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Always Look For The Silver Lining

Updated on February 3, 2012

"A Silver Lining in My Day" 2008

Look for the silver lining

Above that cloud of gray

Focus your eyes above and beyond

The gloom in the middle of your day

If you look up you will see God’s light above
Shining all around the edges of your pain
You will see the silver lining, gleaming brightly
And be able to hope again.

--Leona J.Atkinson April 14, 2008

I wrote the above poem after my first time of seeing clouds with their silver linings. This experience was quite exciting for me as I had heard about "always looking for the silver lining" but had never really realized what it actually looked like in real life. However, since I am blessed to live in the Pacific Northwest, in a city that is called "City to the Sunset" I have been able to twice visualize those dark clouds with the thin thread of sun shine behind them and know the joy of seeing that bright gleam that seems to glisten and shine all around them. Once I was able to capture the scene with my camera as the above photo shows.

Upon doing some research, I found that the saying "Every cloud has a silver lining" is from an old English proverb. It means that we should always look for the bright side to every situation or try to find light in the midst of darkness. We should never feel hopeless because somehow difficult times will always pass and brighter days will come upon us.

----Mrs. Charles Cowman, in her book "Streams in the Desert" said it well:

"Get into the habit of looking for the silver lining of the cloud and when you have found it, continue to look at it, rather than at the gray in the middle. Do not yield to discouragement no matter how sorely pressed or beset you may be. A discouraged soul is helpless. He can neither resist the wiles of the enemy himself, while in this state, nor can he prevail in prayer for others."

It is my hope that this poem and article will encourage you to "look for those silver linings" during the difficult times your life and in so doing be able to focus on the brighter side of things which will help you and others you associate with.

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