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Lord Change My Nature

Updated on August 11, 2012
Moses with the rod.
Moses with the rod.

And Use Me.

Change & Use Me

When the Lord transformed [touched ]the rod of Moses, it became highly extraordinary. The shepherd rod suddenly became Moses’s weapon and security in times of trouble in the wilderness. Again , when God turned the rod from the ordinary to the extraordinary, he had many things in mind..

First the powerful rod of Moses represented a stunning thing, the mind and nature of God. God chose serpent to remind Moses that the mind and nature of man is like a serpent. The bible says that the heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it. [Jeremiah 17,9. ] Moses initially fled from the rod and later went for it. This God did to tell Moses about the heart of man and the need to change it before it can be God’s battle axe of warfare.

When Moses picked up the serpent, his nature which could have barred him from working for God was turned upside down and ready for use. Through this sudden transformation the rod of Moses was turned to a mighty weapon of warfare,the rod of God in the hand of a man. And God commanded that he should take this rod “in thine hand wherewith thou shalt go” Exodus 4;17-20. From the rod of Moses, to the rod of God and finally the rod of Jesse which became Jesus the savior.

With the rod transformed from the rod of Moses to the rod of God, Moses was able to do what he could not have done ordinarily. He was now able to boldly stand and face all the demonic powers of Egypt and defeated them by merely stretching out the rod , which in turn meant the demonstration of God’s power.

The rod of Moses and the power of God inside it was the key to overcome the enemy, it was the key to over throw the forces of darkness, their Enemy. Every believer needs to recognize that there is something in his hands that God wants to use. It could be your money, your time, your property, your whole heart and others.

The rod of Moses represents our new nature after salvation which is the power of God working in us, so do not face the enemy with the old nature, God is not interested in renovating the prisons, but that prisoners come out of the prisons.

The devil on the other hand is not as powerful as we term him to be, he is only a legal expert and he knows that it is impossible to please God with sins. No one, no matter the status in the vine yard of God can overcome the devil, if he or she does not first overcome the world and it’s amusements. God did not want to deal with the old Moses, he first transformed him through what he was holding in his hand. What is it that you are holding now ? God will use it to transform you if you are willing and obedient. The new nature of man which God wants to use today is the rod of Moses and inside the rod of Moses was the power of God. If you have it and whenever you stretch it out, the enemy will surely bow out for yo


1. Father behold my nature, I am not able to change to be what you want me to be , because of my nature, change me in the mighty name of Jesus.

2. Lord break me down and remould me to suite thy will in the mighty name of Jesus...Isaiah 59:1-3 " Behold, the LORD'S hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear: But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear. For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity; your lips have spoken lies, your tongue hath muttered perverseness."

3. Lord, make me an over comer in every area of my life and let every nature of the serpent in my life die now in the mighty name of Jesus.

4. Give me the power to mortify the flesh and every problem the uncontrolled flesh brought into my life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

5. I terminate with speed of God, every spiritual and physical weakness in my life in the....mighty name of Jesus .

6. Oh Lord, Uproot every evil works and plants of the devil and plant in me , good and marvelous things from above in the --mighty name of Jesus Christ.

7. I terminate and kick into the spiritual dustbin, every financial worry and failure in my life -- in the mighty name of Jesus.

8.Let any evil altar, gates or foundations, hindering me from making progress be brought to ashes in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

9. By the mandate of the holy spirit and the power handed over to me by my Lord[Jesus Christ], I spit fire on all the architects of the problems making life unbearable for me---in the mighty name of Jesus.

10. I release myself from every spiritual imprisonment and send my enemies into the prisons instead---in the mighty name of Jesus.

11. Every agent of darkness posing as brother or sister, or brother or sister in the Lord who has tampered with my progress at any level, must vomit them and be revealed and totally destroyed ---I reject any form of spiritual contamination ---in the mighty name of Jesus.

12. Let every negative covenant which have been following me ,from my father's house or my mother's house, or from any other source cease from following me the mighty name of Jesus .

13. I command to be destroyed, all the evil works and manipulations done against me by the enemies of my progress--- in the mighty name of Jesus.

14. I command to be destroyed, all the evil and hardships I brought to myself, knowingly and unknowingly-- in the mighty name of Jesus.

15. Let every anti-progress altar erected against my life be destroyed by fire and by thunder---- in the mighty name of Jesus.

16. I command my destiny to come out of obscurity and begin to spring forth to the glory of God--- in the name and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

17. I command fire from above, to frustrate and destroy every instrument of the devil aimed at overthrowing my goings --- in the mighty name of Jesus.

18. I break in the name of Jesus, all curses of leaking blessings, delayed blessings, leaking purses, leaking opportunities, in the --- mighty name of Jesus-.

19. Lord from this day, I begin to be at the right place at the right time, I begin to be only at the places you want me to be ---in the mighty name of Jesus.

20. Oh Lord, make me a prayer warrior, prayer addict and ignite my prayer life with your fire-- in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

21. Oh Lord of heaven's army, empower my prayer altar and let fire always come down from heaven to destroy any fifty challenging my life and progress in the mighty name of Jesus--2 Kings 1:12 And Elijah answered and said unto them, If I be a man of God, let fire come down from heaven, and consume thee and thy fifty. And the fire of God came down from heaven, and consumed himand his fifty.

Father, I thank you for answered prayers, may your name of glorified in my life --- in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I Prayed---AMEN-.


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    • Prayerhub profile image

      Prayerhub 5 years ago from Padova-Italy

      Those who wants God to transform and use then, must read this.

      Do not just go into the vineyard of God, the way you are, you must be transformed and ready for use.

      Then with something to show you are ready for God, God will make you his battle axe of warfare.