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Updated on December 15, 2014

Love is What's Most Important

The older I get, the least i can explain the whys of life's pains...

As our 7 year-old daughter told me yesterday, "love is what's most important in life."

Love is the true miracle in life. It is love that can sustain us during our darkest of hours. It is love that can carry us thru our moments of despair and lift us thru our most hopeless of pains. Love heals what medicine can not. Love pierces the soul and shines a light in that dark place where we did not think possible to hope again. Love restores the spirit without reason or comprehension. Love is universal and does not require language. Love covers us with peace and unites us in that place where we are most vulnerable and most human... in our pain.


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    • Maria Del Pilar profile image

      Maria Del Pilar 3 years ago

      I wrote this to my cousin and her husband after the sudden death of his son /her step son. After he read it, his response was, "so very true, love is it."