on a man makes him look very masculine. I hate it when some work places insist on men having their hair cut short! Its just not fair...people should be able to express who they are as individuals. Rant over.

    • profile image

      Doug 9 years ago

      I think you are a little off on this. Hair can also be culural. It can be empowering, and both men and women historicly wore their hair long. Sampson had long hair, and look what happened when he got it cut. :)

      Either way I think that freedom of expression is more important than outdated views of maculinity. I have shoulder length hair and want to grow my hair to my mid back. I am not doing it to feel soft, but to in fact feel more masculine. Bikers, Vikings and Native American men all had long hair and were not soft or trying to be soft.

    • profile image

      magleo 9 years ago

      Equating long hair on men with men wearing dresses is paramount to equating short hair on women with their being butch. In both cases it is quite insulting. How a person dresses or wears their hair shouldn't define who they are, that comes from within. Sadly I recall a time in my life where woman had to endure long harsh judgemental lawsuits just to be able to wear pant suits to work. Are we to blind to learn from our mistakes.

    • profile image

      Dan the longhaired man 9 years ago

      Why shouldn't a man have long hair? You've never justified your stance. If men were supposed to have short hair they wouldn't be able to grow it long - you've been brain washed m'dear.

    • supermum1961 profile image

      supermum1961 9 years ago from London, England

      I can't stand greasy hair. If a man has long hair he should look after it in the same way a woman does.

    • LondonGirl profile image

      LondonGirl 9 years ago from London

      My other half tried to grow long greasy Nivana-style hair when he was a sulky 14 year old. He ended up with a huge dark-ginger afro, and gave it up as a bad job!

    • Sufidreamer profile image

      Sufidreamer 9 years ago from Sparti, Greece

      Strangely enough, in the UK, men who are bald on top with a ponytail are seen as a little sad.

      In Greece, that is the standard style for priests, so nobody has a problem with it. Shows how culture can affect taste!

    • supermum1961 profile image

      supermum1961 9 years ago from London, England

      Yes. Baldness and long hair don't mix. I'm afraid I've been brought up to see long hair as feminine and short hair as masculine. I would never cut my hair super short for example. My brother is a bit of a rebel (as he had the same upbringing). His hair is far, far too long. For me.

    • Sufidreamer profile image

      Sufidreamer 9 years ago from Sparti, Greece

      Still have to disagree, but it is ultimately about personal taste. :)

      I always loved the stories of long-haired Greek heroes and Viking and Celtic warriors, so have had long hair since I was 18.

      Mind you, nature soon have its way and I will have little choice but to be short haired. Curse baldness!

    • supermum1961 profile image

      supermum1961 9 years ago from London, England

      I'm not saying that they want to be feminine. I'm just saying that I think long hair is a feminine thing, such as wearing a dress, to me at any rate. Most men with long hair have hair which, if it were on a woman, would be described as short. I can tolerate this sort of length. Any longer and I think it should be a solely female preserve. From behind, my brother has been mistaken for me, surely that's wrong.

      Anyway, even though I have this view, I would not dream of telling a man to cut his hair. I just don't like seeing it. That's all.

    • Sufidreamer profile image

      Sufidreamer 9 years ago from Sparti, Greece

      No condemnation, as you are entitled to your tastes.:)

      Still not sure why you think that men with long hair grow it because they wish to be feminine. Not in my experience, and I have many friends with long hair!

    • LondonGirl profile image

      LondonGirl 9 years ago from London

      I think you might be a little overly-judgmental. Why does it matter to you if a man has long hair? Each to his own, surely?


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