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Looking at Life

Updated on December 18, 2015

Looking at Life

Most people are doing their best, but many don't see the big picture of what is really going on. They are too concerned with their own survival and material needs. Each of them is limited to his or her own purpose. This gives them a very small picture of life, when actually there is a huge picture that includes all life.

People usually get too involved in their own lives and disregard others. Although this is considered normal, it is a cause of many problems in the world. The main problem is that when each person considers only his or her life, it causes too much competition that leads to destructive behavior. Unfortunately, this problem will only continue to grow and, unless there is intervention, the world will destroy itself.

In the true picture of life each person has a purpose in the grand scheme of things. And if each person realized his or her purpose, and tried to achieve it, the world would be a much better place. However, those who follow a selfish purpose cause problems, and their actions only leads them to the wrong destination.

The problem of selfishness is one that people cannot solve; however, the truth is that some may still discover the way to the right destination. The question is, if we want to find the right way, how do we do it?

Discovering your true purpose is a logical process that involves life in its entirety. You cannot find your purpose if you limit yourself to a small portion of life. Many theories attempt to explain our existence and what our purpose is; however, many of those theories really have no logic and are short-sighted.

There are three aspects of life; these include the past, the present, and the future. If you can look at these in their true light, then you may better understand life. As you look, you should think about the lack of perfection in the world and the importance of striving for perfection. If you can realize these things, then you may find your true purpose.

The past is made of memories of events that have passed by. The past is different for each person and yet it is the same reality for everyone. Too many times people dwell on the negative events that have impacted their lives. They allow these events to bring them down emotionally instead of learning from them. If you realize that bad things can happen because of bad choices you make, then you can learn to stop making those choices.

Many think too much about the past, and regret things they have done. The problem is that no one is perfect, and we all make mistakes. You must learn to overcome mistakes and learn from them. You cannot make much progress if you are stifled with regret and/or continue making the same mistakes. The point is that imperfection is a challenge for you to overcome, and you should strive to be the best that you can be.

Live in the present and remember; it is mostly the result of the choices you have made. It is also how you look at life now, either in a positive or a negative way. Everyone has made bad choices, but you can learn from the mistakes you made and make better choices today. Just remember that if you look backward, going forward will be more difficult. Many spend time wishing they had done things differently, but they should be learning to do things the right way.

Learn to focus on positive things. We are drawn to what we focus on; if you see your life getting better, then it will. But remember that this world is not perfect; therefore, your life cannot now be perfect. Just don't let yourself get "caught up" in the negative things in this world. Usually, for every negative idea or situation that arises, there is a positive side that you should look for.

The future does not exist. You must realize that the future is only a perception of what will be; and you create that perception by changing the present. The future then becomes part of the ever-changing present. Therefore, you should not focus on what you think will be. Instead, you should make changes that would improve the present.

We all have hopes of a better life, but you start by looking at life now and choosing how you want it to be. Then you should spend time making improvements that would make your hopes a reality.

When you imagine what you want life to be, it is an illusion that may or may not become real. If it is possible to become real, then it is mostly your efforts that make it real. Therefore, you may be able to create that which you imagine. The way that you look at life is the fundamental motivation for the life that you imagine. If you see disappointment and failure, then that is what you will likely achieve. However, if you see fulfillment and success, then you will likely achieve your true purpose in life.

Our true purpose is to be happy. If you are successful in creating the life that you imagine, would you then be happy? Many picture a successful life as being materially rich, having a large mansion with expensive furnishings, a luxury car, lots of money, etc. Others picture it as being in a position of power, having control over a business or even a country. Still others see a successful life as having good health and a good family relationship, and enough money to live comfortably.

Many ideas of happiness limit people with the life those ideas create. This is because of the imperfect world we live in, and the imperfection that all people have. We live in a world where good and evil are battling every second. And a world where sickness, disease, and aging constantly interfere with our happiness. Therefore, often when someone creates the life that they imagine, the happiness he or she thought would result does not happen or does not last long.

We live in a constant state of present time. You can't go back to the past except to remember, or forward to the future except to imagine. We also live in a world of positive and negative ideas. When you focus on the present and on positive ideas, then you can become happy. The problem is believing that you must have something that would make you happy. But most things you could acquire are only temporary. What we always have is ourselves, so you must learn to be happy with yourself.

Those who are truly happy want to live eternally; they don't want to have limits on their lives. They want to have perfect health and live in a perfect world, but in this world that would be impossible. The best they can do is to strive for perfection, and try to extend their lives by having a healthier lifestyle. Take a look at your life to see if you could make improvements. Believe that you could make the things you imagine become real if it is possible to do so.

Many believe that we are on our own, and that we should just do the best we can until we reach the end of the road. Some believe that after death we come back in another form; but that would not solve the problem of imperfection. Many believe that there is no God to help us to become perfect and live eternally. This is a dismal picture of life that offers no real hope in making eternal life a reality.

Without God, we have no hope of eternal life. Even if we did come back after death, we would come back to a deteriorating world that will never be perfect. Human beings cannot become perfect on their own; therefore, they will continue to make mistakes and to commit sins. Presently, that is the big picture of a world that is bent on destruction.

Many don't believe in God. Others believe in the wrong God, and still others believe in the right God, but blame Him for our problems. If there is no God, then humans and animals could not have been created. The true God is a God of love, and created men and women in His image, meaning that He intended for us to love others.

God created humans with independent thought and most have chosen to follow their own path. Unfortunately, since the time God created humans, the overwhelming majority have chosen a selfish path.

The world's problems are caused by bad choices. The simple truth is that people are to blame for the way the world is. God did create us, but He does not control us. If we want a perfect world, we need to stop going against God, and start living the way He intended for us to live. Look at the big picture of life. God created humans, and most have decided to live on their own; this deteriorating world is the result.

We can escape destruction. God loves us very much and wants us back. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to be born here on earth. Jesus lived here as an example to us, and He died for our sins. All you need to do is believe that He died for you. Then God will forgive you for your sins and you can be saved from destruction.

Someday the world will be destroyed and God will create a perfect new world. Jesus can be your hope; through Him you can become perfect and have eternal life in the new world.

From the Bible:

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

(Romans, Chapter 6, Verse 23)

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