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Lost Sheep Children’s Bible Arts and Crafts: Preschool Kid-Pleasing Lamb Crafts on a Shoestring Budget

Updated on July 11, 2014
Edible crafts make learning fun!
Edible crafts make learning fun! | Source

Using lost sheep children’s bible arts and crafts is a fun way to create learning links between spoken words and biblical concepts. Kids learn best when lessons and activities engage their senses and allow them multiple opportunities to explore and absorb lesson materials in many different ways.

Try these two original crafts in your classroom or at home and bring the parable of the lost sheep to life. While these crafts are perfect for the parable of the Good Shepherd, they work equally as well with Bible stories like Moses tending the sheep in the story of the burning bush, King David as a shepherd boy, or Noah gathering animals to load on the ark.

Let Them Eat Sheep!

To make these adorable cookie creations, you will need:

  • Cake decorating icing and gels
  • Chocolate and white frosting
  • One bag of sweetened, shredded coconut
  • Several boxes of mini chocolate moon pies (exact amount depends on class size)
  • One box of vanilla wafers
  • One bag of colored mini marshmallows (cut in half before using)
  • One bag of pretzel sticks
  • Licorice strings (the thinner, the better)
  • Assorted cake decorations like mini chocolate chips, raisins, jimmies, and so forth
  • Small bowls

Now, let's learn how to make delicious, edible little lost sheep.

Baa, baa chocolate sheep...
Baa, baa chocolate sheep... | Source

Here's What to Do

To make the project easy and clean-up quick, put the various ingredients out in small, disposable bowls. Kids can easily share the different components with each other, and it provides an opportunity for spontaneous guided conversations about how Jesus wants us to share with others.

Use the mini moon pies as the base of the project to create the sheep’s body. The vanilla wafers are the head. Use the frosting to stick them to the upper portion of the moon pies.

The pretzel sticks are the legs. Push them (gently) into the marshmallow filling at the bottom of the pies. Angle them slightly to look more like legs.

The mini marshmallows are the sheep’s wool. If you are using them, spread a layer of white or chocolate icing over the pie before putting the head on. The marshmallows cover better and look more realistic if you snip them in half. Push them as close together as possible.

Edible lost sheep childrens bible arts and crafts
Edible lost sheep childrens bible arts and crafts | Source

Decorating the Sheep

We covered one vanilla wafer with white icing, rolled it in the coconut, and used more white frosting to secure it to the body. (Refer to image below.) We left one wafer unfrosted, decorated it with cake gels, and “glued” it on with frosting. The last sheep was covered with chocolate frosting and affixed to the moon pie base. The face was created with red and green mini chocolate chips and decorating gel. These are just suggestions; let the kids decorate these as they please.

When all the sheep are decorated, invite the class to help with clean-up. While they enjoy eating their sheep, read or tell the parable of the lost sheep.

This artist favors the minimalist approach.
This artist favors the minimalist approach. | Source

What the Experts Say

In a recent e-mail interview for this article on lost sheep children’s bible arts and crafts, author Tania Cowling shared this quick and inexpensive sheep craft idea:

”This is the one I used to use at my "Mommy & Me" classes I taught. I would have a sheep cutout (preferably from cardboard) and let the children color in facial features and glue cotton on the body. We would then clamp on two spring-type clothespins to the bottom for legs and the sheep could stand up on the table. Now to go greener, how about gluing on packing pieces from your last package (the circle kind would be nice) onto the sheep's body for curly fur?”

This simple but effective craft provides a great solution for one of children’s ministries’ biggest problems: Tiny or non-existent budgets. Ask parents to donate a bag of cotton balls, clothes pins or even unwanted packing peanuts for this project. Collect old cereal boxes and use the inside for the sheep cutout.

Note: Tania Kourempis Cowling is a freelance writer, educator, and author whose works include Crafts for All Seasons: A Hands-on Celebration of Seasonal Crafts Activities.


Benefits of Multisensory Crafts

Using tactile lost sheep children’s bible arts and crafts is extremely effective because it appeals to kids’ love of creating. No matter what the learning style of an individual child might be, these two multi-sensory crafts provide a way to teach them in a manner that matches their style. They can see the materials used for the project, smell and touch the ingredients and crafts materials, and hear each other talk about their work. All these different sensory inputs provide connecting links between the lesson material and the learning reception centers. Retention and recall is enhanced. However, tasting the final products is likely to be their favorite part of the whole lesson.

Lost Sheep Fun Facts

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References and Sources

E-mail interview 3/30/2011, Tania K. Cowling

Author’s own experience as an educator


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