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Lord Krishna (Hindu Gods)

Updated on June 13, 2013

Lord Krishna is one of the most famous god of India and most of Indians are worship lord Krishna to fulfill their desires. This god is indicated by famous Indian epic Mahabharata and in that story lord Krishna is known as one of the mightiest god in the heaven. According to Mahabharata story Krishna is known as the incarnation of Load Vishnu and in Mahabharata Krishna is advice to the hero Arjuna to win in the war. As we considering demographic of India most of north Indian peoples are worship Load Krishna than South Indian peoples. Lord Krishna is mainly affected Indian culture for long time and there are many worship methods to worship Load Krishna. Krishna is known as the avatar of the Supreme Indian God lord Vishnu. So by worshiping Krishna means worships the one avatar of Load Vishnu. Load Krishna is known as the eight incantation of Supreme god load Vishun. In most of pictures Lord Krishna is show by playing flute. He becomes king by killing cruel king Kamasa and in great Mahabharata epic he is support for warrior Arjuna. Worshiping Krishna is existed from over 2400 years of India and Load krishna is also known as Bala Krishna and Gopala. Hear are some pictures which indicate special events of Lord Krishna's life



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      Arthur Yang 6 years ago

      good page. been following a while now. looking forward to more.

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      sachin 7 years ago

      Hello.. Daer