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Love Always Lasts

Updated on December 19, 2010


When my sweet mother died at age eighty eight, she had the words "Love Never Fails" engraved on her headstone.

She never believed in reincarnation and would get upset with me when I wanted to talk with her about the wonderful information I discovered while reading and studying the Edgar Cayce material.

Mother raised me as a Christian person and she tried to live according to Bible plilosophy, but she had many emotional problems due to female highs and lows and undiagnosed depression. She TRIED harder than anyone I have ever known to live according to the Bible. Her husband, on the other hand, did not agree with her views on many subjects which caused her inner turmoil.

I was her only child for seven years and we bonded lovingly as a mother and daughter during the years dad served in the Navy during World War ll.

We were both born under the sign of Aquarius, and I always appreciated her not "hovering" over me when I was growing up.

I was ready to have children by the time I was twenty and felt as if I knew the spirits of the three sons I had by my age twenty-five. I loved and accepted my three sons with different personalities and life was fulfilling for me during their formative years.

At age twenty-five, I began trying to understand my husband whose thinking patterns were very different from mine. I ordered his astrological profile from the Cayce organization, The Association for Research and Enlightenment. He would never read it.

I tried to live the principals of love that are found in Corinthians in the Bible, showing patience, kindness, understanding, and long suffering. I always felt as if there was more to life on the Earth that was taught in the churches.

I sincerely wanted to accept reincarnation because it seemed to make sense. "Be ye perfect as your Father is perfect" takes more than one try.

As I studied, I had questions I wanted to discuss, but there was no such thing as the "internet' in the 1960's.

Since I lived in the south in the Bible belt of Alabama, there was no one for me to talk with concerning my new beliefs. I kept these things in my heart, praying for guidance all the while.

As an Aquarius lady, loving people is quite easy and part of my nature; helping others is a way of life for me.

When I was almost forty years old, I had my first experience with "instant recognition" when I met a gentleman while we both were attending a convention in Florida.

I immediately wanted to ask him "Where have you been?', "What is going on with your life?" "Why did you take so long to find me?"

Of course, he would have thought I was absolutely nuts, but as it turned out we talked all night. I fell in love with him that night. I believed within myself that we had known each other through TIME.

Over the years, we have never been able to have a life together, but I have been able to appreciate the friendship we have across the miles.

The Lord gave me a dream that confirmed I was his sister in a past life. Even though I cannot be with him, I believe that we are soul mates. It is as if we are on a gold coin: his image is on one side, mine on the other. We are always together....but never together.

The LOVE that we shared in past lives is very strong within me. I have loved him for always, since the beginning of time....maybe before TIME?



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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 7 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I just had to come back and read this again!!! Great hub,please write more. You have a lot to give.

      Love and Peace

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 7 years ago from Southern Illinois