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Satan's Right-Hand Man.

Updated on December 10, 2014
Charlemagne "King of the Franks" (768-814) could be regarded as Europe's "saviour". Today, he is often referred to as the "founding father" of the European Union.
Charlemagne "King of the Franks" (768-814) could be regarded as Europe's "saviour". Today, he is often referred to as the "founding father" of the European Union. | Source

What is a right-hand man?

We can think of a right-hand man as being a chief assistant, an invaluable helper and an enabler of a leader's thoughts, plans and strategies.

A right-hand man is a person who can take hold of theory and make it happen in practice.

In this respect then, we can think of a right-hand man as someone who makes things happen in line a with leader's deepest longings, greatest ambitions and most heart-felt desires.

What I want to do now is explore what I believe to be Satan's intentions for men in the future and discuss some of the ways in which he may use a man, a right-hand man, to bring about his plans and purposes in the earth.

I want to make it clear that I am not speaking prophetically, nor am I predicting anything here.

My purpose is to outline some of my thoughts on this subject, things that I have been thinking about for almost 20 years now, things that trouble me deep within my "guts", so to speak.

 Equestrian statue of Charlemagne, by Agostino Cornacchini (1725) — St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican.
Equestrian statue of Charlemagne, by Agostino Cornacchini (1725) — St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican. | Source

Subdued enemies.

Recently we have heard many so called "prophets" and "ministers of the Lord Jesus Christ" talk about being "visited" by the Lord personally or by one of his "angels". These visitations often begin with the receiver of the message seeing a bright light.

The content of these "messages from the Lord" often have consistent elements or themes:

  • Unity.
  • Peace.
  • Prosperity.
  • Victory over enemies.

When the Lord conducted His earthly ministry around 2,000 years ago, these are the very things that the people of Israel, especially the leaders, wanted from Him. They wanted the Lord to set up an earthly kingdom with Israel as the leading nation. They wanted civilisation, unity, peace and prosperity to come to the whole earth through them with Jesus as their leader.

They wanted Jesus to save them, not from their human nature, but from the earthly enemies that suppressed them, held them captive and capped their political, economic and religious aims.

At that time, Israel saw the Roman Empire as the restraining force that prevented them from fulfilling their greatest hopes, dreams and desires to control and influence the world for God.

Israel wanted to establish a human kingdom of self-righteousness based on good works. I see it the same today with "Christianity" and the church system. The Lord's thoughts on this are the same today as they were then; His thoughts and ways are completely opposite to ours.

Today, however, the force that many multitudes of Christians see as preventing them from obtaining their goal of bringing about civilisation, unity, peace and prosperity for all mankind is seen as Islam.

So here's a question I think we need to consider at this time. Will Satan raise up a "right-hand man" to subdue our perceived enemies?

Personally, I think he will. I think the LORD will grant permission for such a man. A man who will be seen as a military genius, able to subdue every force that opposes the church system in it's quest to bring about civilisation, unity, peace and prosperity for all mankind.

Order out of chaos.

The chaos that is engulfing nations and continents today is not just seen as "evil" by Christians. It is also troubling many "unbelievers" too.

As I write this here, I am reminded of two major events in my life that have left an indelible mark on me; the fire that destroyed my business and the death of my wife in 2006.

Both these events had strong similarities to them:

  • A period of prolonged adversity, lasting several years, that could best be described as "chaos".
  • Being "saved" from my enemies (in the natural realm) by a dramatic change in my personal financial circumstances.
  • The feeling of euphoria at being "free" from my enemies, I entered a period where I experienced the very best of, "civilisation, unity, peace and prosperity" in my life.
  • Then judgement came suddenly and without warning, in to form of fire and death.

I have a strong feeling that Satan's right-hand man will subdue "our" enemies. Those who look at this chaotic world want to see order. Such a man who can achieve this will surely be regarded as a "saviour" of all mankind?

I think Satan's right-hand man will be able to bring order out of chaos. Possibly he may declare "war" on obstacles to a peaceful and harmonious world. Namely:

  • Evil dictators.
  • Terrorist groups.
  • Corrupt corporations and financial institutions.
  • Organised crime.

