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Lord of the O-Rings - A Trilogy to Triumph (Part 1)

Updated on April 1, 2012
Lord of the O-Rings
Lord of the O-Rings

Leaks are everywhere

Life is full of things that leak! Just take a walk through your home and you will encounter “leaky” things on a regular basis. There’s the faucet in the bathroom. There’s the drainpipe below the kitchen sink. There are those falsely advertised “no-leak” garbage bags that somehow still manage to leak as you are carrying them. There are the zip lock bags that seal in freshness but still manage to leak out in your lunch pail, or worse, your pocket. Then of course there are the trusty baby diapers that are designed to contain inhuman amounts of human waste but often times unsuccessfully. All these things, and others, leak.

What causes them to leak? Usually it’s as a result of pressure. That pressure can be caused by weight, gravity, water flow or poop build up, but the pressure wins out and the container leaks.

On my pool there is pump pot that has a filter in to catch small pieces of debris so they don’t go through the sand filter. That pot has a removable lid and around the inside lip of that lid is a rubber O-ring. The job of the O-ring is to keep the seal around the lid, well… sealed. That seal is tested when the pressure is applied by my turning on the pool pump causing water pressure to build up in the system. I could tell that the O-ring was defective only when the pressure was applied.

As Christians, I believe we are the same. We discover the leaks in our walk with God when pressure is applied to our lives.

The Trilogy

Back in 2001 Peter Jackson released the first of three movies based on J R R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings book trilogy. It was called “The Fellowship of the Ring”. “The Two Towers” followed it up a year later and then in 2003 the final movie, “The Return of the King”, was released. If you haven’t watched these movies I highly recommend them, as both the story and movie making quality are excellent. My intent here is not to praise the books or the movies, but rather use them as a stepping block to examine why, as Christians, we leak. For that reason I have entitles this series of three articles The Lord of the O-Rings – A Trilogy to Triumph.

God likes to do things back to front. His Kingdom is what I like to call a topsy-turvy one. The last will be first and the first will be last (Matthew 20:16). Give and it shall be given (Luke 6:38). God chose the foolish things of the world to confound the wise (1 Corinthians 1:27). Using God’s way of thinking I want to examine the three movies back to front (last to first) and see what we can learn from them.

The Return of the King

The last of the Rings trilogy gives us a great starting point to see how we can triumph over leakage in our lives. First, though, we need to consider what it is we are leaking. I believe the simple answer to that is God’s Presence. Everything in our life is a result of either having God’s Presence or not having God’s Presence. As believers we should WANT to avoid leakage of this precious presence.

The fact is that the King wants to return. Jesus loves you extravagantly and wants to be a part of your life. He wants to have a relationship with you. He wants to be included in your daily events and decisions. How am I so sure of that? Well, He paid the ultimate price to make that possible. When we were yet sinners, Christ died for us according to Romans 5:8. That death made a way for us to have a personal relationship with Jesus and bridge the divide between man and God caused by sin.

As a parent you would do whatever it takes to save your own child, yes? The story goes of the mother who is deathly afraid of dogs, but one day she is walking down the street when a vicious Rottweiler tries to attack her toddler. The mother goes into full Ninja mode, without any fear, and defends her vulnerable child against the dog. God fought for us by sacrificing His own beloved son.

Next, the King wants to rule. The fact that Jesus showed His desire to have relationship with us by dying in our place, demands a response from us. That response is to submit to Him 100%. It is not acceptable to give Him 50%, 75% or even 95%. 100% submission is what is required; any less is not even an option. The second we give Him less than our all, is the second when the leakage starts. The drip might be small at first but the hole just gets bigger.

Imagine as a cop telling your partner to cover you but he only pays attention 50% of the time. Anything less than 100% is deadly. If we don’t give God 100%, it doesn’t mean that He isn’t King. That cannot change. What it does mean is that He isn’t OUR king. He doesn’t RULE us.

The laws of the land are always in effect, but peace and safety and security are only present when people submit 100% to those laws. Break the speed limit and lives are put in danger. Drink and drive and people get killed.

The King can only return where He’s already been. By definition, “return” means to go back to an earlier condition or place. Jesus is not able to return to be King of your heart if He has never once been King before.

Although I live in Canada, I am also a British citizen having formerly lived there. Because of that I am able to return to UK with ease. When you are born again, Jesus took up residence in your heart and you made a decision for Him to be your King. In effect He built a castle in your heart complete with the moat, drawbridge and walls. It is a secure place for Him to reside. It is impregnable from the outside. But, we can still allow Jesus’ presence to leak from that castle by us allowing other things into the castle to take up residence where Jesus was.

The good news is that no matter how many other things, situations, relationships, or activities you let in to your castle, Jesus is still King and wants to return. He will take up residence immediately you give Him back 100% of your life and make Him your Lord.

The “Return of the King” is the first stage in leak prevention as a believer.

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    • profile image

      AaronHubb89 5 years ago


      I had no idea you were a believer! That's awesome man! I am too, God has done a miracle in my life and I've been working on the hub to explain it in every little detail for quite some time now.


    • Michele Travis profile image

      Michele Travis 5 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio

      This is a fantastic hub. There are many parts to it, but one struck me very closely. The part about a mother who is afraid of dogs who will attack a Rottweiler if it comes between her and her child. I heard this on a ( ok it was Dr. Phil) he asked the question " what would you do if a man pointed a gun at your child?" it was a stupid question. My thought was I would throw myself between the the gun and my daughter. She is 16 now and I would still do it. We love our children. God loves us. Wow, God is amazing! What a wonderful hub. No, God does not rule us, He give us the choice. Thank you for this hub. It is wonderful.

    • profile image

      Jesshubpages 5 years ago

      Yes I agree that Jesus is always the King in every true believers' hearts. We want to spread the good news in any way possible, whether here or abroad. Godbless