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Looking at Haunted Homes for Free?

Updated on March 2, 2014

Why Aren't You Charging Your Clients?

Get your haunted house looked at for free. This is what most paranormal teams do. If someone is experiencing paranormal activity in their home, most teams offer this service for free. Then there’s some teams (actually very very few) that charge for their services. I’d have to say, from all of my years researching and investigating paranormal phenomena, about 90-95% of the paranormal community looks down upon this. If you charge someone money in exchange to investigate their haunted home, you are demonized (no pun intended) in the field of paranormal investigating. Now what do I think about this?

Where in the world did the idea that charging money in exchange for a service was a bad thing to do? I’ve seen this many times on blogs and facebook posts. What do you think about teams that charge to take a look at a haunted home? Hundreds/thousands of people respond in a very defensive matter. They say that it’s insensitive and wrong to charge for this. That people who do this are taking advantage of the client. I think the idea that all paranormal teams should investigate a clients haunted home for free is absolutely nuts. Maybe, by offering all your services for free, they’re taking advantage of you. Did that ever cross their minds?

Is a funeral director insensitive for charging the client of the deceased a $7,000.00 casket? (Not to mention the flowers are expensive as well). Is a therapist insensitive for charging a patient $150-$200 a session to talk about their problems? Is the repair man screwing you for showing up to your house just to look at a house problem your having?

Yeah, they’re under going some traumatic experiences. However, you’re coming and putting yourself and your team at risk as well. Under all that, you are using two things that are very valuable above all else. Your time and your energy. You’re also using your gas and you’re using your equipment. The equipment in the paranormal field is NOT cheap. If you look at all the equipment in the field, you’re looking at digital recorders, emf detectors, video cameras, etc. You’re looking at anywhere from $150.00-$1,000.00 worth of equipment. I get people that are contacting me that are 50-100 miles away wanting me to come. Uhh, yeah, you better believe that there’s going to be a charge for that. To be honest, I never have because it’s REALLY out of my way. I’ve read some stuff that say “Who in their right mind would charge somebody to look at their haunted home?” I say why wouldn’t you charge? It makes no sense at all.

Plus, how do you know your client is being truthful with you? If it is fake, at least you got paid for it in the end. These people that do it for free are telling the people that charge to get real. Really? I really think they should get real and get rid of this absurd idea that it’s wrong to find a way to earn money in the paranormal field. What’s free is usually taken for granted. What has a price usually has value in it. So why should you keep spending money in this field and get nothing back?


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