With these kind of forces eradicated in the earth, I think he will win the hearts and minds of multitudes, gaining their willing and unwavering cooperation. With this kind of devoted "following" he could perhaps build a highly structured and organised society, possibly even using the clergy system as a means of administering his plans and purposes.

I can see the possibility of a kind of human "ekklesia" system, where local people obtain power and authority to organise themselves and solve their own problems.

Economic prosperity.

There is no doubt in my mind that a highly structured and organised society, where problems are solved at a local level, can bring prosperity to all, if we set human nature aside. Human nature is the fatal flaw of any system.

With dictators, terrorists, corrupt business and organised crime out of the way can you imagine what is possible?

There is plenty of everything we need in this world, it's just not shared around fairly. I think Satan's right-hand man will organise systems and structures in a way that gave the working poor enough to live on.

One of the things he may organise is land being allocated to tenant farmers. There's nothing wrong with slavery as providing the slaves are treated fairly.

One of the main troubles with work today is we have been lead to believe we are "free" when we are in more financial bondage than ever and our "masters", who have no responsibility for our well-being beyond that of our health and safety in the workplace.

Perhaps Satan's right-hand man will set up a kingdom where there is a significant measure of prosperity for the masses. Surely, that will make him a hero?

Cultural renewal.

As much as I detest what England has become, I still like the idea of being "English". Being English (and I am speaking foolishly in purely human terms now) gives me a sense of identity, especially in North America. I like to tell people about the English countryside, going to the sea-side and smelling the salt-air, living in houses with thatched roofs, eating roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and drinking warm beer.

Drinking tea, "playing fair" and being polite is part of who I am as an "Englishman" and many, many people today are longing to re-establish the cultural identity. However, the current world political, military, economic and religious systems are trying to eradicate the cultural identity of whole people groups.

I can see Satan's right-hand man extending his influence in the world by becoming a champion for cultural renewal. It's what people want.

Social reform.

Correcting injustices is often seen as something intrinsic to being a "good" person. It's perceived as a noble quest and often involves significant changes in government policy and the law of the land.

Looking back through history, we have seen some incredible outcomes of social reform, particularly in the West. For example.

  • Reduced working hours.
  • Education for all children.
  • Healthcare for all.
  • Votes for women.

When I reflect on the history of England it seems incredulous how things used to be just a century ago. Any one who can bring about wide-scale and meaningful social reform in the future will perhaps be worshipped?

Charlemagne was crowned Emperor by a Pope
Charlemagne was crowned Emperor by a Pope | Source

Religious revival.

Last but not least, religion. It seems to me that half a billion "Charismatics" need Satan's right-hand man more than anyone or anything else. They need him so much they are begging and pleading with the Lord for him.

They are praying and fasting, holding "revival" meetings, lapping up the words of false teachers and reciting every word of every false prophet.

I think God Himself will give them exactly what they want.

I think He may will present to them Satan's right-hand man.


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    • profile image

      Keith Edward 3 years ago

      Thought provoking. But it's not just charismatics, but the entire corporate church system.

      And, nothing personal, but please proof your work for grammar before posting. It's 'organize' not 'organise."

    • celafoe profile image

      charlie 3 years ago from From Kingdom of God living on Planet earth. between the oceans

      I believe that most of the popular "leaders of the churches of men" are currently fulfilling this role with all the false teachings they promote, yet they gather unto themselves many followers. People such as Hagee Copeland, Hagan, Warren and Osteen just to name few of of the many.

    • profile image

      Denise 3 years ago

      I've understood at times that the Antichrist could possibly come out of the Charismatic movement (as it has now gone astray) because it is to replace Christ with another and it upholds signs and wonders without the affirmation of Scripture and the Holy Spirit, not subjecting or measuring with the 3 ordinates of truth, being Jesus is the Truth, God's Word is the Truth and the Holy Spirit is Truth.

    • profile image

      Barry 3 years ago

      Yikes!A timely word for the moment that we find ourselves in,r u not speaking of the antichrist,the son of perdition the lawless 1?